Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love Life

So grateful for life! I remember embroidering a quote for my mother that said "Life is fragile,

handle with prayer". So true!

This has been a busy week with grand kids and the other day I was on the ground with 2 of them and a baby playing with the "marble magic." The thought went through my head how blessed I was, as I kept pulling baby Miriam away from the marbles, to get to enjoy my grand kids and see them grow up.
It's also nice to have more years on earth with Larry and to get to see my kids and their spouse raise families of their own. I know that prayer has truly changed the course of my life.

This weekend Larry and I are getting to see Aaron do the Iron Man! I've proud of him and grateful to get to go to St. George for this event! I'm also so excited for Maria and Bryan as they are expecting another baby!
...and to think that a year ago I was very very sick with this cancer. I'm so f0rtunate to be alive and well and to have this time with my family and friends on earth. I just feel like shouting for joy!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family Reunion

Recently our family had a wonderful reunion. We met at my cousin's house where the kids rode

horses, there was a hay ride, food, music, visiting, and good times together.

We planned for the next one to be in 2 years. I get to be in charge of it along with my cousin and her husband from Idaho. We are excited to work together.
I have the best family and they are very supportive and bring lots of sunshine and smiles to my life!
All of my kids and their families were able to come except for Thomas who is in Washington on his mission. Oh...I am super excited for Mother's Day because I get to talk with him on the phone.
A couple of days ago, some people from his mission were down and we had them over for dinner along with Thomas' companions family. It was so fun to get acquainted. Because of the busy life...I have decided that this week I will schedule in a time to relax each day!
It's really nice to feeling so well.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wish I had money to help people

One of my greatest desires is to help people. People contact me from many different states to

inquire about the Burzynski Clinic. I tell them my miracle story and how I was directed to go to

Dr. Burzynski and how I am in remission.....perhaps complete remission now....I don't know

yet. (But, I know that I will be!) I have been in contact with a young man from Washington state

the last few weeks...he has Lymphoma and is desiring to go to the clinic. His name is Mark. I

wish I could help him financially. But the best I could give him was my testimony of how God

blesses his children and provides a way for them to accomplish what they ask for in faith that is

right. I shared with him the story in the Bible of the 7 loaves and fishes and how that after Jesus

gave thanks for it...the food multiplied and it fed thousands. Giving thanks for what we have has

blessed me so much. I remember one month, my grand children had colored pictures for me for

money and donated it to my cause, other grand children gave pennies, a jar full of money was

delivered to our wasn't near enough...but by giving thanks....somehow it ended up

being enough. Others came by and left money at my door and I was able to pay for the pills. It is

really amazing how it works. One of my favorite scriptures is "And he who receiveth all things

with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him,

even an hundred fold, yea, more." D &C 78:19

God truly loves his children and is the Great Provider.