Monday, May 11, 2009

Oncologist Report

Great News! Dr. Kellogg, my oncologist, has officially documented that I am improving.

He measured the lymph glands and said that the largest one under the arm pit was at 3 cm and

now it is at 2 cm. He said the one in my neck is gone and the groin glands are also much smaller.

He said "You are definitely improving" and told me to keep up the "chemo" pills. (Which he and I

know that they are NOT chemo pills) I could tell that he was very surprized and is documenting

everything carefully. Dr. Kellogg has been in contact with a Dr. Miller, a specialist at the U of A

...and this is going to be a very interesting case study for them.

Dr. Kellogg also told me that my blood work looked very good. That means the white blood

cell count, etc. He said that my organs are all functioning well and that I am responding good

to the medicines.

So, tomorrow is Larry's surgery. I'm feeling better and ready to support him now with his

needs. The Lord is surely mindful of us and the timing is perfect. His surgery was suppose to be

months ago but the Lord told us to hold off and do it after Mother's Day. I'm sure glad we

listened.. as we would have done it right about the time that I was diagnosed and we could

have lost our business. Blessings are continuing to pour in!

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