Friday, August 27, 2010

I Guess I cry when I'm happy

The Burzynski Clinic has been very kind to let me receive treatment and medication for

about 9 months without paying them yet. But, the time finely came when they said that

they couldn't do that anymore for me or the other patients. They need their money as

well. I have to pay for their services before they can ship the medicine. So, I have

been very concerned and worried about getting my pills. It costs $2,250 a month. I

ran out of one of them on Thursday and my main pills, Sodium Phenelbruterate, will be

done on Tuesday. We've been trying to get the funds together and still needed

$1,999.63. About 45 minutes ago, a very special person, actually people, put money

into my account so that I can order them on Monday and get them shipped one day mail.

I've cried ever since with joy and gratitude for this very special gift. It's a

sacrifice for them I am sure. Am I worth it? I guess so. I'm thankful for life and

the wonderful people in my life. My God bless them abundantly for their great

goodness to me.
p.s.-How do you stop crying?

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm crying

I got approved for Torisel! I'm sooo happy :) :) :) All the paper work was worth it. Now I can complete the treatment that Dr. Burzynski wants me to do. I'm crying happy tears.

What I do all day

It's 10:00 am and nothing is done. It's crazy. But then, I think about what I have

accomplished and really.....I've done a lot. So, I just thought I would share it.

I've called the Leukemia Lymphoma Society 3 times, trying to get the application taken

care of so that I can get some financial aid. Their fax machine wasn't working so

they are sending it to my daughters fax and she will send it to me, then I will fill

it out and attach the info they need and call my oncologist and see that he does his

paper work as well. I've called the Burzyski Clinic to make sure that they received

the two faxes sent to them regarding a plane flight and hotel. (My cancer friend from

Bosnia told me about two different charitable organizations that assist people in

Texas and I've been completing the paper work for them to get their help) I have

files of information and organizations and just laugh about all the paper work and

phone calls. But, it saves money and it helps me to live and it is truly a blessing.

I'm sitting here smiling and am ready to clean the house finally....until the fax

arrives from Maria.

Life is wonderful and I am looking forward to having our family over this weekend for

dinner and birthday celebrations.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Enduring to the end of cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer (mantle cell non Hodgkin’s lymphoma) on my birthday, in

2009. After being told that if I was to receive the strongest chemo.. in the

hospital.. and bone marrow transplant twice, I would possibly live 3 years. So…. I

decided to go a non traditional, but medical way.

After much prayer, priesthood blessings, and study, I received the witness from the

Lord that I would be healed and was guided to know which doctor to go to. I am now in

partial remission. My oncologist who is working with this doctor in Texas, is amazed

and tells me to continue. It’s a miracle. Every ct/pet scan shows improvement.

But…..its not over yet…..I am still running the race and enduring to the end. Why?

Because I trust the Lord and I believe that He keeps His promises. If I had been told

that it was my time to die…than I would go forward and prepare for the next life.

But, mine wasn’t the case.

It’s been a fighting battle, and very expensive, but it is worth it. The Lord has

literally carried me much of the time and has given me the strength to go on. In one

of the blessings that I received I was told to study my scriptures an hour a day. I

have done that faithfully and kept a scripture journal. Without this, I would have

gotten depressed and probably given up. The scriptures fill me with the Spirit and I

have received hidden treasures of knowledge along the way. Prayer has also been a

great strength as well. Also, going to the temple I have received revelation and

guidance. I know the Lord blesses us as we pursue our personal journeys in life and

claim the great blessings that He has in store for each of us.