Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home from Houston

It's great to be home. Maria and I arrived home on Saturday night. I've just

been slow in writing and trying to adjust to my new medications and home life. Larry has been

sick with a nasty cold and sore throat. We have been sleeping in different rooms and I miss

being with him. We give each other air hugs. I got to enjoy watching conference in our family

room with Larry and Joseph and Christina.

I think that I have the most awesome family in the world. I feel so loved and cared for. I want

everyone to feel that way. I think of some people that struggle and don't have support systems

and my heart aches for them. But, the greatest support system is from God. I feel of His love

for me and His loving arms wrapped around me. I feel peace and a calmness inside knowing that

He cares. We are all His children, of course He is there for each of us.

I have an organized schedule of pills that I take. I take 33 pills a day. It's actually more than

Larry takes. Getting good at swallowing pills. Most are amino pills others are for specific

purposes. The Sodium phenylbutyrate is to decrease the size of the tumors. Tykerb is to target

my Her-2 receptors. This medicine stops messages from being sent to cancer cells that tell

them to grow. So, I am diligent about doing what the doctor tells me to do. This Thursday, I

meet with my oncologist and will start another medicine through the IV to target my CD20 that

was found. What a blessing to know what I have wrong with me and to have medicines to help.

At the same time, I am on a very healthy diet. Lots of greens, very little meat if any. No red

meat. A variety of fruits and vegetables...wheat grass..xango mangostein, sunrider products,

essiac tea, lemon water, apricot kernels...etc.

Basically, I've been told that this particular illness is caused by chemicals or genetics. My

brother, Stephen has had a health problem that he is dealing with. They are still trying to

discover if he has lymphoma as well. They really don't know what he has. So....I have a list of

people that I am praying for and I remember to include myself. Thank you

for caring, praying, donating time or money or both to my cause. I really do appreciate all you

do for me and I need your help. We each have our own individual trials that help us to grow and

draw closer to God. Like one of my friends said to me, "It's just a test".

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  1. MARGARET, I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and you are in my prayers every day. I hope you will keep writing this blog, it's nice to read your thoughts--very inspirational.