Friday, May 1, 2009

Cherry Pie

I went to the foot doctor today because of an infection and needed some advice on what to do.

Then, before leaving he checked my pulse in my feet and noticed that I have very poor

circulation, especially on the left side. I told him that I have been feeling weak in my limbs and

he said that I need to go to my primary care doctor and get a vascular workup. So, on Monday, I

have an appointment. In the meantime, I have been limiting my walking and resting a lot. But, in

the midst of this, I received a yummy cherry pie from our neighbors with no sugar. It was so

nice and it picked up my spirits. I wasn't going to wait until after dinner nor until Larry got

home. I just cut me a piece and indulged...and it feels good to my tummy and spirit.

I just finished writing this and ...........the doorbell rang..................I thought I had enough

blessings for the day, but an angel just brought in dinner. I am so blessed....and Larry

is just driving up and I can serve him dinner and dessert!

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