Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's so much fun to play with and watch my grandchildren. They are the cutest and so

adorable. As Aaron and Andrea are moving, I get to watch some of their children. Rebecca, age

5, brought with her a special envelope which was all sealed up with money inside. On the outside

she had written "Rebecca Disneyland Money". Then she gave it to me for my pills. She said

that she had earned it by doing lots of chores and was saving it for Disney Land... but she

changed her mind. I was so touched.

We emptied it onto the bed and counted out the nickles and dimes and pennies. It was two

dollars and 95 cents. What a sacrifice. It really is special that my grandchildren want to help

me. I know that their money is like the widow's mite and that the Lord recognizes their money

as such. I love being their grandmother.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blessings from Heaven

As you know, we have been strugling to pay for our expensive pills to keep me alive. But, the

Lord is right there to bless me through so many angels on earth. My brothers and sisters each

contributed and together were able to come up with $1,100, which is very helpful. Then today,

another angel dropped $100 off at my door.

Larry's parents gave us money as well. It's wonderful to know that I am being taken

care of and that somehow the money comes in. Our son in law, Bryan is also

working to put together a golf tournament with pledges, to go towards my medicine. I

know that our loving Heavenly Father watches over us and He hears our heartfelt prayers. So

many people on earth are in tune with the Spirit and are willing to sacrifice for little old me. I

feel very blessed! (By the way, if anyone ever reads this blog and has questions about my experience at the Burzynski Clinic you can email me at and I would love to talk with you about it)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

False Alarm!

Sorry about the mix up. Larry King ended up having a substitute and they wanted

to talk about the boy and the big balloon that went up into the sky. So.....the Dr.

Burzynski is suppose to on either tonight or Friday night. Please try to watch it if

you can.

I had a very special blessing occur today. Larry and I have been concerned about

getting more pills for me as it is quite costly. We just don't have the money right

now and needed to order them. After much pleading, the Burzynski Clinic is going

to send us a week supply of the PB (cancer pills) free. Yay! That will give us some

more time. Also, my sister, Mary, said that some of my brothers and sisters gave

her some money last night at her birthday party to give to me. So, I may be able to

by my Tykerb on Wednesday. I know that the Lord is watching over me and our

family. But, please continue to keep me in your prayers and pray that we will be

able to have the pills that I need to live! Thanks so much, Margaret

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Exciting News!

Dr. Burzynski will be on the Larry King Live Show (CNN) on Monday,

October 19th at 6 pm. He is going to talk about what they do at the clinic

and why he can help people with cancer. I'm so excited to see the show

and hope that everyone I love can see it too. He's kind of shy but very

intelligent and full of energy. Hope you can watch it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cancer Clinic

I am sitting at the computer at the Ironwood Cancer Clinic killing time while the

rituxin finishes through my IV. It is great to have computers down here.

This is the third week of four and then I'm done with this series until April. yay!

The people down here so nice and very humble. but, I am so glad that I am not taking

chemo...because in all honesty...many of them are very sick. But, I always enjoy my visits

with the nurses and the patients around me. It's an experience that I'm glad to have.

It's been a very busy week with lots of activities. The saddest thing is that my brother, Stephen,

passed away. The funeral was wonderful and Mary and the family did an amazing job. but, my

heart hurts for him and I will miss him so much. Other things that happened are we got to enjoy

Jonathan and Carrie's kids for several days while they went on a business trip. All in all it went

well until I either sprained or broke my toe. Fortunately, it happened the evening before they

returned and picked up the kids. But it was really nice having them.

Our pipe broke in the front yard and the water was off....but we got it repaired.

We were able to plant much of our garden with our grand kids help and they

had a lot of fun. Emma was sick most of the time but she felt good about helping to plant a few

flowers in the front yard. Lily was ecstatic that she learned to ride a two wheeler all by herself.

I forgot to mention, the 2 baby blessings went very well on Sunday and now this Sunday, will be

one more. I'm so happy to be alive and not be sick with chemo treatment so that I can enjoy

these special times with my family. Life is wonderful and I am enjoying every moment of it. Got

to go because my IV is done.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dr. Burzynski

Right now I am in Houston, Texas with Larry. We went to the Burzynski Clinic today and it was so

wonderful. Dr. Burzynski knows exactly what he is doing, and is very detailed with my case. He reveiwed

the Gene Marker test results and the Her2 protein was with- in range. Yeah! I got to meet with 4 doctors today. They are

Dr. Marquee, Dr. Kubove and Dr. Kahn. One is an oncologist, another a regular doctor I believe, and then the radiologist.

I had my list of about 15 questions answered and had my medicine adjusted. Good news, the tykerb has been reduced to

2 a day instead of 3 a day...a savings of about $700.00 a month. The zolinza has been changed as well.

Also, I am to drink 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice with my rapamune to help it work better.

Overall, I am greatly improving and as Dr. Burzynski himself said...he believes by the next appointment

or by February...I may be all better. He is very hopeful. (although I will need to continue with the rituxan every 6 months

for maintenance for 2-3 years...depending on blood results)

It's truly a blessing to be able to experience this miracle in my life. I appreciate all the prayers for me and our family.

Even the guy helping us at the airport asked my name and said that he would pray for me. I started to cry, it was so

embarrassing. Larry and the family very supportive and it sure makes it easier for me.

So, my job is to keep taking the pills and pray that Larry can afford to buy them.

We are being blessed with more work which will help. It also is a great blessing to have our son, Thomas, serving

in the mission field. He is working hard and sending blessings our way.

Houston is very humid. Some of the store windows are covered with moisture. It's 75% humidity. I don't mind it

though. With huge oak trees and New England's very pretty. We also went to the Houston Temple this

afternoon. The Spirit was strong and more inspiration came to both of us. We are just having a great time together.

Our hotel is very nice with a living room, a king size bed which is very comfortable...etc. etc. It's called the Sheraton and

it's located right in the middle of Houston. We put in a bid to and said that we would pay $49.00 a night

they accepted our price. It has a heated pool and a jacuzi, a gym and more. They deliver us the newspaper and

yea....we're spoiled and loving it!

But the most important part of this trip was going to the clinic and getting the care. We spent

about 45 minutes with the radiologist and he showed us the difference in the pet scans. It was quite interesting as he

showed us the cross section of my body and compared the pet scans. Most of the tumors have gotten smaller and the

cancer is less active... or is gone. Everyone that works at the clinic is so upbeat and very professional. It's very impressive

and you just don't want to leave it. We love to be there.

Friday I go to the clinic in Chandler for the rutixin IV and will contine it for the next two Fridays after that.

Oh, and by the way... Dr. Burzynski will be on the Larry King Live Show on CNN on Monday, Oct. 19th. I think at 6 pm.

They are preparing for more patients. They are always very busy but will most likely get a lot busier. Well, Larry

is falling to sleep down here in the lobby and wants me to go up to the hotel room. So...good night!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pet Scan Results back

Today was my appointment with my oncologist, Dr. Kellogg. He reviewed the

Ct/Pen Scan with me and sure enough I am continually improving.
The conclusion

reads: There has been further improvement with decrease in size and decrease in the SUV of

mulitple bilateral axillary, chest wall, pelvic, and inguinal lymph nodes. Several lymph nodes in

the chest have resolved. No new lymph nodes are seen and there is no increase in the maximum

SUV in any of the lymph nodes.

My doctor is very pleased with the results and wants me to continue with what I am doing so

far. I am not all the way healed yet...but am progressing along very well. Monday we will head

off to the Burzynski Clinic and find out more and have the medicine adjusted. So...good news for


I just want to thank each of you for your prayers. It means so much to me to think that faithful

people are asking God to bless me. I believe in miracles and it is by the prayers of many that I

am being healed.