Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of year

This year has been quite the adventure! I've learned about faith and miracles.

God is certainly mindful of me and of each of His children and He surely keeps

His promises. So, at the beginning of 2009 I wrote down some goals for myself. Some of these

goals were to get new carpeting, to lose weight, and to read a book monthly. But, then in

March, my life took a different course and I had to reevaluate my New Year's Goals.

I no longer cared about carpeting, losing weight or reading a book monthly.

My goal was to get over cancer and to do my part in this miracle that was unfolding.

Some of the things that I have learned are:

That the Lord has a plan for each of us and knows us personally
That He cares about our desires and wants us to SEEK for our righteous desires
That we need the prayers of others and also their faith and help
Friends and family are such a great support
The scriptures are a great source of strength and comfort
The importance of often and fervent prayer
People are so generous with their money
The Lord sure does love His children!
God truly loves to heal and perform miracles!

So, my cancer adventure has been hard, tiring, adventurous, and a great learning experience.

I know that it is not only blessing my life but it is also blessing the lives of many people,

including my husband, my children,their spouses and my grandchildren.

It won't be long and this cancer adventure will soon be coming to a close.

My health is returning and life goes on...

Blessings never cease and 2010 is going to be a great year for the Manning Family!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feelings of Christmas

I have mixed emotions this holiday season. Christmas was absolutely wonderful! It was great

to have each of our children and their spouses and our grandchildren over and it felt so warm

and wonderful. All except Thomas, who is serving in Washington as a missionary But, he called

and just warmed our hearts even more!
I was totally spoiled by everyone and it felt so good.

I'm used to it.'s true. Being sick has it's ups and down. One of the downs is that the food

that I serve usually isn't very good. I try to simplify and it's just not the same. Even with lots of

help in the kitchen somehow the homemade cooking is still missing. We had the huge tortillas

and beans and salsa and all the fixings. Many people helped. But, because the tortillas were a

couple of days old... for some reason we couldn't get them soft and they just weren't the best.

Maria worked hard in the kitchen and insisted on me opening her gift early Christmas morning

so as to use it in serving the meal. She said that I would love it. I did! It was a lazy susan with

ceramic gold containers with a center bowl. It was perfect to serve the food on Christmas day

and the food looked beautiful in it! We received special gifts from each of our children as well.

Each of the married children, which is all of them but Thomas, gave a gift to each couple.

James and Julie had brought a homemade bean salsa which was delicious. It was put into 4

different containers and Julie put it into the kitchen. For some reason, I thought it was for the

meal and so I dumped a couple of them into a container into the lazy susan for everyone to

enjoy. James and Julie have only been married since August and it was her first Christmas with

us. She didn't say anything at first....but later James told me that the bean salsa's were

intended to go to the other 4 couples for their gifts. I felt really bad. There were only two left,

so just two of the couples got to have their gifts. Oh well. I wish I could be perfect and not

make mistakes but somehow I just keep making them. James and Julie were nice about it and

overlooked it.

Then Christmas night, Larry got up with cramps in his legs and when he almost fell I braced

him with my body and helped him back onto the bed. In doing so I hurt my left knee. So, I

have a brace on it and it is injured. So, Larry is at church right now, and I am home alone again

with the same old conjestion and the knee problem. But, wonderful news is that my voice came

back and I was able to talk with Thomas on Christmas Day. That was the best Christmas gift


Oh, and I mustn't forget the very special Christmas Eve that Larry and I experienced. At first, it

wasn't so we were struggling to finish our homemade gifts for our children. We

were saying to ourselves, "how did we ever do it in the past....why are we so slow this

year....and how are we ever going to get all the pages stuffed into these plastic sheets to put into

the books...." When all of a sudden we heard someone knock on the door or ring the doorbell.

Larry went to the door and there was a heavy basket with a pink and white checkered cloth

over it. He brought it in and we looked inside. There was fresh citrus fruit and a big jar filled

with quarters and other coins in it which was labeled "Christmas Jar". Then we opened a gift

that was in the basket and it was a book entitled "Christmas Jars". We had never heard of this

book and thought this was pretty special for someone to think of us. We sat on the couch

together and our hearts melted. Here we were having a hard time and someone was out doing

something so wonderful for us. We wanted to read it Christmas night but were too we

decided to read it together after Christmas. (We are now about 3/4 through it and are enjoying

it so much's our night time story!) It wasn't but 10 minutes later when there was

another knock at the door. I went to the door and didn't see anyone. Then I looked down and

saw a large container of cashews and 2 bank envelopes stuffed with money. I brought them in

and we sat on the couch together to count the money. We started crying together as we

counted out the 100-crisp dollar bills that someone had so carefully put into the envelopes for

us. People are so kind and thoughtful. It surely made our Christmas so special. Larry and I

worked faster and had renewed energy. By about 2 am we had finished our gifts and crashed!

Late Christmas morning, we were just getting up when the phone rang. Larry saw it was

Washington. He answered the phone and said, "Thomas?" I jumped up and grabbed the other

phone. What a wonderful Christmas morning. He couldn't talk long but wanted to tell us that

he was going to call a couple of hours earlier than expected. Our hearts felt so good and it was

certainly Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

No voice

Today is Sunday, and I had to stay home from church. I've had a bad sore throat and laryngitis.

Not fun! I whisper and ring a bell when I need Larry to help with something. It's so funny!

It's wonderful to have the Priesthood in my home and that Larry could give me a blessing.

I just have to get better so that I can talk to our missionary son, Thomas, when he calls on

Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day...we don't know when he will be calling yet.

Our oldest daughter, Maria, made lunch for us today and it was so delicious.

She made whole wheat spaghetti and a fruit drink with spinach blended up in it.

It doesn't sound very good, but it was the best!

We enjoyed the two family Christmas parties last night. One was for Larry's side of the family

and was held at the church building. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, a great story, message from

Grandpa, and a hayride. The other was for my side of the family and was held at my sisters,

Martha's home. We arrived after dinner, as both parties were on the same evening. But,

we so much enjoyed visiting and hearing the musical performances. It was wonderful!!

Having two parties on one night was a little too much for me and by the end of the evening,

I had lost my voice. But, it was great to see family and just be together.

...Well, Larry is in bed and it is super late... so, I will hurry off to join him soon. He set up a

humidifier next to our bed to add a little moisture to the air and to help with my throat.

That was so nice of him. Larry is really good to me and is constantly serving and helping me

out. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband!

I just want to add, what a blessing it is to be alive and to get to enjoy this wonderful Christmas

season with family and friends!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Family Party

I'm so excited for our Larry and Margaret Family Party tomorrow. We have a wonderful

tradition every year of going to a nursing home and performing for the elderly people.

Then, afterwards, we all come to our house for pizza and make ginger bread houses! So fun!

We started performing when Aaron and Jonathan were little and have kept it up through the

years. Some people give gifts and money to those in need at Christmas, and that is a great

thing to do, but as we really never had much money to give away, we decided years ago to share

something that we did! It's very rewarding and humbling to go into the nursing

homes and find it a privilege to get to share some of the Christmas Spirit with them.

Although when we leave, we find that they blessed our lives far more than we did theirs.

We visit and hand out candy canes afterwards. It really makes my Christmas

special because, not only do I get to hear my children and grandchildren perform, but get

to see the smiles on the faces of the elderly as well. It's a great tradition and we plan on keeping

this throughout the years. Larry and I are singing a song together and are enjoying practicing

practicing it every morning. Along with the hustle and bustle of Christmas, music

brings that special glow inside. We are going to miss Thomas this year as he is in Washington

serving a mission for our church. Maybe he will find an opportunity to sing for others as well.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Peggy Sue Golf Tournament

Although I missed going the the tournament, I was there in spirit. I so much appreciate all who

gave up their Saturday (and the wife's who gave up their husbands) to golf the 18 holes in my

behalf. The hat's turned out so nice...thanks to Ellen Rogers and her son Jeff. Bryan Stradling

deserves a big hand for all that he did in my behalf. (and Maria as well!) So many people

donated money and time and I don't how to begin to thank everyone.

But, I just couldn't go to bed with out attempting to express my deep appreciation to all that

were involved. It comes down to love. There are so many Christ-like people out there. One

person donated $5. Some $75... others more. Another donated $1,000. All the money

combined sure adds up. Thank you...thank you...thank all of you that helped in any

way. I love you all!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Throughout this whole cancer experience, I have felt such deep peace. It has sustained me and

given me great comfort. I know what it is like to be held in the Lord's hand and to be blessed

while experiencing a deep trial. He has truly been with me every step of the way and is

continuing to bless my life and to give me strength. This Christmas season I want to testify that

God lives and that He loves each of His children. I know that miracles have not ceased and that

healing continues even in our day. I have such a wonderful husband that is very supportive and

helpful to me. He loves me and that means everything to me. I am blessed with such great

children that have strong faith and are there for me constantly. They, along with so

many others have sacrificed much in order to help me.
Thank you to all that pray for me and

give so generously to help me get my pills. May God bless each of you with your needs this

Christmas season. Good news! I made the Easter Pageant along with my granddaughter

Rebecca. So, we will be having a very special experience this spring. It will be wonderful to

participate in testifying of Jesus Christ through music and acting!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful List

Here are a few things I'm grateful for today.

That may kids and family could come over today for Thanksgiving Dinner and that

we had such a great time together

I am thrilled to be alive and getting better.

It's exciting to be a part of a "healing miracle" even though I would rather be the one helping

and praying for someone else. I'm so happy that I am getting better.

I'm thankful for my family. I have wonderful parents, parents in laws, sisters, brothers, in laws,

a great husband and fantastic children and darling grandchildren! So blessed!!

I'm grateful to have a house to live in with good food to eat and clean water to drink.

Also, I'm thankful for a comfortable bed and pillows, and a bathtub with warm water.

I'm thankful for a living prophet to guide us in these perilous days.

I'm very thankful for a loving Heavenly Father and for His plan for his children, for our

Saviour, who personally suffered for me and is making it possible to be healed.

I'm also grateful for our son, Thomas, who is serving a full time mission in Washington State

and for all the missionaries that are serving throughout the world and sharing the gospel of

happiness with my brothers and sisters.

I'm so grateful for the scriptures and for the strength that I get from searching them.

Probably one of the most important gifts that I have is that of the Holy Ghost and I am so

grateful for the peace that is mine even in the midst of trials.

God is holding me close and easing my burdens. He has not forsaken me but has been there for

me every day.

I am sooo grateful for His help and also for everyone that is helping me get well through their

prayers, faith, money, service.....and support!

Life is wonderful and these are just some of the things that I am grateful for today!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wonderful Son in Law

I just want to say something about Bryan Stradling on this blog. He is really going the extra

mile and serving me, his mother in law, with putting together the Peggy Sue Golf Tournament.

It's true that all the family is helping him, but, it was his idea and he is heading it up. That is

really nice of him and it means a lot to me. I hope that many people support us in this event

and that we can make the money needed for my pills. Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I

appreciate Bryan's love and support.

Yesterday, Larry and I took a walk together with our darling grandson, Craig. We walked to

my sister Mary Nielson's house and had a nice visit and then walked home again. We walked

about 3/4 a mile and I was just fine. So, my energy level is certainly increasing and I am soooo

happy that I'm getting well. Truly, Heavenly Father is watching over me and taking care of my

needs. I have great peace inside.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My friend

I just want to share a special experience that happened this morning. A dear

friend called me and said that she was reading her scriptures this morning and

thought of me.
So, she called and said that she is concerned about having a big trial in her life

someday and that she wants to be prepared for it. So, she was studying the atonement and is

trying to increase her faith. She asked me how I can remain happy and positive through my

health trial. She realizes that I am getting better and that a miracle is occurring and wanted to

ask about what has given me strength to meet my trial. She is so sweet and it touched me heart

to think that she is trying to prepare now...for the future. Most people don't even think about

trials until one hits them. So we talked and cried together. I told her that I don't have to worry

about things because the Lord told me I would be healed all the way and instructed me where

to go to get the help I needed. I just trust in the Lord and know that He keeps His promises.

At the same time, I am doing the things He asked me to do. I know that it is not occurring just

because of my faith. It is because of the faith of so many. Faith is real and it precedes the

miracle. Then she asked if there was anything else that has blessed my life and gives me

strength, and I told her about D & C 98: 1-3 and how the early saints were being persecuted and

how they were instructed to handle trials. They were given 5 things to do. I learned those

steps when my husband was so sick and now I can apply them to myself and I am... and they


They are to fear not, let your hearts be comforted, rejoice evermore, in everything give thanks,

wait patiently on the Lord for he has heard our prayers....and all things will work out for our


So, life is wonderful and I am again very grateful for the tender mercies that the Lord is

granting to me.

By the way, I just got back from a nice long walk around the neighborhood and to the retention

basin and I feel great!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The flu got me. Sunday I was down all day and then Monday as well. It's strange

how you start to feel better and then get sick again. Maria brought us in a delicious

chicken is the best. I loved it. Also, she made me carob brownies with

whole wheat flour and honey, They are very moist and yummy. Larry just went to

the store for me and I am so taken care of and blessed.

Someone very special gave the money to buy a months supply of my Tykerb

medicine, which took a tremendous amount of stress off of Larry. It was so helpful!!

Also, my son in law, Bryan, is putting together a "Golf Tournament" to raise money

for me. He has put a lot of time and effort into it and it should be very successful. It

will be the first Saturday in December. I hope that anyone who is interested in

golfing or helping in anyway will contact Larry or me or Bryan Stradling. All my

kids are helping out with it. They are calling it "Peggy Sue's Golf Tournament", as it

is my nickname. My real name is Margaret Susan but the popular name of the day

was Peggy Sue. So.....Bryan sometimes calls me by that name. He is so funny. I am

grateful for a very supportive family. They make me smile and feel happy and


I am looking forward to feeling better from this dreadful flu and then trying out for

the Easter Pageant with my grand-daughter this Friday. Hope we make it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's so much fun to play with and watch my grandchildren. They are the cutest and so

adorable. As Aaron and Andrea are moving, I get to watch some of their children. Rebecca, age

5, brought with her a special envelope which was all sealed up with money inside. On the outside

she had written "Rebecca Disneyland Money". Then she gave it to me for my pills. She said

that she had earned it by doing lots of chores and was saving it for Disney Land... but she

changed her mind. I was so touched.

We emptied it onto the bed and counted out the nickles and dimes and pennies. It was two

dollars and 95 cents. What a sacrifice. It really is special that my grandchildren want to help

me. I know that their money is like the widow's mite and that the Lord recognizes their money

as such. I love being their grandmother.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blessings from Heaven

As you know, we have been strugling to pay for our expensive pills to keep me alive. But, the

Lord is right there to bless me through so many angels on earth. My brothers and sisters each

contributed and together were able to come up with $1,100, which is very helpful. Then today,

another angel dropped $100 off at my door.

Larry's parents gave us money as well. It's wonderful to know that I am being taken

care of and that somehow the money comes in. Our son in law, Bryan is also

working to put together a golf tournament with pledges, to go towards my medicine. I

know that our loving Heavenly Father watches over us and He hears our heartfelt prayers. So

many people on earth are in tune with the Spirit and are willing to sacrifice for little old me. I

feel very blessed! (By the way, if anyone ever reads this blog and has questions about my experience at the Burzynski Clinic you can email me at and I would love to talk with you about it)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

False Alarm!

Sorry about the mix up. Larry King ended up having a substitute and they wanted

to talk about the boy and the big balloon that went up into the sky. So.....the Dr.

Burzynski is suppose to on either tonight or Friday night. Please try to watch it if

you can.

I had a very special blessing occur today. Larry and I have been concerned about

getting more pills for me as it is quite costly. We just don't have the money right

now and needed to order them. After much pleading, the Burzynski Clinic is going

to send us a week supply of the PB (cancer pills) free. Yay! That will give us some

more time. Also, my sister, Mary, said that some of my brothers and sisters gave

her some money last night at her birthday party to give to me. So, I may be able to

by my Tykerb on Wednesday. I know that the Lord is watching over me and our

family. But, please continue to keep me in your prayers and pray that we will be

able to have the pills that I need to live! Thanks so much, Margaret

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Exciting News!

Dr. Burzynski will be on the Larry King Live Show (CNN) on Monday,

October 19th at 6 pm. He is going to talk about what they do at the clinic

and why he can help people with cancer. I'm so excited to see the show

and hope that everyone I love can see it too. He's kind of shy but very

intelligent and full of energy. Hope you can watch it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cancer Clinic

I am sitting at the computer at the Ironwood Cancer Clinic killing time while the

rituxin finishes through my IV. It is great to have computers down here.

This is the third week of four and then I'm done with this series until April. yay!

The people down here so nice and very humble. but, I am so glad that I am not taking

chemo...because in all honesty...many of them are very sick. But, I always enjoy my visits

with the nurses and the patients around me. It's an experience that I'm glad to have.

It's been a very busy week with lots of activities. The saddest thing is that my brother, Stephen,

passed away. The funeral was wonderful and Mary and the family did an amazing job. but, my

heart hurts for him and I will miss him so much. Other things that happened are we got to enjoy

Jonathan and Carrie's kids for several days while they went on a business trip. All in all it went

well until I either sprained or broke my toe. Fortunately, it happened the evening before they

returned and picked up the kids. But it was really nice having them.

Our pipe broke in the front yard and the water was off....but we got it repaired.

We were able to plant much of our garden with our grand kids help and they

had a lot of fun. Emma was sick most of the time but she felt good about helping to plant a few

flowers in the front yard. Lily was ecstatic that she learned to ride a two wheeler all by herself.

I forgot to mention, the 2 baby blessings went very well on Sunday and now this Sunday, will be

one more. I'm so happy to be alive and not be sick with chemo treatment so that I can enjoy

these special times with my family. Life is wonderful and I am enjoying every moment of it. Got

to go because my IV is done.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dr. Burzynski

Right now I am in Houston, Texas with Larry. We went to the Burzynski Clinic today and it was so

wonderful. Dr. Burzynski knows exactly what he is doing, and is very detailed with my case. He reveiwed

the Gene Marker test results and the Her2 protein was with- in range. Yeah! I got to meet with 4 doctors today. They are

Dr. Marquee, Dr. Kubove and Dr. Kahn. One is an oncologist, another a regular doctor I believe, and then the radiologist.

I had my list of about 15 questions answered and had my medicine adjusted. Good news, the tykerb has been reduced to

2 a day instead of 3 a day...a savings of about $700.00 a month. The zolinza has been changed as well.

Also, I am to drink 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice with my rapamune to help it work better.

Overall, I am greatly improving and as Dr. Burzynski himself said...he believes by the next appointment

or by February...I may be all better. He is very hopeful. (although I will need to continue with the rituxan every 6 months

for maintenance for 2-3 years...depending on blood results)

It's truly a blessing to be able to experience this miracle in my life. I appreciate all the prayers for me and our family.

Even the guy helping us at the airport asked my name and said that he would pray for me. I started to cry, it was so

embarrassing. Larry and the family very supportive and it sure makes it easier for me.

So, my job is to keep taking the pills and pray that Larry can afford to buy them.

We are being blessed with more work which will help. It also is a great blessing to have our son, Thomas, serving

in the mission field. He is working hard and sending blessings our way.

Houston is very humid. Some of the store windows are covered with moisture. It's 75% humidity. I don't mind it

though. With huge oak trees and New England's very pretty. We also went to the Houston Temple this

afternoon. The Spirit was strong and more inspiration came to both of us. We are just having a great time together.

Our hotel is very nice with a living room, a king size bed which is very comfortable...etc. etc. It's called the Sheraton and

it's located right in the middle of Houston. We put in a bid to and said that we would pay $49.00 a night

they accepted our price. It has a heated pool and a jacuzi, a gym and more. They deliver us the newspaper and

yea....we're spoiled and loving it!

But the most important part of this trip was going to the clinic and getting the care. We spent

about 45 minutes with the radiologist and he showed us the difference in the pet scans. It was quite interesting as he

showed us the cross section of my body and compared the pet scans. Most of the tumors have gotten smaller and the

cancer is less active... or is gone. Everyone that works at the clinic is so upbeat and very professional. It's very impressive

and you just don't want to leave it. We love to be there.

Friday I go to the clinic in Chandler for the rutixin IV and will contine it for the next two Fridays after that.

Oh, and by the way... Dr. Burzynski will be on the Larry King Live Show on CNN on Monday, Oct. 19th. I think at 6 pm.

They are preparing for more patients. They are always very busy but will most likely get a lot busier. Well, Larry

is falling to sleep down here in the lobby and wants me to go up to the hotel room. So...good night!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pet Scan Results back

Today was my appointment with my oncologist, Dr. Kellogg. He reviewed the

Ct/Pen Scan with me and sure enough I am continually improving.
The conclusion

reads: There has been further improvement with decrease in size and decrease in the SUV of

mulitple bilateral axillary, chest wall, pelvic, and inguinal lymph nodes. Several lymph nodes in

the chest have resolved. No new lymph nodes are seen and there is no increase in the maximum

SUV in any of the lymph nodes.

My doctor is very pleased with the results and wants me to continue with what I am doing so

far. I am not all the way healed yet...but am progressing along very well. Monday we will head

off to the Burzynski Clinic and find out more and have the medicine adjusted. So...good news for


I just want to thank each of you for your prayers. It means so much to me to think that faithful

people are asking God to bless me. I believe in miracles and it is by the prayers of many that I

am being healed.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Family Support

I finished taking my 42nd pill for the day and gave myself a big star on top of my

check-off paper....then took a warm shower...and wanted to share my feelings on

my little blog.
It's been a wonderful day and it's not over yet. As I am typing, my husband

and children (except Thomas who is serving a mission in Washington) are all together conversing

about ways to raise money for my pills. I wasn't invited. I'm glad. So, they are over at Maria

and Bryan's house brainstorming different ideas for fund raisers. Larry called the family

meeting and they all responded favorably. If I was with them, I would feel so bad and yet very

appreciative as well. I have mixed emotions. I mean, three of them recently had babies, one is

leaving out of town for a week tomorrow, one is moving at the end of the is sick. I

really appreciate their help but they can hardly take care of their own little families. So, it is

better that I am home and where I won't get in the way. (Just kidding)

But, on the other side of the coin ( and I use the word coin, because that is what I am thinking

about right now) it's good to have the family all draw together for a common help their

mom. It's really a blessing in disguise, because sacrifice brings forth rich blessings. I just know

that the Lord is with our family at this time and that we are all in this together. Larry is doing a

great job with rallying the family together tonight. I love all of them very much. So, it will be a

surprise to see what they all come up with and I'm sure the next few months will be full of

adventures for me, the family and many others that may be involved. Life is great. The miracle

continues. Your prayers are felt and much needed! May the Lord bless everyone who is praying

and helping in anyway.

x0x0 Margaret

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gene Marker-Oncogene Tests!

Yesterday, I got my Gene Marker or Oncogene Testing done at Sonora Lab. The

test tubes are now on ice and are on the way to a lab in California where it is done.

Many people want to know more about the clinic and just what Dr. Burzynski if you are interested...I have copied a little from "The Townsend

Letter" Aug/Sept. 2008 issue below that is simple and very interesting. Happy


In the 1960s, Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD, a young physician and researcher in Poland,

discovered novel peptides, or protein fragments, in the blood. Noting that these peptides were

absent in patients who had cancer, he theorized that they must have something to do with the

body's cancer protection system. And indeed they do, for Dr. Burzynski's discovery cuts right to

the heart of both the cause and the cure for cancer.

Cancer cells, whether in the brain, pancreas, lung, breast, or elsewhere, have one thing in

common: undisciplined, uncontrolled division that can destroy tissues around them, metastasize,

and cause death. This is driven by changes in gene expression, chief among them a "silencing" or

"turning off" of tumor suppressor genes, resulting in an increase in oncogene activity that leads

to cancer cell proliferation. If silencing tumor suppressor genes increases oncogene activity and

spurs cancer growth, then the inverse is also true. Turning on tumor suppressor genes and

turning off oncogenes shuts down cancer.

A Real Cancer Cure
This is exactly what the peptides Dr. Burzynski discovered – which he named antineoplastons –

do. Antineoplastons are the body's innate defense system against cancer; they normalize gene

expression and prevent unruly cell division. When these peptides are in short supply, cancer

goes on a cell-division rampage. But when they're abundant, cancer cell proliferation stops, and

cancer goes away. It's that simple.

Antineoplastons explain the inexplicable in cancer. How can a woman have a normal

mammogram with no evidence of tumors, then die nine months later from rapidly growing

breast cancer? Why does another woman with the same type of cancer survive for years, with or

without any treatment? The answer lies in the concentration of antineoplastons circulating in the

patient's body. Those who succumb to cancer are virtually devoid of these peptides, while those

who have them in greater abundance are far more likely to survive.

Dr. Burzynski figured out how to isolate these peptides from blood and urine and eventually how

to synthesize them in a lab and administer them to patients. He first proved the safety of this

therapy. There's no danger of antineoplaston treatment harming healthy tissues because it

doesn't poison or burn cells – it simply gives the body what it needs to stop uncontrolled cell

division. And he has clearly demonstrated its effectiveness in scores of clinical trials and

thousands of patients, many of whom were singing Dr. Burzynski's praises on that special night

in Houston. This is why I consider antineoplastons to be the single-most important breakthrough

in cancer therapy ever and possibly the only one we will ever need. Antineoplastons are to

rapidly growing and universally fatal cancers what penicillin is to pneumonia.

For those of you who have made it to the bottom and have read

this....congratulations! It's really interesting isn't it. So, next week is the 3rd

petscan and then I have an appointment with Dr. Burzynski on Oct. 7th. Larry

and I will be heading off to the Texas clinic again. Miracles never cease!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Over

Tonight we had our family over. We had a great time! I'm just feeling really good. We

enjoyed having a nice dinner and celebrated 2 birthdays. Busy times....lots of fun! I love life. I

love my family. It's exciting to be alive at this time in history when so much is happening. I'm

learning a lot about faith, hope, and charity. I'm continuing to learn from the scriptures and am

finding hidden treasures. I enjoyed going to the temple on Saturday and am looking forward to

going on Tuesday with Jessika to do Baptisms. Life is busy and I am keeping up with it. Yeah!

God is keeping His promises to me and I know that He will continue. One of the reasons for the

blessings is because of our son Thomas who is serving a full time mission in Washington. It's

true. He is our fourth son to serve and we have always received amazing blessings while our

sons have been serving. So, although we miss him very much and it is a sacrifice for's well

worth it. It's so exciting to know that he is blessing so many people's lives and bringing souls to

Christ. At the same time, I am being healed. I am so tired, so goodnight!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Continued Health

My health is just continuing to improve! It's incredible, but the miracle continues

on. I have the ability to just walk and walk and walk. I hardly get tired

anymore. It used to be that when we went to Sam's Club, I would need to sit in the

electric cart instead of walk. I don't ever do that anymore. It's been a long time.

We have had a wonderful week as we have a young woman named Jessika Brown

that is staying with us until next Wednesday. She was baptized by our son,

Thomas, who is a wonderful missionary serving in Tacoma Washington. Anyway,

she moved down here to Arizona to stay with her aunt in Gilbert. It didn't work

out as planned. So, we are enjoying her this week in our home. She is continuing

to grow in the Gospel and is learning so much everyday. Everyone just loves her.

We will miss her when she leaves to move back to Washington. It's been a great

experience for us. I also enjoyed watching one of my darling grand sons today,

as Christina went grocery shopping. I held him the whole time and rocked him.

So fun! Also, I've been enjoying my niece and nephew this week as well, as my

sister is out of town.

So, it's been a great week. Lots of people at our house and fun times!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Health Blessing

Larry and I just returned from St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. It wasn't for me...we went to

visit my brother Stephen who has been there since August 3rd. He's been sick for a year now

and the doctors are still trying to figure out what is wrong. They know he has lesions in his brain

and are trying to help him with chemo and steriods, etc....etc....etc. So, he has a feeding

tube and he is numb on his left side. He is very sick.

Tonight, we went to visit him and my sister Martha and her husband drove over as well. Also,

our son, Jonathan drove all the way from Queen Creek. But, it was for a very special reason.

Not only did we want to cheer him up and visit with him but it was for the reason of giving

him a healing blessing. He asked if Doug would offer a prayer, which he did, and the Spirit

was very strong. Then Larry anointed his head with oil and Jonathan give the blessing.

He spoke the words that were put into his mouth and it was amazing. It was one of the most

powerful blessings I have ever heard. The Spirit was so strong and we all felt of the love of

God and felt his presence there with us. I remembered the special blessings that were

given to me...blessings of healing.....and I felt the same feelings from the Spirit as I listened

to Stephen's blessing. I testify that God loves us. He knows each one of us and is very aware

of our illnesses and trials. It is through the atonement and faith in Jesus Christ that we are

healed. I am so grateful for the priesthood power that is on the earth today. I know that even

as I am being healed that my brother will be healed as well. What a special experience this

has been for all of us involved. We wept tears of joy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enjoying Life

I'm just feeling so good right now....and it's so nice! It's great to have good health

and be able to do the things that I need and want to do. It's such a blessing from

Heavenly Father, to grant me this desire of my heart. I'm just so grateful for his

bounteous blessings in my behalf!

So, if you wonder if God is still a God of Miracles, then look no further. He is

working a magnificent miracle on little old me. It's true! I'm so grateful to be

the recipient of His blessings and hope that everyone receives the righteous

blessings of their hearts as well. Have a wonderful day and week!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Third baby here

Yeah! Christina and Joseph had their big baby boy today! He was taken C-Section. But, I'm

glad he is here safe and sound and that Christina is doing good also. He weighed 9 pounds 5.6

ounces and was 20 inches long. He looks a lot like Joseph. They named him Craig. He was

breech and was stuck in a strange position and the doctors couldn't turn him.

He's so darling or rather handsome and big compared to baby Miriam who was almost

half the size. So now we have our two big boys and our little girl. We call them our triplets as

they were all born within 6 days of each other. We know the hospital pretty well by now.

Tonight we have a couple of Aaron's children spending the night and in the morning we will be

going to watch Aaron participate in a triathalon. So we be leaving by 5:30 am. I better get to

bed. We are really tired. By the way, the tumors in my groin area are truly shrinking... or

disappearing. My energy level is really good as well. All glory be to God... who is performing

one of His mighty miracles. I feel so blessed and extremely grateful for life. I just count my

blessings everyday. Life is wonderful and I love being a wife, mother and grandmother!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I love being a Grandma!

On Sunday, Jonathan and Carrie had their darling little baby girl, named Miriam Belle. She was

only 5 pounds 16 ounces. Cutest little thing! I count my blessings that I have had good enough

health to care for their two oldest children...until last night when Carrie was released from the

hospital. Then a few hours later....Aaron and Andrea's baby boy was born. So, this morning,

Maria and I went down to see him (We hardly ever get to see each other anymore as she is

always serving and helping and I've been busy on my end as well) and Christina and Joseph

arrived to perhaps have their baby today. Our little (or big) grandson is very handsome. They

have named him Spencer Don. While we were visiting, Spencer needed to have his diaper

changed. I quickly volunteered and it took three of us to do it. Andrea had to given the

instructions as to where everything was and to make sure we used vaseline on his circumcision

and Maria and I accomplished the task. It was so fun! So.....Grandma days are filled with fun.

I'm enjoying it so much.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Wonderful Day

It's truly been a wonderful day today!

James mowed the lawn and edged it and it looks beautiful.

Larry made sure the weeds all got pulled out of the garden with a little help. We enjoyed having

Aaron and Andrea's 3 children over this morning and afternoon. We painted, made little cookies

in the easy bake oven and read stories. We just received a call from Jonathan... that Carrie is

needing to go to the hospital... as her contractions aren't stopping. So, Maria is going to take the

two youngest children and we are going to get the older two. So, that will be fun! I love having

the grand children and family around. Maria has been very busy lately with all that she

does to help everyone and we really need her right now as 3 are expecting babies within the

next week or two in our family. (or maybe tonight)Busy times, but we are up to it.

I am so glad that I can take my pills and not be sick.

It seems like it is a full time job to just swallow them at the right times during the day

and make sure I eat food with most of them...and then check them off my list. It's a blessing to

even have them... as they are so expensive. But, they are certainly working! Life is good!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have so many wonderful angels that bless my life daily. I want to just name a few of them that

have been there for me today so far.

I got to go to Susan Brown's home this morning and just being with her blesses my life. Her

home is healing as well. Then Sharon Lindblom came by with fresh ripe blackberries that make

the mouth water and a bag full of peaches that are now in a basket on my counter. Larry fixed

my broken dishwasher by taking all the parts out by using a screwdriver and cleaning the

peices. Yeah! Then, Adele LeSueur came to the door with fresh whole wheat bread and

brought a sweet spirit with her as she visited in our home. Larry and I had a scrumptious

sandwich after she left, using the bread...and we needed it, how did she know? (we had also just

run out of fresh fruit) Then, my wonderful sister Helen called and we talked about a lot of things

and she was so caring and concerned about us. It just felt good to be remembered. So, I am so

spoiled again today. Angels are near by on this earth as well as in the spirit world around me. I

feel of God's hand and blessings daily.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Auction in October

I'm wondering if anyone would be interesting in attending an auction to raise money for my

medicine. I'm thinking that it might be helpful. Does anyone have something they would be

able to auction off? Please let me know by emailing me at

I hate to be so needy but we are also looking to get some tickets to Houston Texas for 2 people at

the end of September. So.....that's what we need. I'm scheduled for another pet scan and Gene

Marker test mid September and need to see Dr. Burzynski at the end of that month. Then in

October I start the rituxin series again (which I need to have every 6 months for 3 years) But

basically, I plan to be a lot better by Spring. What an exciting adventure life is with all its twists

and turns. Life is really is.

Larry and I are cleaning out the garage today and since Larry took a quick trip to DI to drop off

a load of things... I thought it would be nice to take a breather and write on this blog. Last week

was hard and I was kind of sick... but this week is a different story. I'm trying to get our house

in order before the 3 grand kids are born and the holidays arrive. It's great to feel good and be

able to do things. I stay so busy just taking my cute little pills. It's crazy but I honestly take 40

pills a day and they are all spaced out at different times. But they are working... and that is

whats important.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

An amazing scripture!

Yesterday I was reading in Psalms 41: 1-3 and I came upon some amazing verses that just got

me so excited. So.....I decided to share them on this blog!

"Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.

The Lord will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth; and thou

wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies.

The Lord will strengthen him upon the bed of lanquishing; thou wilt make all his bed in his


Then in the foot notes it reads "Heal all his infirmities when he is sick."

Aren't those amazing verses? I think how much I want to repay everyone for helping me with

money towards my pills and I just can't pay them back. It's so comforting to know that God will

repay them by healing all their infirmities when they are sick. I love it! What powerful verses

those are. Thank you everyone who is blessing me at this time.

By the way, my PB (cancer) pills arrived today....just in time so that I didn't run out of them. It

feels so good to have a months supply of them again.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Joyous Week!

This has been a very JOYOUS week. James and Julie are now married and they are just a

darling couple! The reception was beautiful and the Stapley family delighted us all with the

musical band numbers as well as their daughters singing a song. Yes, we are very pleased and

feel that James has married well. Julie also has done well to get James.

Larry was able to make it through the day with his eye. He is starting to be able to see out of the

top of his eye now...which is very exciting. We both had a very busy day yesterday and crashed

last night. We had so much help and support from many friends and family members. The

Stapley Family did a wonderful job with the reception set up as well... and we enjoyed working

with them.

Our daughter in law, Carrie, has been in the hospital for a couple of days and will need to stay

there due to some pregnancy complications, until the baby is born. So, I am playing Mommy to

my grandchildren. Larry and I are enjoying them but they sure keep us busy. Jonathan is

working and taking care of Carrie and seeing the kids when he can. I will be spending the night

in Queen Creek for a week so.. good luck to me. I do love my grand kids and am grateful for the

strength that I have right now. (And may it continue!)

Oh, the best news! Some wonderful and generous person donated $5,000 to my health care!

So, the pressure is off a bit right now. I can order some pills. I am just sitting here smiling:)

It's makes me so happy that Heavenly Father is looking after me! Thank you so much to

whoever donated the money and may God bless you with the righteous desires of your heart. I

am going to sleep peacefully tonight.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hospitals and surgery

It seems that lots of family members have been sick lately. Larry had his eye surgery this

morning and is home recovering. He has to lay on his left side for 3 days. His retina was

detached and his eye was hemoraging so if it wasn't for excellent skilled surgeons he probably

would have lost his eye sight.

Our daughter Christina and daughter in law Carrie, both were in the hospital this week but

fortunately are doing better. Carrie is suppose to be on bed rest but it's hard for her to stay

down with 4 children and the 5th on it's way soon. Then Joseph, our son in law, was in the

hospital many times this week. They couldn't figure out what the problem was, but have finally

discovered that he has asthma and a few other things wrong as well.

Then we have the wedding in 2 days. So, yeah, we've been busy around here. I'm still on

antibiotics for my sinus infection and have had to go off a couple of my pills for 10 days, but it is

clearing up. We are all starting to breathe easier. (That's suppose to be funny) Maria brought

in a delicious dinner to us of her famous beans, salmon, and tasty cornbread cooked with honey.

She is a sweet heart! I just kind of hung out at the house and my job was to keep Larry laying

down on his side all day. He doesn't enjoy it and tries to get up whenever he can. We will be

seeing the doctor tomorrow but he has to lay down in the car on his left side while we travel to

and from the appointment.

Besides all the health concerns, we have spent some time getting acquainted with a young

woman named Jessika Brown. She was baptized just 2 months ago by our son Elder Manning in

Washington and has moved to Gilbert AZ. Her friends and cousin were also baptized and her

mother will be soon. She's been fun to get to know and is just soaking up the gospel, making

some friends and getting situated in her new area.

So, we are all looking forward to the temple wedding on Friday and the reception of our son

James and his future wife Julie that we love. One thing that I've been learning through the

years is that blessings and trials come hand in hand. It's amazing how many blessings we are

receiving right now and the funny thing is that they often come with trials. I just want to name

some of our blessings that we are in the midst of receiving.

A temple marriage for our son to a wonderful young woman

Having a missionary serving in the field who is working very hard and having much success

Larry getting his eye taken care of so he can see well

Having 3 more grand children soon to be born in the next few weeks.

Having more work for our business so that we can pay our bills and hopefully pay for some pills

My infection is clearing up if not gone already

The tumors are shrinking and dying and leaving and yeah! I am getting better...I can feel it!

Our family is getting closer through much service

My faith and the faith of my husband and children and grandchildren is growing stronger daily

I can feel the prayers, love and strength from many loved ones on the other side of the veil

I'm getting a lot out of the scriptures and am finding hidden treasures through my studying

I feel the love and faith of so many friends, and loved ones and I need that!

We learned this month that 10,000 dollars that we had borrowed from a "wonderful secret person or

family"doesn't need to be paid back. They just gave it to us and said that if we are ever able to

donate back to Positive Impact in the future that we could do that.

They already gave 10,000 before to my health care. So....I hope they know

that they are amazing and my life has been rescued. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I've realized that you can't make it alone. It takes the faith and help of others. Thank you to all

that have helped me and are continuing to be there for me. I love you all!

I just feel so blessed and I wish the same for each of you! God is truly a God of miracles!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I love life!

Life is wonderful and it's great to be feeling so good again! I was just thinking about 3 things that

I love... that all start with a "D", and I've been enjoying them today. They are Dancing

(especially ballet...that I don't even know anything about but dance around the house pretending

to be a 53 year old ballerina) and Decorating (my grown kids think I'm crazy to be

redecorating so often .....but I love it!) and last but not least...Delicious Pies

( sugar) that our kind neighbor brings over occasionally! So...those are the Three D's

that I love! It seems like I appreciate life even more now since it could have been snatched

away from me so easily.

I remember one of my mother's favorite quotes that has taken on much meaning

in my life. It is "Life is fragile...handle with prayer." I've found that to be true!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Doctor's appointments

It's been a great week with lots of activities. We had a bridal shower at my home for Julie,

James' darling fiancee. (With the help of my wonderful sister in laws who brought all the food

and decorations)
Also, for the past week, Larry and I have been working hard at bringing over

all the stuff from the apartment side to our side to get it ready for James and Julie to live there.

It's kind of a trick to find places to put everything. James' old room is now the sewing room...

........the storage room....a library full of books...a craft room...full of decorative items....

and all the pictures....and more. Wow! I am a pack rat I guess. We've changed almost

every room around trying to find places for things and then changed pictures on the walls again.

It's crazy, but fun!

We were also privileged to have one of Thomas' converts from Washington visit us. Thomas had

found and baptized a young lady named Jessica Brown just a couple of months ago, and she

ended up moving to Gilbert to live with an aunt. So we got to visit and find out all about Thomas

or "Elder Manning" and how he is doing. It was great to see the fruit of his labors.

Yesterday and today have been full of doctor appointments. I went to the primary care

doctor as well as my oncologist and also had a CT scan. I have a sinus infection and have been

put on antibiotics for 10 days. So....they have taken me off of a couple of medicines temporarily.

Anyway...about the tumors. Dr. Kellogg said that they are continuing to shrink and the largest

one was measuring 2.5 cm at the last visit and now it is 2 cm. I am so blessed to have 5 very

amazing doctors. They are first and Heavenly Father, who is in charge of primary care doctor and staff who sent me in to get the enlarged gland biopsied,

Dr. Hernandez, the surgeon...he is so inspired and very accurate. Then there is Dr. Kellogg, who

is my oncologist. I must not forget Dr. Burzynski and his wonderful staff who are treating me

with all the medicines that are working to kill this cancer. What a team. It's interesting that all of

my doctors are very close to the Spirit and are prayerful. I feel very blessed. I am just in awe

with the everyday miracles that we are experiencing.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Interesting Experience

This past week, when we were on vacation, we felt the distinct impression that we were going to

be blessed financially to be able to pay for our pills and bills. We were excited when Larry

received a call from a man named Gary just a couple of days ago, who was interested in working

for our company. He told us that he has had years of experience in the floor business doing

commercial jobs. He has a lot of contacts and was looking to partner up with a small business

and help it to grow and earn some money as well. So, Larry and I met with him in our home and

we were very hopeful that this man was sent to us as a means of blessings us financially. We sat

down together and from the very beginning, the Spirit whispered "Do not hire this man." As the

conversation continued, we were more and more impressed with him and his experience. He

told us that he randomly felt that he should call us. Again, the Spirit whispered, "don't hire

him." Then, we felt an over pouring feeling to share the gospel with him. We showed him

Thomas' large temple painting with was hanging on the wall and asked him if he had ever seen

it. He said he hadn't and that he had never heard of the Mormons or the Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-day Saints. We were very surprized. Words just poured out of our mouths and

together we told him about the great apostasy and the restoration of the gospel, modern day

prophets and temple marriage. We invited him to go to the visitors center where he could feel

greater peace and receive more direction in his life. Then, he opened up to us and told us about

his past and his business breakup with his partner last weekend... and other problems with the

law. We realized that he was suppose to call us, but not to be hired to work for us. I know the

Lord cares about all of his children and desires to bless us with the righteous desires of our

hearts. We will continue to try to do our best and move forward as we anxiously await the

promised financial blessings to be able to pay for our pills and bills.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wonderful Vacation!

We just returned this afternoon from the White Mountains and we had a wonderful time!

Larry, and I, as well as Christina and Joseph all went up to Show Low and stayed at Brent

Thomas' amazing home. We enjoyed their shower with 5 shower heads.

We loved visiting my cheerful sister Carol, up in St. Johns and enjoyed the family pot luck

lunch under the shady trees,in their front yard. It was fun to see Larry's parents old cabin in

Pine top Lakeside as well as Rainbow Lake, where many family memories were made. We also

went to the Snowflake Temple and it was nice to feel the Lord's Spirit so strong there and

receive very special revelation.

So, now we are home and we have been redecorating and changing things again.

James and Julie are also busy fixing up the apartment, getting it ready for their new life

together. They were so cute tonight as they put up a door and moved around a funny shaped

couch and our old piano and tried to make it look good. They need to get some furniture,

table, etc. We are excited for them and their marriage on Aug. 14th.

So, Larry and I are moving forward. It is my job to remember to take my 40 pills a day at all

the different times on my's not easy. We are moving forward with our family

business and know that we will be blessed. Somehow we will prosper financially and will be able

to afford all the expensive and life saving medication.

I must mention that we have the most delicious goat milk in our refrigerator. We are milking the

Clouses nubian goats this week and get to have the milk from them. It is so good and doesn't

taste at all like a goat. Cow's milk is off my diet...but not goats milk. So, I am loving it! We plan

to make ice cream with honey this week. Life is wonderful.., challenging, interesting..and

exciting as we are striving to lean heavily upon the Lord and trusting in His plan for us.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a week!

Last week, I found a little chihuahua in our front yard. I approached it and it growled at me. It

was very thin, dirty, and looked injured. I gave it some food and water and decided to try to

catch it and look for the owners. My grand daughters and husband helped out. We used the car

and ended up chasing it all over the neighborhood. Larry used a blanket, cornered it

and threw the blanket over him. We put signs up around the neighborhood, well actually, Larry

did. The dog hid behind the toilet in the bathroom. Then the dog got away again while trying to

take him to the bathroom in the yard.

I chased it again in the car with my grand daughters and nearly gave up.

Then we prayed in the car. If God wanted us to catch it then would He please help us. I

opened the side door and it put its paws up. It wasn't long and we had it again. We took care of

it with Syd Curtis' help...bloody paw, diarrhea, it was just a mess. He went to the bathroom

several places in the car. So the week was spent giving it boiled hamburger and rice to control

the diarrhea. We started to fall in love with this cute dog and named it Bambi because it looked

like a deer and was found out in the grass. After about a day, he started letting us hold him and

bathe him and wrap him up in a little blanket. He was so cute, except for his bad breath. He

loved just sitting in my lap. We found the owner just as the dog was getting

better and it was an answer to a girls prayers. The dog belonged to a 13 year old who had

received it on her 6th birthday. She lives at Horne and 8th Avenue which is miles away. The

dog had disappeared from her home 10 days earlier and come to find out she had prayed and

prayed. She was searching with her parents and hadn't given up hope. The dog came to my

yard and her uncle (who lived near by) happened to see the sign and called us. So, we were sad

to see Bambi go but it was all worth it to see him lick the owner's face and be so happy to be

reunited. I found out that I love chihuahuas.

I'm so happy that a loving Heavenly Father heard a young woman's prayers and that I was able

to be a tool in helping this scared little dog get back home.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dark Skin

I've recently observed that my skin is getting dark and very freckled and with a lot more aged

spots. At first, I thought...oh...old age! But then, I realized that Larry had gotten dark skin when

he was on rapamune medication. (Which is an anti rejection drug) And now, I'm on rapamune,

and double the amount that he was on. So, I have to take extra precautions about being in the

sun and wearing sunscreen. I am now trying to cover the skin as much as possible. It's not only

the dark skin but it also makes me more prone to skin cancer in the future. Larry is no longer

on rapamune because they switched his medicine, but he continues to have skin cancer. So, I am

going to try to stay inside as much as possible and wear that sunscreen!

The last couple of days have been spent with grand kids...teaching them to swim..having an

overnight party...visiting the public library...and visiting my daughters at their houses. It's been

so fun, and honestly, it's been along time since my energy level has been that high. I've been

able to teach in Young Women's for two weeks in a row and then at the Leadership Training

Meeting. I just thank my Heavenly Father, who is pouring out blessings upon me and our


I've been studying about desires lately in the scriptures and have read that the Lord "blesses us

according to our desires." While Satan "binds us according to our desires."

I remember that when I was first diagnosed with this illness, I was praying to have the Lord's

will to be done. I didn't seem to get an answer until I expressed my heartfelt DESIRE to God

that I wanted to live and be healed all the way. Then God granted me the blessing that I would

be healed. I am learning that God blesses us according to our desires. (Of course it must be a

good desire and also God's will) And, I know that God is a keeper of promises!

What an exciting adventure to have so many blessings being poured out upon our family at this

time. We are also being inspired with regards to our "Do it Yourself EZ Epozy Kits." The sale of

these will enable us to pay more money towards our medical bills. I marvel at the ways of the

Lord and how he blesses us according to our desires. We are trying to listen and be more in tune,

so that we can be guided along the way. Another blessing that we are receiving is a big one as

well. During our last trip to Houston, Texas, when we went to the Burzynski Clinic, we took the

time to visit our Mortgage Company that happens to be in the same city. We met with a man

that supposedly had been assigned to our case to help us lower our mortgage payment. We had

tried for 6 months, and were almost 3 months behind in payments. He told us what we needed to

do and we took care of the paper work. A few days ago, he called and said that we had qualified.

Our payments will be lowered to where we should be able to pay them monthly. Our desire has

been to stay here in our home and to continue our business. It's been a good set up with our

business in the backyard with a side gate for entrance. This is another one of those tender

mercies that we are experiencing. We live in troubled times and I am learning to trust in the

Lord and let Him help to carry my burden. I am also learning that He LOVES all of us and truly

desires to bless us according to our needs and desires. It is important to be in tune and to listen

to His direction and the promptings that we receive and then to act upon them. I feel very

grateful to Heavenly Father for his marvelous ways and the miracles that are occurring in our


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Have you ever heard of pledging money for someone to lose weight?

It's a really great idea. There are 3 great guys that want to lose weight and get sponsors to pledge for them. Guess where the money goes? To me and to Stephanie Nielson. It's a great idea and would truly bless lives. So....take a look at the website below if your interested. Sponsored by Jeremy Lindblom.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Home from the Burzynski Clinic

Larry and I returned home today from the Burzynski Clinic in Houston Texas. We were there

for two days.
They are really pleased with how I am responding to the medications and how

the tumors are diminishing and disappearing. We got to meet with several doctors, including

Dr. Burzynski. He said that the Gene Marker Test came back and he needed to adjust my

medication. We asked a lot of questions and received many answers. The Medical Director of

Hemato-oncology, from Tokyo Japan was there. He is learning from Dr. Burzynski and will be

using his treatment plan in Japan. Larry and I met with the radiologist who explained to us the

scans on the computer and how to understand them. They say that I have improved over 50%

in the past 3 months and feel very confident that I will completely heal. (Which I know I will!)

Suzanne Somers (in the t.v. sitcom Three's Company) recently interviewed Dr. Burzynski

and is very interested in his alternative cancer treatments and how he discovered

antineoplastons, which target cancer cells, without destroying normal cells. On Oct. 22nd,

Dr. Burzynski will be on the Larry King Show, with Suzanne Somers. So that will be fun

to watch.

It was great to meet new patients at the clinic and get to hear their amazing healing stories...

how they were led to the clinic and how they are improving in health. Dr. Burzynski has treated

more than 8,000 patients from all over the world and is a bright eyed physician and scientist .

He is known as a visionary genius who is saving untold thousands of lives. I feel that Heavenly

Father has inspired him and I am so grateful for his knowledge and wisdom.

Again, thank you to all of you that are helping me to pay for the pills and the medical bills. I

know that they are costly but they are giving me life...and that makes me happy:) I am also

grateful for insurance which is covering much of my expenses. Everyone that I have talk to at

the clinic has been guided there through prayer. (Except one man that told me that

he has known of the clinic for 20 years and always said that if he got cancer, he would go there)

I have learned that Heavenly Father loves all of his children. It doesn't matter what religion

or what race..he hears their heartfelt prayers. All the people that I have spoken with are so

humble and trust in the Lord and have great faith. They cry tears of gratitude for their healing.

There are so many miracles! It's an amazing place and the spirit is so strong there. I just want

to tell everyone about the Burzynski Clinic and how amazing God is in healing me and so many

others as well!

If you are interested in seeing some fascinating video clips from the fox news channel in Houston,

about different patients and how they are being helped and just what Dr. Burzynski does...then

go to the following link.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, I've got the results back and they are very GOOD!! I met with Dr. Kellogg today and

he said that the lymph nodes in the neck are basically gone. A large node in the chest area was

3.3 x 1.8 and the SUV (How much it sucks up the glucose that was administered through IV)

was 6.6-6.7 Now it is 2.8 x 1.2 cm and has the SUV of 2.7

So, yea, there is definite improvement. He said to pursue getting the Tykerb Medication in

Mexico and to swim regularly or do light exercize. He wants me to "continue doing the

treatment at the Burzynski Clinic and to keep up the positive attitude" as he said.

On Tuesday, Maria and I are off to see Dr. Burzynski and find out more about my health and to

learn of any changes if any in the medication. Thank you to all who make it possible to recover

from this interesting illness. The Lord is continuing to pour out his many blessings upon me and

to heal me as He promised. I'm trying to do the specific things that He has asked me to do and

He in turn is doing His part. Miracles never cease!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yeah! My surgeon is helping me!

Today some good things happened. My surgeon is giving me a prescription for 11 months worth

of tykerb. Now, that's a wonderful thing.

In the past, I haven't been able to get a tykerb prescription outside of Texas.

So now, automatically I can save over $600 a month by buying it here in Arizona.

The sad news is that the doctor down in Mexico (that I hoped to buy it from ) had

to close down his office. But, Maria Montoya, a very good friend of mine with family in Mexico,

is helping me find a place to buy it.'s going to work out and hopefully we can get the cost

even cheaper. So that's the exciting news!

I had a great time today. The weather was beautiful and I went for a ride to my sister in law's

house in Queen Creek. Her house is so nice! Then, went a little further and visitied my

daughter in law and her kids. It was just fun! Then, shopping with Christina, out with Larry,

and yea, I kind of over did it but am still doing good! Isn't life's great to be alive.

Sometimes I have heart burn, or my hip hurts from sitting wrong on it at the park, or feeling

a little weak..nothing big really.

It's amazing to be dealing with a major illness and really not have bad side effects.

This is truly a modern day miracle and I am witnessing it first hand. Even

the fact that I can swallow 41 pills a day (that's with the antibiotic that I'm on) and be able

to digest them, is a miracle to me. I don't have the energy that I used to have, but God

is granting me enough energy to do the most important things...and for that I am grateful!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doctor visit

I have been on a quest for almost 3 months to get my Tykerb medicine for a better price. It

costs 2,800 a month which is very costly. After exhausting everything I knew to do, I had an

impression to meet with my surgeon who had done the biopsy on my gland and came up with the

first prelimianary diagnosis. So yesterday, I met with him in his office for a special appointment

to get his help. He came into the room and greeted me. I started to refresh his memory about

my diagnosis and what he had told me 3 months ago. Before I could say anything he said, "I

know I told you that we would get it cured, and I apologize. I didn't realize at the time how

agressive the cancer was." I told him that he had been right when he had told me "Don't worry

about it, we're gong to get it cleared up." He corrected me and said, "I said, Don't worry about it,

we're going to get it cured." He apologized deeply and said, I know what I told you and I am

sorry. But I told him... no....he had been right before in what he had told me and that we ARE

going to get it cleared up and that I needed his help in doing it. I went on to tell him about the

Burzynski Clinic and the path that I am taking. He was very pleased and praised me for not

giving up and finding a way to get healed. He seriously sat there and thought for a minute, then

he asked me if I had tried to get it from Canada or Mexico or another country. I said I had but

wasn't able to find a lead and had come upon a brick wall and felt that he was the loose brick to

help get the wall down. He said that he knows where the tykerb is made and had even visited

the plant. It's down in Hermosillo Mexiceo in Sonora. He said there is a doctor down there that

would sell it to me and that I can't get it here in the U.S. because of the FDA having to approve

it. It is not approved for Mantle Cell Lymphoma, only for breast cancer. So he told me to try to

find it on line and call him back in a couple of days. In the meantime he would contact his

elderly mexican mother who knows the name of a doctor down there that could sell it to me.

He asked me to call him in two days and that he would talk to me. The Spirit was very strong

in the room thanks to many prayers. The doctor was moved with compassion to help me get

my Tykerb medicine for a better price, and I was thrilled. So, I came home and looked on the

internet and still couldn't find anyone online down in Hermosillo that sold it. So I will have to

wait a couple of days. I'm excited to see how this will all work out!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to normal?

I feel so amazingly great... that I am just praying that it lasts. Today I made molases cookies

(honey and brown flour), 4 loaves of banana bread (same way-honey and WW flour), a delicious

brown rice dish...yum! and what else? I can't remember....oh yes! Fried egg plant. It was so

good! I got this huge purple eggplant from the Stradlings and they told me how to cook it. You

slice it up and dip it in egg batter and then into brown flour and cornmeal. I fried it in coconut

oil. Everyone loved it. mind is working, which is odd. I just have lots of energy and

feel great. I'm sure that I am getting well. Tomorrow I can't have any fruit or carbs as on

Wednesday I will be having another Pet Scan. Then blood work the next few days. At the end of

the month it's off to Houston, Texas to see the doctors at the Burzynski Clinic. The good thing is

that tickets are only $49 one way on Southwest Airline. (For your information they have the

special on for the summer to many locations...but you must travel on Tuesday or Wednesday to

get the deal)

Thank you all for your prayers and love. God is surely hearing all of us

and I am being healed. Let's pray it continues without too many set backs. By the way, if any

one is reading this then you probably care about me and I want you to know that you are

wonderful and may the Lord bless you for your love and kindness for me and others!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Life is Good!

I was just thinking this morning about how blessed I am and how many reasons there are to

rejoice. Life is so interesting with it's many twists and turns, but our trials bring us closer to

God and help us to grow and progress. I have been blessed with a wonderful family. Larry

is so good to me and is very helpful. Our children bring tremendous JOY and we are very

proud of them. They are doing a great job raising their own children as well.

A couple of days ago, Lily (our oldest grandchild-7 years old now) came over and she wanted

to sew. We found an old nightgown and cut it down and together we made a nightgown for her.

It was so fun....quite tiring....and the house got kind of messy. But, it was a great day. Next,

I plan to do something with Emma...and then with Rebecca. So, it will be a fun summer.

I LOVE being a grandmother.

So, tonight is the beginning of our Manning Family Reunion. This year, we are staying in the

valley and just taking it easy. Aaron and Andrea are in charge of tonight's kick off event. We are

going to their time share Marriot Resort in Scottsdale for a barbeque and swimming. Then

in the morning, everyone will come to our house for a pancake and bacon breakfast. It's a

pajama party and even GrM and GrP Manning are coming in their PJ's. We will be doing

3 stations--a family history game, a puppet show, and a care package for our son Thomas who

is serving a mission in Washington. After our home, we will go to Joseph and Christina's for a

mid morning snack, then to Bryan and Maria's for lunch and a craft, then to Jonathan and

Carrie's house for dinner, family video and a treasure hunt. After all that we will end up

at the Memorial Service for my neice's husband Doogie who recently past away.

will be wonderful being together. I love my family!

About my is's improving...but at the same time, because of the staph

infection, I am on this nasty antibiotic called clindamycin that causes the runs. (if you know what

I mean. So, I am staying very close to the bathroom) Not fun.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a week!

It started off last Sunday when my ear hurt so badly that I had to go into Urgent Care.

The doctor said I had staph inside of the earlobe and he put me on a high dosage of keflex and

said to keep the earlobe warm throughout the day to help with circulation. So there I was, sick

with a warm pack on my ear and Larry lay on the couch across from me with his nose all

bandaged up from his cancer surgery. We were kind of a mess. We laughed about it though.

Anyway, I had picked up staph from taking a warm bath after being a the two different hospitals

for the last couple of weeks, while visiting Larry.. The doctor said that it wasn't contagious in a

swimming pool and that I couldn't have gotten it there.'s doing much better and I am

very glad. Also, Larry's nose is healing up well and he got his stitches out. His stomach has

also been healing up better, although for the last couple of weeks it was a mess...oh well.

Last night, it was soooo wonderful to go to the Italian Dinner that was put on to raise money

for my medicines that aren't covered by insurance. Oh, it was wonderful! At least 200 people

were there and it was like a reception, with an orchestra, beautiful tables with candles and

delicious was so fun! I just wanted to visit with everyone. Aaron was the auctioneer

and he did a fabulous job and was very entertaining. Andrea was the wonderful organizer

behind it all with her dear mother Lisa and her crew in charge of the dinner and setting up

everything. Maria was doing a little of everything and did soo much. Joseph had made his

whistles and sold them. Carrie had put together a video but they didn't have time to show it.

I think my favorite part was when my children stood up and sang one of my favorite songs

"Top of The World". I just loved it...and smiled as they sang. It touched my heart!

If anyone is reading this blog that helped in anyway or bought something or donated money I

want you to know how much I truly appreciate your support! They brought in about $7,000,

which is way more than was expected. The goal was $5, I feel at peace knowing that

my pills are covered for awhile. In the mean time I have a plan to try to get my tykerb pills

donated. So..I'm continuing to work on that little project. I am happy, and am continuing to

get's exciting to be a part of a modern day miracle. May the Lord bless each of you that

may be reading this blog with your own challenges. The Lord blesses us according to our

desires, faith, and God's will.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You're Invited This Friday Night!

Please join us for an evening of food, fun, good deals, and a great cause. Most of the donations that we have gathered are activites that most people will be doing anyway. See the post below for the full list of auction items.

Hopefully you have recognized some businesses that you are interested in visiting anyway in the coming months and year. Perhaps you have an anniversary or birthday coming up that these items could be used for. These items could make great gifts for a grandchild, brother, sister, nephew, niece, cousin, etc.

I think that all who come will be very pleased when they leave. Even if no items are purchased, come for a fun date night. Where else can you get a dinner plus entertainment for only $7/person ($10 at the door)? All proceeds go directly to benefit Margaret Manning's medical costs. Please come if you possibly can!!!

Full List of Auction Items

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Italian Dinner and Benefit Auction

Just wanted to let you all know about the upcoming "Italian Dinner and Benefit Auction" that is scheduled for June 5th at the Mesa Jaycee's Courtyard in Downtown Mesa.
You can purchase your tickets through PAYPAL or credit card on the top right corner of this blog. You can also call (480) 649-0562 for more information or to order tickets.

There are going to be some great items and deals at the auction. Click HERE for our growing list of auction items.

We are still looking for additional items for the auction. Please email Maria at or Andrea at if you have something to donate. All donations are appreciated:)

Thank-you all in advance for your support. Our entire family appreciates it!