Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2 more weeks

I'm so excited for our missionary son to come home in 2 more weeks. I remember when he was set apart as a full time missionary and was promised that while he was serving his parents would be blessed with health and prosperity and both his mother and father would be here when he returned. We had no idea at the time that I had cancer. That blessing has literally come to pass. I feel like I have had a ship journey across a wind blown sea. I could not have done this alone. God was at the helm and my wonderful family and friends have all been there for me and with me throughout these 2 past years. I don't know how to express my gratitude to everyone. But, I am grateful, very grateful to all that have prayed for me, helped me financially, and supported me emotionally and spiritually. God has literally been my strength and support. Dr. Burzynski has been the ship or the vehicle of recovery. Thomas has missed the whole thing, but not really. His missionary work is a big part of the miracle. He has helped to pray me better, and the blessing he received prior to leaving has been fulfilled.
I am so excited to see him again and to have him home. I am so grateful to be here and be alive and well!

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  1. Your faith is an inspiration to all of us in the ward and elsewhere.