Friday, July 30, 2010

White Mountain Trip

Larry and I had sooo much fun last week up in the mountains. We were ready for a nice

break! this is a picture of us relaxing under the apple tree together after eating our

lunch. We enjoyed the rodeo and the Pioneer Parade. We also went to Hawley Lake and

went out on the peninsula and reminisced about our family and how just a few years

ago, they were all with us up there. It was beautiful. We also saw Larry's family's

cabin they they built up in Pinetop Lakeside and enjoyed Rainbow Lake and the memories

that we have there together. Larry got me a pussywillow and I love it. We skipped

rocks and enjoyed the dragonflies and laughed and played. It was so funny sleeping in

the back of the car with the seat down at Wally park (the parking lot at Walmart) We

had towels in the windows to make it dark and private. We looked hilarious and we

didn't care.

Great memories and lots of fun!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tykerb Medicine Approved

Yes!!! I have been approved to get my $4,000 a month Tykerb medicine FREE. I'm so

blessed and so happy that I am crying. I just have to tell everybody. Hopefully, this

week, I will be approved to get Torisel as well. It's been a lot of paper work, and

phone calling and lots and lots of prayers and faith. I feel very blessed!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


In January of this year, I had a very choice experience that was very special to me. Because of

it's sacredness, up to this point I have only shared it with family and very close friends. But now

I am feeling that I should share it on my blog for those that are interested in learning about it.

Last year, I was diagnosed with mantle cell non Hodgkins lymphoma, which is a very serious

cancer. At the same time, I was given some priesthood blessings and told that I would be healed.

I was guided to go to the Burzynski Clinic and miracles occurred in making it possible to get the

treatment needed. I am continuing my treatment and am nearing remission. In one of those

blessings, I was told to study the scriptures at least an hour a day. I have taken that very

seriously and have been feasting upon them and they have blessed my life, increased my faith

and brought much peace. One night in January, of this year, my husband and I drove to

visit his parents. I brought my scriptures and a little silver flashlight so that I could read the

remaining 10 minutes in the car. After visiting with them, we were driving home and although I

wasn't feeling very good at the time, decided to read them anyway. I started with a prayer and

asked what subject I should read. I felt to read about the subject of "song". I was guided to some

verses in the Doctrine and Covenants 84:97-102 and read aloud to my husband as he drove. It

was remarkable to me to discover the words to the new song of Zion that would be sung at

Christ's second coming. I bowed my head and asked God, "what's the tune?" Immediately, a

tune came into my mind and I began to sing the melody out loud. We soon recognized it as

"Come, O Thou King of Kings." Later that evening, before retiring to bed, I sat at the piano to

see how the words would fit the hymn. It was so exciting to me to find that there were four

verses and that the song fit. My husband and I sang together and were so delighted. I again

bowed my head and thanked Heavenly Father and asked, "Why would I receive this special

revelation?" I felt as if God was speaking to my mind and heart the words, "because you asked

and because it it time for it to come forth."

The next morning I prayed again and asked what to do with the song. I felt impressed to give it

to Jared Nielson and that God wanted it performed locally first by the young adults. Jared and I

met that day and he felt it was inspired of God. He said that he would love to do something

with it. With Jared's busy schedule of moving, working, dating, etc, he finally took the time

needed to work on the song this week. (With the help of Larry and Richard, we now have

Sibelius (a music notation program) up and running and attached to our clavinova and


Jared came over to our home and together we worked on the song. We began and ended with

prayer and invited the Spirit and angels to attend us. Jared inputted the notes through the music

program onto our computer. His many years of music study have prepared him to assist with

not only this song but many others as well. He is certainly a very gifted musician.

Jared and I have both felt the guidance of the Lord.

Much of the inspiration for me has come in the early morning as I have asked of God about how

to fit the words to the tune or about the bass part.

Jared has been inspired as he has sat at the piano and felt prompted how to write the notes

into the hymn to get the timing just right.

Jared said he is planning on writing an arrangement of his own to be performed by the young

adults next spring.

I am so thrilled with the opportunity that I have had to play a small part in

this New Song of Zion.

I bear testimony that Jesus is the Christ and the Redeemer of the world. He lives and will soon

come again to this earth. Now is the time to prepare for His Second Coming and I look forward

to that glorious day!