Sunday, May 31, 2009

Italian Dinner and Benefit Auction

Just wanted to let you all know about the upcoming "Italian Dinner and Benefit Auction" that is scheduled for June 5th at the Mesa Jaycee's Courtyard in Downtown Mesa.
You can purchase your tickets through PAYPAL or credit card on the top right corner of this blog. You can also call (480) 649-0562 for more information or to order tickets.

There are going to be some great items and deals at the auction. Click HERE for our growing list of auction items.

We are still looking for additional items for the auction. Please email Maria at or Andrea at if you have something to donate. All donations are appreciated:)

Thank-you all in advance for your support. Our entire family appreciates it!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Growing List of AUCTION Items


*Pampered Chef Deep Dish Stoneware - $30 value

*Pampered Chef $15 giflt certificate with Consultant Laurie Burke

*Texas Roadhouse - $30 gift certificates @ Stapley & Baseline location

*Charleston's Restaurant - Free Cream Spinach Artichoke Dip Appetizer (w/ purchase of entree) - $9.99 value

*Chili's Restaurant - $30 gift certificates

*California Kitchen - Free appetizer (with minimum $10 purchase) - Up to $8.99 value

*5 & Diner - Dinner for 2 (or breakfast or lunch!) - Good for 2 free entrees - up to $25 value @ I-10 & Ray location

*Macaroni Grill - $30 gift certificates

*McCormick & Schmick's Restaurant - $100 gift certificate

*Pei Wei Asian Diner - (2) $20 gift cards

*J. Alexander's Restaurant - (2) $50 gift certificates

*P.F. Chang's - (3) Complimentary Traditional Lunch Bowl gift certificates - up to $9.95 value

*P.F. Chang's - (4) Free Appetizer - up to $9.95 value

*Famous Dave's - (5) Free order of Wings (BBQ or Buffalo 12 piece) (w/ $15 purchase) - $8.99 value

*AZ Biltmore Resort and Spa - 2 Nights/Three Days deluxe accomodations for two w/ Breakfast one morning fortwo - Up to $1150 value

*Marriott Desert Ridge Resort - 2 Night/Three day stay

*Golf Lessons by Greg Smith - (2) 1 Hour Lesson Gift Certificates

*Peter Piper Pizza - Large Pizza
*Fred Astaire Dance Studio - Introductory Special

*Walmart - $25 Gift Card

*Big-O Tires - Lube Oil and Filter Gift Certificate

*Harper's Nursery - $50 Gift Card
*Applebees - 2 free Entrees
*Brandt Photography - $500 value Gift Certificate for one Family Portrait Session and One retouched 11x14 photo
*LeSueur's Tuxedos - Free Tuxedo Rental (Up to $150 value)
*Serrano's Mexican Restaurant - $30
*Gift Certificate Genie Carwash - 10 Full Service Car Washes
*(2) Foot Odor Eliminators
*Xtreme Play Bounce House Birthday Party for 6 children Gift Certificate - $175 value
*Karate Basket - $150 value
*Gymnastics Lessons from Desert Devils - $72 value
*Skateboarding Lessons from Desert Devils - $72 value
*Decorative Towel Bar from Crowded House - $65 value
*My Big Fat Greek Restaurant - $20 gift cards
*Firebirds Grill - $50 gift cards
*Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre Gift Certificate-2 tickets to any Mainstage or Actor's Cafe Performance - $44 Value
*Fogo de Chao-Dinner for 2 - Approx. $85 value
*Phoenix Zoo - 4 admission passes
*Alltel Ice Den - (2) Ice Skating Birthday Party Packages
*Signed Coyotes Hockey Stick - signed by all of the Coyotes players Golf Game for 4
*Mark Mabry Print of Reflections of Christ
*Golden Spoon - Free 8 oz. serving of frozen yogurt
*Deseret Book - Video - $19.99 value
*Deseret Book - Journal - $11.95 value
*Deseret Book - CD - $15 value
*Sunshine and Shade Photography - - free photo session - $125 value
*Scrapbook Basket - approximately $50 value
*Snow Cone Machine Rental - Arizona Air Bounce, LLC - Includes 3 flavors and 60 paper cones - 1 day rental - $65 value
*Sunkiss Pools - 6 month pool maintenance - up to $600 value
*Thomas and James Manning paintings

We are still looking for donation items
If you have something to donate:
Please email Maria at or Andrea at

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Larry's home from the hospital

Well, it's been an interesting week. Larry, my give giver, has been sick. But, I've been able

to take care of him, which has been a blessing. We just take care of each other. We are a couple

of old people. On Tuesday, a large piece of his nose was removed due to skin cancer. Today, he

had surgery at Banner Baywood to graft skin back to the area. They had to loosen all the skin on

his nose and pull it around to fill in the wound. It will be swollen and his eyes black and blue for

awhile. Within 4 months though it will be back to normal except for a scar. We are both so

thankful for excellent doctors. Tonight, Larry is sleeping in the big cozy lazy boy chair in the

family room as he is suppose to keep his head up.

While at the waiting room at the hospital, I sat by a woman with a really cool large purse.

I commented on it and we got into a discussion about my health and the need to raise money.

It was a vintage bag made from carpet, that was popular in the 60's. This woman, is going

to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show on July 3rd to show them. They will be selling at Dillard's

and other stores. The jT Carpet Bags are made in California.

Anyway, she's going to be donating some for the upcoming Italian Dinner so that they can be

auctioned off. She is going to help at future events as well. I'm looking forward to getting a

carpet bag myself, as I remember them from the 60's and they are really neat. I've been

looking for more ways to make money for the pills and she's another person that was put into my

path that can help.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Baja Fresh Fundraiser - Today!!!

Anyone who is in the Mesa area (Val Vista and Baseline) today can enjoy Baja Fresh and benefit Margaret. Print off this flyer and bring it with you when you order to have a percentage of today's proceeds go directly to Margaret's health fund. Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cancer Clinic

Today I spent time at the Cancer Clinic getting my last dosage of Rituxin through IV. Rituxin is

not chemotherapy, but it is a medicine that is used for many cancers. I finally met someone

that was diagnosed with Mantle Cell -Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. The patient is a man that was

having his last dosage of chemo. It wasn't by chance that I was seated next to him. I talked

briefly to his sister or sister in law and found out that he had the same kind of cancer as me.

I gave them my phone number and I hope that they call --so that we can exchange information.

He wondered why I hadn't lost my hair. I asked my nurse how many people

in the clinic have mantle cell non hodgkins lymphoma and she said that in all the years of her

working there she had never met another patient that had it. It is very rare.

I wanted to tell him about the Burzynski Clinic but didn't feel like that was the time nor the

place to do it. If he calls and inquires then I will tell him what I am doing. I think each person

needs to be directed to the correct path for them. But, if I were him, I would certainly look into

what the Lord has inspired me to do. I feel so blessed and continue to KNOW that the Lord is

healing me. It's so exciting.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Picture time

Today, Maria and Tate came over and Maria taught me how to put pictures on my blog.

So, I am trying it out to see if it works. She is walking me through it and making me do it

all by myself so that I will learn. This is our son James and his darling fiance named

Julie Stapley. He proposed in Sedona and gave her a beautiful shiny diamond ring. We're looking

forward to meeting her parents and family members on Saturday evening.

Larry had his hernia operation yesterday and is recuperating. Although he is still in a lot

of pain, he walked today. I gave him a sponge bath and shaved him with his electric razor.

He will probably be coming home tomorrow. I love Larry and am grateful to have had the

strength the last couple of days to go to Good Sam and visit and care for him. It's also been

a blessing to have had Maria and Tate over tonight. So now she expects me to put pictures

on occasionally. Oh boy...I guess I can do hard things.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Glass Jar

The other day, the door bell rang and there was Maria and her son Tate. Tate was so excited

about a handful of quarters that he held in his hand. He had been saving his money to buy

something special and finally decided on his own to give them to his Grandma Margaret to

buy pills. It was so sweet. I got a glass canning jar and put a label on it saying "Money For

Grandma". Tate put his money into the jar and gave me a big hug. So now, I have the jar in

the bookcase of our living room.

Then yesterday, I opened the door to go out and there was a card with a lovely anonymous

note and $150 towards my medicine. Then later that day, another person gave me $20

for pills. So, the jar is filling up. Every penny counts and it blesses my life as well as others

to give. I recognize that Heavenly Father is in control and is blessing me.

I also want to thank my family, especially Aaron and Andrea, for putting together the upcoming

Benefit "Italian Dinner", along with Lisa Tollefson, to raise more money in my behalf.

Blessings are pouring in and I feel of everyone's prayers and love.

Whenever I look at the glass jar, I think of friends and loved ones and how so many people

are sacrificing in my behalf. It touches my heart!

Friday, May 15, 2009

There will also be a donation box for Margaret's Cancer Fund. Click HERE to learn more about the boutique.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Oncologist Report

Great News! Dr. Kellogg, my oncologist, has officially documented that I am improving.

He measured the lymph glands and said that the largest one under the arm pit was at 3 cm and

now it is at 2 cm. He said the one in my neck is gone and the groin glands are also much smaller.

He said "You are definitely improving" and told me to keep up the "chemo" pills. (Which he and I

know that they are NOT chemo pills) I could tell that he was very surprized and is documenting

everything carefully. Dr. Kellogg has been in contact with a Dr. Miller, a specialist at the U of A

...and this is going to be a very interesting case study for them.

Dr. Kellogg also told me that my blood work looked very good. That means the white blood

cell count, etc. He said that my organs are all functioning well and that I am responding good

to the medicines.

So, tomorrow is Larry's surgery. I'm feeling better and ready to support him now with his

needs. The Lord is surely mindful of us and the timing is perfect. His surgery was suppose to be

months ago but the Lord told us to hold off and do it after Mother's Day. I'm sure glad we

listened.. as we would have done it right about the time that I was diagnosed and we could

have lost our business. Blessings are continuing to pour in!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Motherhood and Family

With Mother's Day coming up, I was just thinking about how much I love my dear mother

and also how much I LOVE being a mother to such amazing and wonderful kids! I just

couldn't ask for better children..and I know that Larry feels the same way as me.

At this time in my life when my health has been down, their love and support has sustained me.

They have been so kind and helpful, along with their spouses...and it means the world to me.

They bring GREAT JOY! I love motherhood and being a grandmother to 8....soon to

be 11.....darling grand kids! I'm excited to be able to serve and help them with their needs.

Until then...they are just serving each other and helping out... where normally I would be

watching their little ones. I miss doing things for my family. But right now, I just have to

get well and be patient and those days will return. I love each of my wonderful and caring

children and family members!

Larry has been such a great support to me...and now with his surgery next week, well, I hope to

be able to serve him. It's his turn.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I have been spending many many hours a day trying to get coverage on medications, and it can be

frustrating. I have 4 accordian files of information and so many different organizations to contact

and phone numbers, etc. Today, I'm worn out with the calls....but perhaps making some

headway...I don't know yet.

Actually, I have found a Desert Mountain Chapter that is working to donate $500 to my

healthcare. Also, maybe Co-Pay National will help with my $5000 yearly co-pay. Then, Cancer

Legal Resource Center may help with writing letters to get GlaxoSmithKline to donate Tykerb.

But, it doesn't look promising. But...I am still trying whenever possible to get financial help. I

want to give a BIG thank you to all of you that have donated to my care. You are wonderful!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Yeah! Good news!

My Zolinza pills that are $100 a day are now covered! After much work, prayers and fasting, the

zolinza manufactures have decided to give me free pills through the end of the year. That will

help a lot. I was in tears when I received the call this morning. So now the rapimune and zolinza

are free.

The manufacturer that will not help at this time is the one that makes Tykerb. We have tried all

the avenues that we know except to send them lots of letters on a regular basis asking for

assistance. So, I'm going to work on that.

So, basically my health care is down to less than $5,600 a month. So, that is better!

I know that Heavenly Father is blessing me and will continue to work miracles in my behalf.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pink larry Manning

What a surprize! I was sound asleep and Margaret woke me up to see her lips. They were like

pink pomegranites. Usually they blend in with her face. Last Thursday, we were discussing

Margaret's health and how she was tired and weak and had poor circulation. I remembered in

March, just prior to her diagnoses of cancer she was found to have hypothyroidism. At this

same appointment with the doctor they discovered the lump under her arm. The thyroid

problem was quickly forgotten and she was off to the Burzynski Clinic to treat the cancer. We

assumed that the weakness was all tied to the lymphoma. However, many of the symptoms that

she is exhibiting are not indicative to the cancer. She has low blood pressure, very poor

circulation, weak limbs, low pulse, cracks in the heels, pale lips, etc. While discussing her

condition, I reminded her that she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and that she needed to

take some supplements for it. She started taking a product called "Thyroid Energy" and this

morning she woke up with pink lips. Her circulation seems better as well. So I kissed her and

went to her pill box and took some myself. They might help the poor circulation in my feet and

body as well.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cherry Pie

I went to the foot doctor today because of an infection and needed some advice on what to do.

Then, before leaving he checked my pulse in my feet and noticed that I have very poor

circulation, especially on the left side. I told him that I have been feeling weak in my limbs and

he said that I need to go to my primary care doctor and get a vascular workup. So, on Monday, I

have an appointment. In the meantime, I have been limiting my walking and resting a lot. But, in

the midst of this, I received a yummy cherry pie from our neighbors with no sugar. It was so

nice and it picked up my spirits. I wasn't going to wait until after dinner nor until Larry got

home. I just cut me a piece and indulged...and it feels good to my tummy and spirit.

I just finished writing this and ...........the doorbell rang..................I thought I had enough

blessings for the day, but an angel just brought in dinner. I am so blessed....and Larry

is just driving up and I can serve him dinner and dessert!