Monday, April 20, 2009

Overcome with appreciation

Thank you to all of my dear family and friends! I deeply appreciate your prayers, love and

donations. This Saturday, Jheri Glover is hosting a special benefit "Night of Entertainment" at

MHS for me as well as for Christian and Stephanie. It's so nice of her and of all those that are

giving of their time and means to help us out.

Today, I was driving home from an appointment and I passed a beggar on the corner. He was

holding a sign and asking for money. I realized that we are all beggers... especially me. At this

time in my life I have to have money for my medicine in order to get well. So, basically I am

begging for help. Maybe in a sense we all beg for God's mercy or for others to help us out at

times. It is humbling but I truly appreciate all that each of you have done and are doing for me!

Most of all, I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for His constant outpouring of love and tender

mercies toward me. I am so happy. I trust in God and know that He is tenderly watching over

me and that He loves me. I am very content and trust that He is making me well.


  1. Just want you to know I'm still reading your blog. I really appreciate your sweet spirit and hope you feel good enough to continue writing. We're moving to Queen Creek so I've been a little busy the past couple of weeks, but in a month or so, it should settle down.


  2. Hi Margaret,
    I am a friend of Maria's, and I read her blog so therefore I've been following your story and reading your blog! Wow, what an amazing person you are, and what blessings have been poured out to you! You are such a great example of faith to me! I hope everything continues to work out for you.

    I read that you are taking Rapamune, and I just saw this article on a study done by the University of Chicago (that's where my husband goes to school, that's how I saw it). I thought of you, and thought I'd share it:
    It talks about how grapefruit juice, taken with Rapamycin (same thing as Rapamune) can boost its effects, making it more effective, and patients need smaller doses. Just know it's a preliminary study, so you shouldn't just go out and drink a bunch of grapefruit juice now. ;) But I thought it was interesting to read, hopefully you'll find it interesting too, and maybe your dr.'s would be interested.
    -Melanie Wallbrecht