Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's so much fun to play with and watch my grandchildren. They are the cutest and so

adorable. As Aaron and Andrea are moving, I get to watch some of their children. Rebecca, age

5, brought with her a special envelope which was all sealed up with money inside. On the outside

she had written "Rebecca Disneyland Money". Then she gave it to me for my pills. She said

that she had earned it by doing lots of chores and was saving it for Disney Land... but she

changed her mind. I was so touched.

We emptied it onto the bed and counted out the nickles and dimes and pennies. It was two

dollars and 95 cents. What a sacrifice. It really is special that my grandchildren want to help

me. I know that their money is like the widow's mite and that the Lord recognizes their money

as such. I love being their grandmother.

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  1. Oh man!! I cried like a baby when I read this post. What a sweet offering from a sweet girl!!!!