Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pink larry Manning

What a surprize! I was sound asleep and Margaret woke me up to see her lips. They were like

pink pomegranites. Usually they blend in with her face. Last Thursday, we were discussing

Margaret's health and how she was tired and weak and had poor circulation. I remembered in

March, just prior to her diagnoses of cancer she was found to have hypothyroidism. At this

same appointment with the doctor they discovered the lump under her arm. The thyroid

problem was quickly forgotten and she was off to the Burzynski Clinic to treat the cancer. We

assumed that the weakness was all tied to the lymphoma. However, many of the symptoms that

she is exhibiting are not indicative to the cancer. She has low blood pressure, very poor

circulation, weak limbs, low pulse, cracks in the heels, pale lips, etc. While discussing her

condition, I reminded her that she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and that she needed to

take some supplements for it. She started taking a product called "Thyroid Energy" and this

morning she woke up with pink lips. Her circulation seems better as well. So I kissed her and

went to her pill box and took some myself. They might help the poor circulation in my feet and

body as well.

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