Friday, October 16, 2009

Cancer Clinic

I am sitting at the computer at the Ironwood Cancer Clinic killing time while the

rituxin finishes through my IV. It is great to have computers down here.

This is the third week of four and then I'm done with this series until April. yay!

The people down here so nice and very humble. but, I am so glad that I am not taking

chemo...because in all honesty...many of them are very sick. But, I always enjoy my visits

with the nurses and the patients around me. It's an experience that I'm glad to have.

It's been a very busy week with lots of activities. The saddest thing is that my brother, Stephen,

passed away. The funeral was wonderful and Mary and the family did an amazing job. but, my

heart hurts for him and I will miss him so much. Other things that happened are we got to enjoy

Jonathan and Carrie's kids for several days while they went on a business trip. All in all it went

well until I either sprained or broke my toe. Fortunately, it happened the evening before they

returned and picked up the kids. But it was really nice having them.

Our pipe broke in the front yard and the water was off....but we got it repaired.

We were able to plant much of our garden with our grand kids help and they

had a lot of fun. Emma was sick most of the time but she felt good about helping to plant a few

flowers in the front yard. Lily was ecstatic that she learned to ride a two wheeler all by herself.

I forgot to mention, the 2 baby blessings went very well on Sunday and now this Sunday, will be

one more. I'm so happy to be alive and not be sick with chemo treatment so that I can enjoy

these special times with my family. Life is wonderful and I am enjoying every moment of it. Got

to go because my IV is done.


  1. I'm so glad you are doing so well. I'm sure your toe is still hurting, Ouch! Keep blogging!
    Love, KATHY

  2. The next time you go for your treatment, say hi to Dr. K for me, tell him its from Chemo Mary. That was my nick name there because there were 3 Marys working there. I'm glad you keep getting good news.