Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home from vacation

We had a wonderful time in Florida!!! It was truly a vacation and a great experience.

We enjoyed Disney World with Aaron and Andrea and their family and went to most of the

attractions like Hall of Presidents, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger..Haunted

Mansion...Hollywood Studios...Animal Kingdom...and the EpCot Center. We got pictures

of the Beatles singing in the park and also in France we saw the Sein River. We

really enjoyed eating at the Garden Restaurant where the Disney characters came around

to the tables and gave us one on one attention. The kids loved it. The food was

healthy and super good. Aaron and Andrea really spoiled us.

We also got to visit Elder Ryan Merkley who is serving in Orlando and I gave him a big

hug and embarrassed him probably. He looks good. Also, we got to visit Richard and

Nancy Randall on their mission at the Deseret Ranch. They made a healthy and yummy

lunch for us (lentils, fruit salad, etc.) and gave us a tour of the ranch and visitors

center. They are looking so good and very happy. The ranch covers 290,000 acres of

land and is owned by the church. It's the largest privately owned ranch in the

world. Six deer came close to us to eat the corn thrown to them and we saw a large

turtle walking by as well as cranes. We had a wonderful time.

Andrea's younger sister, Dana Tollefson, works at Disney World and she sang to

us.....she has an amazing voice!!! She made it possible to get some free tickets as

well as discounts. We also really enjoyed the Marriott vacation Resort that we stayed

at. The kids loved the large pirate ship and I enjoyed the jacuzzi. We found an

alligator in the water close to the land with moss all over it and birds standing on

its head and I think it was fake but Larry said the next day it was gone and he claims

it was real. I think I needed this vacation after a year and a half of battling this

cancer. I feel as if the fight with cancer is over but the money for the medications

and the appointments still lingers on. I had the Torisel infusion yesterday at the

cancer center which takes about 3-4 hours and I still do that weekly for 3 months.

Also, in October I do the Rituxen again. (I do that infusion every 6 months for 4

weeks in a row for the next 2 and 1/2 years) Dr. Kellogg is very pleased with the

results and agreed that there is no sign of cancer or of it coming back. My next

appointment in Texas is in early January at the Burzynski clinic. I want to help

others to be healed as I have been. I am truly blessed by so many friends and family

members. I know that the prayers and faith of others have been heard of God and that

He has blessed me. Life is wonderful!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I'M IN REMISSION!!!! So exciting. We went to the Burynski Clinic this last week and it official. The blood work from the Gene Therapy Testing at Sonora lab and the ct/pet scan shows NO SIGN of cancer or of it returning.

This week we're heading off to Disney World to celebrate. It's free. We did a trade at work for the tickets and our son Aaron and his wife Andrea are taking care of the hotel and car and the ticket to Disney World and the Epcot Center. We are going to have sooo much fun!

Last night our family came over and our grandson Tate gave me a cinnamon pencil and some shaped and stretchy arm bands as a gift for getting better. He is so cute and has been there for me all along the way. So many people have helped out with money and have exerted their faith through prayer. Thank you to everyone who has helped me!

I return to the Burzynski Clinic in January after another ct/pet scan and they will let me know from there if they will reduce some more of the medicine. They are always very cautious and keep their patients on medicines for awhile after they are in remission. So, my expenses are still $2,600 a month. My neice, Michelle Moyer is helping me out by donating the money from her 3 songs that she put onto itunes for me. So, please check it out. She has an amazing voice.

Also, in November, our family is holding another dinner/auction to raise money for the cause and also to help people to get good deals on Christmas gifts. If you know of any items that can be donated to auction off let us know. It will be a live auction at my sister, Mary Nielson's home.

Life is wonderful and I believe in miracles!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Mexico

The Thomas Family (The family on my side) are having a reunion at the ranch in Blue

water, New Mexico. It's Russell and Mary Nielson's ranch. She's my wonderful

sister. I wasn't sure if we were going to get to go but a check for the gas showed up

at my door and now we are leaving in the morning. It's so nice to have family members

to love and support you when in need. I'm really excited to go and have fun and make

memories with them.

Also, today I received my medicine from the Burzynski Clinic, yeah!!! Just in time. I

really appreciate another family member for paying for them. I know God will bless

them as it was vital for me to continue with this medicine and my care at the clinic.

I'm receiving lots of blessings today. We got an email from our son Thomas in

Washington saying how well he is doing and what a surprise it was to run into his

older brother Aaron at Arby's in Washington. Aaron had a lay over there and was as

surprised as Thomas was to run into him. They got to spend the next day as companions

and had a great visit.

I have 3 grand kids on the way and am so excited and happy to be alive and well and

get to enjoy them. It will make 13 for us. James and Julie came over and set a glass

jar of spagetti sauce on our table. I asked who put it there and went over and picked

it up. It was "Prego" sauce and they had written the words "Julie is" on it. So it

read---Julie is Prego. I said "What? with a weird expression on my face. I was so

excited. When Larry saw it he said "No!" He was also as delighted as me. We were

just so surprised. It was so cute.

I found a wonderful scripture about challenges that I want to share. 2 Corinthians 4:8

"We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in

despair." That is exactly how I feel! God is sustaining me and I feel His loving

arms around me every day. I hope that everyone can feel the peace that I have and be

blessed with the things that they need in their lives.