Friday, April 3, 2009

Come What May and Love It-Part 2

After much prayer and fasting on the part of so many loved ones, as well as a tremendous amount of research from family, the Lord let me know that it was His desire for me to go to Houston, Texas to see Dr. Burzynski. Peace poured into my mind and heart and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was the path to take. But, it is so expensive and I don't have the money. How would it be possible and in such a hard economic time? But, when the Lord gives a commandment, He always provides a way. I was praying for guidance and for financial help, when I received a phone call and was told to give someone a call. It was within a few days that some wonderful people, of which I can't disclose their names as they swore me to secrecy, donated a good amount of money to my cause. That money as well as the money so lovingly offered from other loving people combined to make enough money to pay for the initial visit and expenses. We were also fortunate to be accepted by "Positive Impact" which is 501 C3 organization which makes it possible for all donations to be tax deductible.
Then, Chase and Tricia C. called and offered us to stay at their home. They picked us up at the airport at midnight last Sunday night and have provided a beautiful place for us to stay. They have a guest room and a private bathroom for us as well. And to top it off, they have let us use their car and their GPS to get around. Chase gets rides to and from medical school.
Larry stayed the first two nights and went to the initial doctor's appointment with me. Then he had to return home to run the business. Maria has been such a sweetheart and has been here the whole week. She left her son Tate, which is a hard thing to do.
Each day at the clinic they have run different tests, started new medications, given seminars, etc. We have had so many experiences, including a near accident, getting to see the Gulf of Mexico, and hanging around the house with me being sick due to a reaction to the medicine called rapimune. Driving the freeways is sometimes exhausting especially when we get lost. It's so wonderful to have family and friends that love me at this time.
About the Burzynski Clinic...I knew that this is where I was to receive medical treatment well before arriving here. But again, the Spirit testified to me when arriving the first day that I was at the right place for me.

Here's a little schedule of what has happened each day:
Sunday, March 30th-arrived at midnight at airport. Went to the Campbell's home in Pearland, Texas
Monday, march 31st-Went to the clinic and met Dr. Burzyinski, did genetic blood work, attended a very informative seminar, had a near fatal accident but we were protected.
Tuesday, April Fools Day-Took Larry to the airport, went to Doctor's appointment. Started on Dr. Burzyinski's miracle drug which is called Sodium Phenylbutyrate (PB) which is his oral version of antineoplastons. On the way home from the clinic we stopped at the presidential monument which was off the side of the freeway and got pictures. Tricia made us a very healthy and delicious quinoa salad.
Wed. April 2-Got lost, went to the clinic and started Amino Care and Brain Longevity supplements as well as Zolinza. We drove to Galveston and enjoyed walking along the beach of the Gulf of Mexico, and getting a natural foot massage in the sand! Tricia made us delicious fish taco's for dinner. What a treat.
Thurs, April 3-Had a nutrition class where they told us that people with lymphoma have an over reactive immune system. I need to avoid chlorine in my bath water as well as avoiding any chemicals, sprays, etc. They started me on rapimune of which I had an allergic reaction and got very sick. I was so weak and achy. I Couldn't do anything until 12:30 at night, but just flop on beds and stuff. Maria was busy massaging me. Maria made a delicious tortillas soup for dinner. Yummy! We had some real miracles again today. Dr. Kellogg in Arizona has agreed to continue me as his patient and work under the prescribed care of Dr. Burzynski! What a blessing. He will perform the intravenous treatments of Rituxin off and on for the next 3 years. Although I was so sick, it was the highlight of my day to talk to Jonathan/Carrie and their 4 children through the webcam. It was fun to see the kids faces and talk to everybody.
Friday, April 4th-We have been slow this morning as I have been recuperating. We will be leaving for the clinic soon.
Just know that Heavenly Father loves to bless us all! I'm overwhelmed with the blessings that continue to pour in to my life. Miracles never cease!

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