Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cancer Clinic

Today I spent time at the Cancer Clinic getting my last dosage of Rituxin through IV. Rituxin is

not chemotherapy, but it is a medicine that is used for many cancers. I finally met someone

that was diagnosed with Mantle Cell -Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. The patient is a man that was

having his last dosage of chemo. It wasn't by chance that I was seated next to him. I talked

briefly to his sister or sister in law and found out that he had the same kind of cancer as me.

I gave them my phone number and I hope that they call --so that we can exchange information.

He wondered why I hadn't lost my hair. I asked my nurse how many people

in the clinic have mantle cell non hodgkins lymphoma and she said that in all the years of her

working there she had never met another patient that had it. It is very rare.

I wanted to tell him about the Burzynski Clinic but didn't feel like that was the time nor the

place to do it. If he calls and inquires then I will tell him what I am doing. I think each person

needs to be directed to the correct path for them. But, if I were him, I would certainly look into

what the Lord has inspired me to do. I feel so blessed and continue to KNOW that the Lord is

healing me. It's so exciting.

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