Tuesday, October 20, 2009

False Alarm!

Sorry about the mix up. Larry King ended up having a substitute and they wanted

to talk about the boy and the big balloon that went up into the sky. So.....the Dr.

Burzynski is suppose to on either tonight or Friday night. Please try to watch it if

you can.

I had a very special blessing occur today. Larry and I have been concerned about

getting more pills for me as it is quite costly. We just don't have the money right

now and needed to order them. After much pleading, the Burzynski Clinic is going

to send us a week supply of the PB (cancer pills) free. Yay! That will give us some

more time. Also, my sister, Mary, said that some of my brothers and sisters gave

her some money last night at her birthday party to give to me. So, I may be able to

by my Tykerb on Wednesday. I know that the Lord is watching over me and our

family. But, please continue to keep me in your prayers and pray that we will be

able to have the pills that I need to live! Thanks so much, Margaret

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