Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2 more weeks

I'm so excited for our missionary son to come home in 2 more weeks. I remember when he was set apart as a full time missionary and was promised that while he was serving his parents would be blessed with health and prosperity and both his mother and father would be here when he returned. We had no idea at the time that I had cancer. That blessing has literally come to pass. I feel like I have had a ship journey across a wind blown sea. I could not have done this alone. God was at the helm and my wonderful family and friends have all been there for me and with me throughout these 2 past years. I don't know how to express my gratitude to everyone. But, I am grateful, very grateful to all that have prayed for me, helped me financially, and supported me emotionally and spiritually. God has literally been my strength and support. Dr. Burzynski has been the ship or the vehicle of recovery. Thomas has missed the whole thing, but not really. His missionary work is a big part of the miracle. He has helped to pray me better, and the blessing he received prior to leaving has been fulfilled.
I am so excited to see him again and to have him home. I am so grateful to be here and be alive and well!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Going home

My time up in Utah is coming to an end I leave for home in the morning. I've had a great time but truly didn't help out as much as I had expected. I got to teach piano lessons, teach school to Peter, did some dishes and washing...and got to play with the
grandkids. I mostly had fun, while Carrie was unpacking. I realized tonight that being here wasn't for them. It was for me. I
needed to know that they were alright and that the move to Utah was a good one for them. I needed to be with them for a
week just to be reminded and to see for myself what a well functioning family they have. I'm so impressed.
Jonathan and Carrie get up very early and have beautiful music playing. Their kids come down for a nice healthy breakfast
together and then they have family scripture study and sing a hymn by 6 am. Jonathan starts work by 6:30 and the kids start
school at 8:30. There is no fighting among the kids and they truly serve and love one another. I'm just so pleased with the
great job offer that Jonathan received and know that it is a blessing from the Lord. They have a lovely 4 level home and the kids
love the snow. We built a dinky snowman last Monday, but it was fun and the best that we could do...and today, Lily and Emma
made a huge one by rolling the snow balls. It was so fun. It's hard to have Jonathan and Carrie and their family move up here
because we won't see them very much, but I have great peace in my heart knowing that all is well with them and that their
family of 7 is thriving and progressing so well. They are happy and have fun together. They have so much love for each other.
Tonight we celebrated Lily's 9th birthday and each of the kids decorated their own little cake. It's been a great week for me and
now I am ready to go home.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Larry and I went to the Burzynski Clinic this past week and I am still in remission and doing great.

The plans are to get me off Tykerb in the next month or two,

also to finish up Rituxin by March and then to start going off the Sodium Phenulbuterate and

other medications from the Burzynski Clinic.

While there, I got to share my cancer story and they filmed me down in the garden

area. So, I get to be on the web site. One of my great desires is to help others along their cancer

journeys and help to make it a little easier for them. I am very grateful to Dr. Burzynski and his wonderful staff of doctors,

particularly Dr. Kubove, for all the excellent care they have and are giving to me.

I want everyone that has cancer to know about this alternative treatment plan so

that they can decide for themselves if it is right for them. While there, I met a cute little man who was born in Africa

and his wife. He was diagnosed with breast cancer and had been at the clinic for a couple of weeks.

His brother is a kidney specialist here in the U.S. and he told him about the clinic.

This man had also felt very inspired by the Lord to go to the clinic. I love the

many people that I have been blessed to meet.

After returning home from the clinic, I stayed overnight and then the next day I left for Utah, where I am right now.

I'm helping our son Jonathan and his wife Carrie and their family get settled into their new home in

Clearfield, Utah...near Salt Lake City. We are having a good time and it is very cold.

Tomorrow the kids and I are going to build a snowman with a long carrot nose.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Relections of 2010

I was thinking about some of the wonderful blessings that we received last year and

wanted to mention them. First and foremost is that I was told that I was in

remission. What a blessing. I have the best family and friends and doctors that have

helped me through this journey. God has truly been there for me and taught me so

much. We also had another wonderful miracle. Our lovely daughter, Maria, and her

husband Bryan had another child. Sam was born in October and truly was a miracle

child. Their other child, Tate, is about 6 years older that Sam and he prayed him

here. Tate also prayed for me and gave me money on a regular basis to help with the

cancer. So those are two of the great miracles that we had in our family this last

year. Another blessing is that our daughter Christina and her husband Joseph are

expecting another son in a few weeks, and our son James and Julie also got pregnant

last year and will be having their baby girl in April.

I've got to mention again the unexpected but absolutely wonderful blessing of having

brand new carpeting in our home....given as a Christmas gift from someone who wants to

remain anonymous. I love walking on it and it looks so perfect in our home. I just

think it is beautiful.

We have much to be grateful for. I love life and have great hopes for another

wonderful year! (and it's gonna be a good one!)