Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last Tests

Just a quick update-
I went again to Dr. Burzynski in July and my pet scan was completly clear of cancer again.  I've just been too busy to write.  (But, no excuses Margaret)  Dr. Burzynski lowered my medicines again and will do it again in December.  They plan to have me completely off the anti neoplastins in June or July of 2013.

Christina and Joseph had their third baby, a darling little girl, born the last day in July.  She had another c-section.  I got to go and help her out for a couple of weeks.  Then I brought some of our grand children down from Utah to be at our grand daughters baptism in Arizona.  We are so proud of Rebecca for making the choice to be a member of Jesus Christ's church.  Then we brought the kids back to Utah and helped Christina a little more.  Today Tate is 8 years old and he will be baptized next month.  He's so excited!

In two weeks we go back to Utah for a do-Terra seminar and to visit Jonathan and Carrie.  It seems like we spend a lot of time in Utah.  We are so excited to get to see their new home and visit with their family.  On the way home we will attend our new grand daughter's baby blessing down in St. George.
I was well all summer..but...
This week I've had a bad sore throat...and have been trying to get better.  Gargling with warm water and a touch of ginger and red pepper is amazing.  I've also been using oregano oil and other essential oils.  I'm doing a lot better I think.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Father in Law

My wonderful father in law passed away a few weeks ago.  My husband and I were suppose to go to his home for dinner and spend some time with him.   But because our daughter and her husband and kids were coming down from Utah, Larry went alone.  Larry found his dad sitting in his favorite chair.  He had died in his sleep.  Larry was able to spend a little quiet time there with him until the rest of the family came over.  We all met together in the living room and reminisced and talked about things.  My father in law, Don Manning, is an incredible man full if love and wisdom.  We all miss him very much!  But, he is now with his sweetheart, Marva Call Manning, and couldn't be happier.  He died Easter week which worked out well for all the family.  The funeral was very special and the talks and music were a great tribute to him.  Dad had served his country and a large folded flag was given to both of his son's as a tribute and memory of their father.  It has been a very busy past two weeks as all of us have emptied out the home and divided up his belongings.  The home is already on the market ready to be sold.  He has a beautiful flower garden and vegetable garden and has always taken excellent care of his home. 

In just 3 days, our son, Thomas, will be married to Tannis.  We are very excited for this marriage and she will fit in well with the family.  She is very sweet and extremely positive and smart.  Thomas loves her so much.  They'll be married for time and all eternity in the Arizona Temple.  Family will be heading down tomorrow.  Lots of things are happening at our house and I am so happy to be alive and able to be here on this earth to see our son get married and to enjoy our family growing up.
I thank God everyday for sparing my life and granting me extra time on this earth.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Special Birthday

I've had a wonderful day! Breakfast with Aaron and Andrea and their 5 kids. Lunch with Maria and her son,Sam. Dinner with Larry at Olive Garden. (Thank you Joseph and Christina!) I'm stuffed full of fun, memories and food. My friends and family have all called, sent or brought by gifts and I feel very loved. I have a big smile on my face! I'm grateful for my parents and miss them as they are up in heaven. I appreciate all their sacrifices for me and their great teachings. I wish I could hug them and thank my Mother for bringing me into this world.
I'm 56 years old and was born in '56. So that is special. Also, I was told that I wouldn't live longer than a year with cancer if I didn't do chemo. I was also told that if I did the strongest chemo in the hospital and bone marrow transplant twice that I may live 3 years...but not with good health. It's been 3 years and I feel great and am truly blessed with wonderful health. I'm so thankful to all my loved ones and for their prayers and money and faith in my behalf. Also, I am so grateful to my loving Heavenly Father and for His great mercy in extending my life and healing me...and for His guidance to Dr. Burzynski. :) :) :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back from the Clinic

It's been a wonderful couple of weeks. Our new little grandson, Andrew, was born to Aaron and Andrea. He was born at home and is healthy and well. The next day, Larry and I flew to Houston, TX to see Dr. Burzynski. There is no sign of cancer at all. He has reduced the medicine he has me on to 3 times a day instead of 4. I need to have another ct/pet scan in 6 months and will need to go back to the clinic. He wants to make sure there are no stem cells left in my body. Everything looks really good. Still in remission!
Came home from the clinic and watched Aaron and Andrea's other 4 kids for several days and then flew to Utah to be with Jonathan and Carrie and there kids. We had a great time together! On the flight home, I met a darling young lady who donated $500 towards my medicine! She is soooo sweet.
Now I'm home and Thomas is engaged! He is marrying Tannis, who is a darling girl and we love her. That happened last night, on Valentine's. This weekend, we will be meeting her parents and going out to dinner.
Our daughter, Christina and her husband found out they are expecting a girl! We are so excited. They spent the morning at the hospital though as she has been spotting. She over excercised and needs to stay down for awhile. They say the baby is fine.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We have a beautiful garden and I've reaping this morning. I just got 3 heads of cauliflower, 2 cabbages, radishes, tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, lots of lettuce and more. It's fun! But I miss my little grand daughter, Lily, because she is my helper when it comes to reaping. Now she lives up in Utah and I have to reap all by myself.

This weekend we leave to Houston to visit Dr. Burzysnki. I'm anxious to find out if I can start diminishing my anti neoplastins and then got off of them entirely. I'll do whatever the doctor says to do. I love going to the Burzysnki clinic. They are so positive and upbeat there, and have a wonderful spirit about them. I've packed my bags already and am ready to go.

I'm hopeful that our grandson will be born before we leave, as he was due last week. I love life and am soooo grateful for may more years ahead of me. I've been exercising and bike riding and just enjoying the beautiful weather. I've also started writing our family history. I'm eternally grateful to a loving Father in Heaven who was so merciful to me and who snatched me from an early death of cancer. I'm also indebted to Dr. Burzysnki and his staff as well as my wonderful family and friends. So many have prayed for me and paid for my pills. I want to bless other peoples lives and serve in whatever ways I can.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ct/Pet Scan again

Well, I got the results back from the latest Ct/Pet Scan taken after Christmas. It was perfectly clear and absolutely no sign of cancer. So, I have been clear since August 2010. I feel set free! It' a wonderful feeling. It's so nice to have energy, health, and the ability to go forward with my life. I enjoy serving my family and others, spending time with my dear husband, organizing the house and planning for the future. I love going for bike rides and walks and the list goes on and on. I feel like Scrooge when he sang the words, "I love life, life loves me."
Yesterday, I baked bread, made pizza, and watched my darling grandson. Today, Larry and I put away Christmas and further organized the garage, went shopping and prepared for the Sabbath. It was fun to have the tree up so long. We actually wanted to keep it up until the Wise men our Mexican friends do. I got some some gifts too!