Friday, October 2, 2009

Pet Scan Results back

Today was my appointment with my oncologist, Dr. Kellogg. He reviewed the

Ct/Pen Scan with me and sure enough I am continually improving.
The conclusion

reads: There has been further improvement with decrease in size and decrease in the SUV of

mulitple bilateral axillary, chest wall, pelvic, and inguinal lymph nodes. Several lymph nodes in

the chest have resolved. No new lymph nodes are seen and there is no increase in the maximum

SUV in any of the lymph nodes.

My doctor is very pleased with the results and wants me to continue with what I am doing so

far. I am not all the way healed yet...but am progressing along very well. Monday we will head

off to the Burzynski Clinic and find out more and have the medicine adjusted. So...good news for


I just want to thank each of you for your prayers. It means so much to me to think that faithful

people are asking God to bless me. I believe in miracles and it is by the prayers of many that I

am being healed.



  1. So glad to hear about the improvement. I'm curious what kind of a program you are on... exactly. Are the pills prescription or supplemental? If they are supplemental, I can get anything wholesale that you need. If they are prescription... sorry. You are always in my prayers.