Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back from the Clinic

It's been a wonderful couple of weeks. Our new little grandson, Andrew, was born to Aaron and Andrea. He was born at home and is healthy and well. The next day, Larry and I flew to Houston, TX to see Dr. Burzynski. There is no sign of cancer at all. He has reduced the medicine he has me on to 3 times a day instead of 4. I need to have another ct/pet scan in 6 months and will need to go back to the clinic. He wants to make sure there are no stem cells left in my body. Everything looks really good. Still in remission!
Came home from the clinic and watched Aaron and Andrea's other 4 kids for several days and then flew to Utah to be with Jonathan and Carrie and there kids. We had a great time together! On the flight home, I met a darling young lady who donated $500 towards my medicine! She is soooo sweet.
Now I'm home and Thomas is engaged! He is marrying Tannis, who is a darling girl and we love her. That happened last night, on Valentine's. This weekend, we will be meeting her parents and going out to dinner.
Our daughter, Christina and her husband found out they are expecting a girl! We are so excited. They spent the morning at the hospital though as she has been spotting. She over excercised and needs to stay down for awhile. They say the baby is fine.

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