Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Relections of 2010

I was thinking about some of the wonderful blessings that we received last year and

wanted to mention them. First and foremost is that I was told that I was in

remission. What a blessing. I have the best family and friends and doctors that have

helped me through this journey. God has truly been there for me and taught me so

much. We also had another wonderful miracle. Our lovely daughter, Maria, and her

husband Bryan had another child. Sam was born in October and truly was a miracle

child. Their other child, Tate, is about 6 years older that Sam and he prayed him

here. Tate also prayed for me and gave me money on a regular basis to help with the

cancer. So those are two of the great miracles that we had in our family this last

year. Another blessing is that our daughter Christina and her husband Joseph are

expecting another son in a few weeks, and our son James and Julie also got pregnant

last year and will be having their baby girl in April.

I've got to mention again the unexpected but absolutely wonderful blessing of having

brand new carpeting in our home....given as a Christmas gift from someone who wants to

remain anonymous. I love walking on it and it looks so perfect in our home. I just

think it is beautiful.

We have much to be grateful for. I love life and have great hopes for another

wonderful year! (and it's gonna be a good one!)

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