Thursday, February 24, 2011


We went to Sedona yesterday to the Film Festival and had a great time. Larry and Thomas and I were invited to be guests at the showing of the Burzynski Movie. It was great! Afterward their was a question and answer time and I got to stand up with the Producer/Director and tell about my cancer story. The people were very intelligent and seeking to be well informed. The director and his wife took us out to dinner and we talked and got to be good friends. They are in their early 30's and have a great mission to perform as they are traveling through out the United States and other countries sharing the message about Dr. Burzynski and his cancer cure. The director, Eric, gave us a free DVD of the movie and I hope that it will be viewed by many people. I am also hoping that Scottsdale or Tempe may have a Film Festival and that the movie can be shown there. I know that Dr. Burzynski is a very inspired man and that many people are and will continue to be helped through his antineoplastins.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thomas is home!!

I love having our son Thomas home from his mission. It just feels so good to my heart and I love having his fun personality in our home again. He's been playing the piano and does it with such feeling. He gave the CTR ring to Larry (Dad) that all of our sons wore on their missions. Larry now wears it on his finger and is proud to know that it has been worn by his sons who have all served faithful missions for our church. Aaron started it when he passed his ring on to Jonathan and then in turn Jonathan gave it to James and then James gave it to Thomas. I hope that our family can always Choose The Right and remember what the ring stands for.

Friday, February 11, 2011


What a blessing it is to have another darling baby in our family. Larry and I got to go to St. George, Utah to see Tyler Benson, Christina and Joseph's second son. He is so cute and tiny and very good natured. He was born cesarean and Christina isn't suppose to lift for 6 weeks. We had a good visit and got to help some. Larry and I had a great time together driving the long roads and visiting along the way!

These last 5 weeks have been amazing and filled with financial blessings. Our business was suffering and our Bishop gave us very good council and we decided to do exactly what he suggested and it has been very rewarding. I've written done the blessings each week and there are two pages full. Our work with Concrete Made New has picked up and we have work this week and the next and more estimates to do. I know that by following our leaders that we are blessed!