Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dr. Burzynski

Right now I am in Houston, Texas with Larry. We went to the Burzynski Clinic today and it was so

wonderful. Dr. Burzynski knows exactly what he is doing, and is very detailed with my case. He reveiwed

the Gene Marker test results and the Her2 protein was with- in range. Yeah! I got to meet with 4 doctors today. They are

Dr. Marquee, Dr. Kubove and Dr. Kahn. One is an oncologist, another a regular doctor I believe, and then the radiologist.

I had my list of about 15 questions answered and had my medicine adjusted. Good news, the tykerb has been reduced to

2 a day instead of 3 a day...a savings of about $700.00 a month. The zolinza has been changed as well.

Also, I am to drink 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice with my rapamune to help it work better.

Overall, I am greatly improving and as Dr. Burzynski himself said...he believes by the next appointment

or by February...I may be all better. He is very hopeful. (although I will need to continue with the rituxan every 6 months

for maintenance for 2-3 years...depending on blood results)

It's truly a blessing to be able to experience this miracle in my life. I appreciate all the prayers for me and our family.

Even the guy helping us at the airport asked my name and said that he would pray for me. I started to cry, it was so

embarrassing. Larry and the family very supportive and it sure makes it easier for me.

So, my job is to keep taking the pills and pray that Larry can afford to buy them.

We are being blessed with more work which will help. It also is a great blessing to have our son, Thomas, serving

in the mission field. He is working hard and sending blessings our way.

Houston is very humid. Some of the store windows are covered with moisture. It's 75% humidity. I don't mind it

though. With huge oak trees and New England homes...it's very pretty. We also went to the Houston Temple this

afternoon. The Spirit was strong and more inspiration came to both of us. We are just having a great time together.

Our hotel is very nice with a living room, a king size bed which is very comfortable...etc. etc. It's called the Sheraton and

it's located right in the middle of Houston. We put in a bid to priceline.com and said that we would pay $49.00 a night

they accepted our price. It has a heated pool and a jacuzi, a gym and more. They deliver us the newspaper and

yea....we're spoiled and loving it!

But the most important part of this trip was going to the clinic and getting the care. We spent

about 45 minutes with the radiologist and he showed us the difference in the pet scans. It was quite interesting as he

showed us the cross section of my body and compared the pet scans. Most of the tumors have gotten smaller and the

cancer is less active... or is gone. Everyone that works at the clinic is so upbeat and very professional. It's very impressive

and you just don't want to leave it. We love to be there.

Friday I go to the clinic in Chandler for the rutixin IV and will contine it for the next two Fridays after that.

Oh, and by the way... Dr. Burzynski will be on the Larry King Live Show on CNN on Monday, Oct. 19th. I think at 6 pm.

They are preparing for more patients. They are always very busy but will most likely get a lot busier. Well, Larry

is falling to sleep down here in the lobby and wants me to go up to the hotel room. So...good night!


  1. Yeah!!!!!! This is wonderful news. I'm so glad that you and Dad have a nice place to stay and that things are going good. Love you:)

  2. I'm so glad that you are getting such good results. Sounds like it's all heading in the right direction--towards an actual cure! That's so encouraging for everyone of us who love you.

  3. Great News Margaret! I'm so glad you found Dr. Burzynski, what a blessing. We continue to pray for miracles for you.

    PS I'm so sorry to hear about your brother Steve. He was a wonderful man.

  4. I found your site through google search of Burzynski. I was curious about why you are drinking grapefruit juice when every Her2 chemo drug I've had (6 different treatments this year alone...) has specifically said to stay far away from grapefruit juice.