Thursday, April 30, 2009

Expensive Little Pills

Yesterday the UPS guy brought me some pills. One container had 5 pills (zolinza) that were over

$100 each. The other container had enough Tykerb pills for a month. They cost nearly $3,000.

I was just thinking that if a person donated $100 to my would give me one pill.

It's expensive, but so needed. These pills are working and saving my life! Rapamune pills

arrived today and they are free....donated by the manufacturer! Yeah! So helpful.

So today is a very special day for Larry and me. It's our 33rd Anniversary. We celebrated by

going out to dinner together. I'm looking forward to many more years together with him.


  1. Margaret.. I can't believe the cost.. well I can, but I still don't know why they need to cost soo much. I guess I took for granted all the bills from Tati's medical that was paid by insurance.. I didn't see the exact cost of everything, but once it was all said and done.. everything was well over a million dollars!
    have you outsourced to cancer society and leukemia and lymphoma society..? they have helped us a few times :)

  2. Margaret.. also, I'm having a boutique on sat may 16th and I will have a donation box for anyone that wants to donate can and I'll let you know if we get anything :)