Monday, December 20, 2010

Test results

Yes! I got my Pet/Scan results back and they were negative again. Dr. Kubove said to

hold off on the torisel infusions until she speaks to Dr. Burzynski. I'm so blessed.

We had 3 great Christmas parties this weekend. The Manning Party on Saturday where we

had a delicious brunch and Dad gave everyone cute turtle shirts (as he loves

turtles)with a great message on them. The Thomas Family Party was fun and Santa came

and brought bags to all the kids. Our Larry Manning Christmas Dinner was on Sunday

and we opened our gifts to each other. It was wonderful and we just opened all the

gifts at once and didn't open them one by one. I loved it that way. We had a huge

mess but Maria stayed and cleaned it all up. Christina and Joseph came down from Utah

and all of our family was there except Thomas. He will be calling us on Christmas Day

though and I can hardly wait. I'm so glad to have the health this year to keep up

with things and will be eternally grateful to everyone for their prayers and faith

given in my behalf.

I know that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem in a stable many years ago and is the

Saviour of this world. He atoned for our sins and suffered our illnesses and

understands all that we go through. He established His church on this earth and in

these last days has again restored the true church to this earth.

I'm looking forward to Christ's return where He will reign as King of Kings and bring

peace to our troubled world. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hard Day

Today was my weekly infusion with Torisel at the Cancer Clinic and it didn't go well.
I had the top nurse but she couldn't get a vein to put the needle into. The first vein she tried was scarred and wouldn't work, the 2nd, and 3rd tries the veins collapsed. Then another wonderful nurse tried and the same thing happened. I could be dehydrated but I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day so I don't think so. We will try again on Thursday. I remembered that on Monday, when I had blood drawn at Sonora Lab that the blood flow was extremely slow. So, I am downing the liquids.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Blessings from God

As many of you know, my carpeting is very very very ancient. It has holes in it and I

try to cover them up. But that's okay. I pray for new carpeting but always say at the

end of the prayer....that it's an extra, but would be nice. Today, I received a phone

call from a worker at Mesa Sales who said that my name was randomly chosen from the

phone book to get new carpeting. I didn't believe it of course...but inside I hoped

it was true. I knew that they didn't have my cell number of which they called me on.

Finally, he told me that the carpeting was paid for by an anonymous person and that he

will be out on Monday to measure the house and bring samples. I started to cry....and

then I couldn't stop. I've cried my makeup off twice. I'm spoiled and loved and God

truly is blessing us.

I just got a new roof that didn't cost us anything and also, my daughter in laws

parents (The Stapley's)are giving us a beautiful organ.

Now I get carpeting! It's coming before

Christmas. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Jonathan and Carrie and their sweet

family. We enjoyed seeing Aaron and Andrea and their kids last night and today as

well. We sure love our family.

It was the off year for Thanksgiving

so next year everyone will be here...even Thomas. He's coming home on Feb. 15th

from his mission in Washington. Again....I just can't

believe the blessings and I know that all blessings ultimately come from God. There

are angels here on earth that are his hands though. I'm thankful for those ministering

angels. Hopefully through the years I will be able to minister to others and bless

many peoples lives.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

So many blessings

What a wonderful fundraiser we had. My daughter in law, Andrea, did an outstanding

job of organizing, delegating and carrying out the Spaghetti Dinner/Auction. I had a

great time and enjoyed visiting with friends, family, and meeting new people. There

were so many kind people and businesses that donated items and services to be

auctioned. I really appreciate all the many many hours that went into it. My sister

Mary Nielson and her husband were very kind to open up there home and lovely back yard

for the evening. All my kids helped tremendously and that is one way that I feel of

their love for me.

It is difficult at times to take money from people who are very tight themselves. But,

I know that God blesses people in return for all that they do.

Im a new grandmother again. Maria had little Samuel and he is so cute. He has dark

hair and a lot of it. His temperament is so sweet and easy going. Maria worked so

hard in getting donations...up until he was born and then organized and worked after

wards as well. One of our kids donated an I-pad to the organization "Setting Them

Free" to help further the charitable organization that the funds are channeled


Even though I am in remission with cancer....I have some other health problems right

now. My cholesterol is very high and I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. It runs in

the family. I have a doctors appointment next week to learn what I should do about it.

Life is interesting. But, with challenges you learn what is important in life. It's

about God, family, and blessing the lives of others. It's also about freedom. It's

about listening to the still small voice and following the promptings of the Spirit.

I have a lot to accomplish in this life and have an exciting future. Life is good!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Setting Them Free a non-profit foundation

Since I am now in remission with cancer, Larry and I feel a great need to help other

people who the life saving treatment at the Burzynski Clinic. Because of this,

Larry, and others recently started a non-profit foundation to assist people in

learning how to have effective fundraisers as well as other valuable information. We

have learned so much along the journey and want to share information with others. If

you are interested in learning more about the Burzynski Clinic you can see the new

website at:

On November 5th, there will be a Spaghetti Dinner and Live auction at Russell and Mary

Nielson's home in Mesa, AZ. All the proceeds will go directly to helping patients at

the Burzynski Clinic. I am one of those patients. Although I am in remission, I

need to stay on the pills longer. You can specify if you want the money to go to the

general fund or to a specific patient.

There are so many people that have been totally cured

of cancer through Dr. Burzynski's antineoplaston's and gene therapy...and there is a

documentary movie that was recently shown in many theaters throughout the country

about Dr. Burzynski and why the FDA has tried to put him out of business but didn't

win. (It was even shown in New York) I have a copy if anyone is interested in

watching it...or you can see the trailer on the website of

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home from vacation

We had a wonderful time in Florida!!! It was truly a vacation and a great experience.

We enjoyed Disney World with Aaron and Andrea and their family and went to most of the

attractions like Hall of Presidents, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger..Haunted

Mansion...Hollywood Studios...Animal Kingdom...and the EpCot Center. We got pictures

of the Beatles singing in the park and also in France we saw the Sein River. We

really enjoyed eating at the Garden Restaurant where the Disney characters came around

to the tables and gave us one on one attention. The kids loved it. The food was

healthy and super good. Aaron and Andrea really spoiled us.

We also got to visit Elder Ryan Merkley who is serving in Orlando and I gave him a big

hug and embarrassed him probably. He looks good. Also, we got to visit Richard and

Nancy Randall on their mission at the Deseret Ranch. They made a healthy and yummy

lunch for us (lentils, fruit salad, etc.) and gave us a tour of the ranch and visitors

center. They are looking so good and very happy. The ranch covers 290,000 acres of

land and is owned by the church. It's the largest privately owned ranch in the

world. Six deer came close to us to eat the corn thrown to them and we saw a large

turtle walking by as well as cranes. We had a wonderful time.

Andrea's younger sister, Dana Tollefson, works at Disney World and she sang to

us.....she has an amazing voice!!! She made it possible to get some free tickets as

well as discounts. We also really enjoyed the Marriott vacation Resort that we stayed

at. The kids loved the large pirate ship and I enjoyed the jacuzzi. We found an

alligator in the water close to the land with moss all over it and birds standing on

its head and I think it was fake but Larry said the next day it was gone and he claims

it was real. I think I needed this vacation after a year and a half of battling this

cancer. I feel as if the fight with cancer is over but the money for the medications

and the appointments still lingers on. I had the Torisel infusion yesterday at the

cancer center which takes about 3-4 hours and I still do that weekly for 3 months.

Also, in October I do the Rituxen again. (I do that infusion every 6 months for 4

weeks in a row for the next 2 and 1/2 years) Dr. Kellogg is very pleased with the

results and agreed that there is no sign of cancer or of it coming back. My next

appointment in Texas is in early January at the Burzynski clinic. I want to help

others to be healed as I have been. I am truly blessed by so many friends and family

members. I know that the prayers and faith of others have been heard of God and that

He has blessed me. Life is wonderful!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I'M IN REMISSION!!!! So exciting. We went to the Burynski Clinic this last week and it official. The blood work from the Gene Therapy Testing at Sonora lab and the ct/pet scan shows NO SIGN of cancer or of it returning.

This week we're heading off to Disney World to celebrate. It's free. We did a trade at work for the tickets and our son Aaron and his wife Andrea are taking care of the hotel and car and the ticket to Disney World and the Epcot Center. We are going to have sooo much fun!

Last night our family came over and our grandson Tate gave me a cinnamon pencil and some shaped and stretchy arm bands as a gift for getting better. He is so cute and has been there for me all along the way. So many people have helped out with money and have exerted their faith through prayer. Thank you to everyone who has helped me!

I return to the Burzynski Clinic in January after another ct/pet scan and they will let me know from there if they will reduce some more of the medicine. They are always very cautious and keep their patients on medicines for awhile after they are in remission. So, my expenses are still $2,600 a month. My neice, Michelle Moyer is helping me out by donating the money from her 3 songs that she put onto itunes for me. So, please check it out. She has an amazing voice.

Also, in November, our family is holding another dinner/auction to raise money for the cause and also to help people to get good deals on Christmas gifts. If you know of any items that can be donated to auction off let us know. It will be a live auction at my sister, Mary Nielson's home.

Life is wonderful and I believe in miracles!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Mexico

The Thomas Family (The family on my side) are having a reunion at the ranch in Blue

water, New Mexico. It's Russell and Mary Nielson's ranch. She's my wonderful

sister. I wasn't sure if we were going to get to go but a check for the gas showed up

at my door and now we are leaving in the morning. It's so nice to have family members

to love and support you when in need. I'm really excited to go and have fun and make

memories with them.

Also, today I received my medicine from the Burzynski Clinic, yeah!!! Just in time. I

really appreciate another family member for paying for them. I know God will bless

them as it was vital for me to continue with this medicine and my care at the clinic.

I'm receiving lots of blessings today. We got an email from our son Thomas in

Washington saying how well he is doing and what a surprise it was to run into his

older brother Aaron at Arby's in Washington. Aaron had a lay over there and was as

surprised as Thomas was to run into him. They got to spend the next day as companions

and had a great visit.

I have 3 grand kids on the way and am so excited and happy to be alive and well and

get to enjoy them. It will make 13 for us. James and Julie came over and set a glass

jar of spagetti sauce on our table. I asked who put it there and went over and picked

it up. It was "Prego" sauce and they had written the words "Julie is" on it. So it

read---Julie is Prego. I said "What? with a weird expression on my face. I was so

excited. When Larry saw it he said "No!" He was also as delighted as me. We were

just so surprised. It was so cute.

I found a wonderful scripture about challenges that I want to share. 2 Corinthians 4:8

"We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in

despair." That is exactly how I feel! God is sustaining me and I feel His loving

arms around me every day. I hope that everyone can feel the peace that I have and be

blessed with the things that they need in their lives.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Guess I cry when I'm happy

The Burzynski Clinic has been very kind to let me receive treatment and medication for

about 9 months without paying them yet. But, the time finely came when they said that

they couldn't do that anymore for me or the other patients. They need their money as

well. I have to pay for their services before they can ship the medicine. So, I have

been very concerned and worried about getting my pills. It costs $2,250 a month. I

ran out of one of them on Thursday and my main pills, Sodium Phenelbruterate, will be

done on Tuesday. We've been trying to get the funds together and still needed

$1,999.63. About 45 minutes ago, a very special person, actually people, put money

into my account so that I can order them on Monday and get them shipped one day mail.

I've cried ever since with joy and gratitude for this very special gift. It's a

sacrifice for them I am sure. Am I worth it? I guess so. I'm thankful for life and

the wonderful people in my life. My God bless them abundantly for their great

goodness to me.
p.s.-How do you stop crying?

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm crying

I got approved for Torisel! I'm sooo happy :) :) :) All the paper work was worth it. Now I can complete the treatment that Dr. Burzynski wants me to do. I'm crying happy tears.

What I do all day

It's 10:00 am and nothing is done. It's crazy. But then, I think about what I have

accomplished and really.....I've done a lot. So, I just thought I would share it.

I've called the Leukemia Lymphoma Society 3 times, trying to get the application taken

care of so that I can get some financial aid. Their fax machine wasn't working so

they are sending it to my daughters fax and she will send it to me, then I will fill

it out and attach the info they need and call my oncologist and see that he does his

paper work as well. I've called the Burzyski Clinic to make sure that they received

the two faxes sent to them regarding a plane flight and hotel. (My cancer friend from

Bosnia told me about two different charitable organizations that assist people in

Texas and I've been completing the paper work for them to get their help) I have

files of information and organizations and just laugh about all the paper work and

phone calls. But, it saves money and it helps me to live and it is truly a blessing.

I'm sitting here smiling and am ready to clean the house finally....until the fax

arrives from Maria.

Life is wonderful and I am looking forward to having our family over this weekend for

dinner and birthday celebrations.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Enduring to the end of cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer (mantle cell non Hodgkin’s lymphoma) on my birthday, in

2009. After being told that if I was to receive the strongest chemo.. in the

hospital.. and bone marrow transplant twice, I would possibly live 3 years. So…. I

decided to go a non traditional, but medical way.

After much prayer, priesthood blessings, and study, I received the witness from the

Lord that I would be healed and was guided to know which doctor to go to. I am now in

partial remission. My oncologist who is working with this doctor in Texas, is amazed

and tells me to continue. It’s a miracle. Every ct/pet scan shows improvement.

But…..its not over yet…..I am still running the race and enduring to the end. Why?

Because I trust the Lord and I believe that He keeps His promises. If I had been told

that it was my time to die…than I would go forward and prepare for the next life.

But, mine wasn’t the case.

It’s been a fighting battle, and very expensive, but it is worth it. The Lord has

literally carried me much of the time and has given me the strength to go on. In one

of the blessings that I received I was told to study my scriptures an hour a day. I

have done that faithfully and kept a scripture journal. Without this, I would have

gotten depressed and probably given up. The scriptures fill me with the Spirit and I

have received hidden treasures of knowledge along the way. Prayer has also been a

great strength as well. Also, going to the temple I have received revelation and

guidance. I know the Lord blesses us as we pursue our personal journeys in life and

claim the great blessings that He has in store for each of us.

Friday, July 30, 2010

White Mountain Trip

Larry and I had sooo much fun last week up in the mountains. We were ready for a nice

break! this is a picture of us relaxing under the apple tree together after eating our

lunch. We enjoyed the rodeo and the Pioneer Parade. We also went to Hawley Lake and

went out on the peninsula and reminisced about our family and how just a few years

ago, they were all with us up there. It was beautiful. We also saw Larry's family's

cabin they they built up in Pinetop Lakeside and enjoyed Rainbow Lake and the memories

that we have there together. Larry got me a pussywillow and I love it. We skipped

rocks and enjoyed the dragonflies and laughed and played. It was so funny sleeping in

the back of the car with the seat down at Wally park (the parking lot at Walmart) We

had towels in the windows to make it dark and private. We looked hilarious and we

didn't care.

Great memories and lots of fun!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tykerb Medicine Approved

Yes!!! I have been approved to get my $4,000 a month Tykerb medicine FREE. I'm so

blessed and so happy that I am crying. I just have to tell everybody. Hopefully, this

week, I will be approved to get Torisel as well. It's been a lot of paper work, and

phone calling and lots and lots of prayers and faith. I feel very blessed!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


In January of this year, I had a very choice experience that was very special to me. Because of

it's sacredness, up to this point I have only shared it with family and very close friends. But now

I am feeling that I should share it on my blog for those that are interested in learning about it.

Last year, I was diagnosed with mantle cell non Hodgkins lymphoma, which is a very serious

cancer. At the same time, I was given some priesthood blessings and told that I would be healed.

I was guided to go to the Burzynski Clinic and miracles occurred in making it possible to get the

treatment needed. I am continuing my treatment and am nearing remission. In one of those

blessings, I was told to study the scriptures at least an hour a day. I have taken that very

seriously and have been feasting upon them and they have blessed my life, increased my faith

and brought much peace. One night in January, of this year, my husband and I drove to

visit his parents. I brought my scriptures and a little silver flashlight so that I could read the

remaining 10 minutes in the car. After visiting with them, we were driving home and although I

wasn't feeling very good at the time, decided to read them anyway. I started with a prayer and

asked what subject I should read. I felt to read about the subject of "song". I was guided to some

verses in the Doctrine and Covenants 84:97-102 and read aloud to my husband as he drove. It

was remarkable to me to discover the words to the new song of Zion that would be sung at

Christ's second coming. I bowed my head and asked God, "what's the tune?" Immediately, a

tune came into my mind and I began to sing the melody out loud. We soon recognized it as

"Come, O Thou King of Kings." Later that evening, before retiring to bed, I sat at the piano to

see how the words would fit the hymn. It was so exciting to me to find that there were four

verses and that the song fit. My husband and I sang together and were so delighted. I again

bowed my head and thanked Heavenly Father and asked, "Why would I receive this special

revelation?" I felt as if God was speaking to my mind and heart the words, "because you asked

and because it it time for it to come forth."

The next morning I prayed again and asked what to do with the song. I felt impressed to give it

to Jared Nielson and that God wanted it performed locally first by the young adults. Jared and I

met that day and he felt it was inspired of God. He said that he would love to do something

with it. With Jared's busy schedule of moving, working, dating, etc, he finally took the time

needed to work on the song this week. (With the help of Larry and Richard, we now have

Sibelius (a music notation program) up and running and attached to our clavinova and


Jared came over to our home and together we worked on the song. We began and ended with

prayer and invited the Spirit and angels to attend us. Jared inputted the notes through the music

program onto our computer. His many years of music study have prepared him to assist with

not only this song but many others as well. He is certainly a very gifted musician.

Jared and I have both felt the guidance of the Lord.

Much of the inspiration for me has come in the early morning as I have asked of God about how

to fit the words to the tune or about the bass part.

Jared has been inspired as he has sat at the piano and felt prompted how to write the notes

into the hymn to get the timing just right.

Jared said he is planning on writing an arrangement of his own to be performed by the young

adults next spring.

I am so thrilled with the opportunity that I have had to play a small part in

this New Song of Zion.

I bear testimony that Jesus is the Christ and the Redeemer of the world. He lives and will soon

come again to this earth. Now is the time to prepare for His Second Coming and I look forward

to that glorious day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dr. Kellog's Report at the Cancer Clinic

Today I went to my oncologist who is working hand in hand with Dr. Burzynski.

It was very enlightening.

First, the pet/ct scan actually did show some improvement. The report reads "There has been

marked interval improvement in the PET-CT funsion study with resolution of hypermetabolic

adenopathy in the mediastinum, axillaas, abdomen, and pelvis. Single mildly prominent right

axillary lymph node is demonstrated showing minimal low level metabolic activity.

Otherwise stable PET_CT fusion exam." In the chest the largest lymph node is 1.2 compared to

1.8 on the prior exam.

So, I am really happy about that. At the Burzynski Clinic they said that the pet/ct scan reading

was pretty much the same as the one in January. I think they were more concerned about the

rise in the her2. (Which is a protein that the cancer over expresses)

But, steps are being taken to lower the her2..... and my medicine is costing twice as much as a


Oh well. Life is worth it and I will live and get all better.

I was pleased that all my blood work came back just right and my organs are functioning well.

Also, my echo cardiogram came back within normal range. (A test that tells how the heart is doing)

But, please continue to keep me in your prayers because I know that God hears and answers the

prayers of the faithful and I need all the prayers that I can get. My nephew Brent Thomas also

needs our prayers as he was diagnosed with breast cancer last week and will be having an

operation this week. He is a wonderful young man and is married and has children. He is the

4th in our family with cancer.

We sure had a nice Father's Day with most of the family here. We also celebrated Larry's

birthday a little early and he got his cheesecake. I enjoyed my blueberry ice-cream from Ocean

Blue (that is made with fructose..that I can have)

I'm enjoying my scripture study, prayer, singing the hymns and meditating. I certainly derive

much strength from doing these things as they bring me closer to the Lord and bring the Spirit

into my life!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Back from the Clinic

I recently returned from the Burzynski Clinic in Houston and have to make changes in my

medications. I found out that the cancer has stayed the same size as the last visit and pt/scan.

So, that wasn't good news. Dr. Burzynski said that they will be increasing the tykerb and

rapimune and that I will be stopping the zolinza medication. In reviewing the gene marker tests,

they determined that the cancer is over expressing her2 and that the levels have increased. The

medicine changes should take care of it. That is why I go in every 3 have the

medicines adjusted and to have the doctors talk with me in detail about my health. So, it was a

good visit. I need to get a echo cardiogram and find out how my heart is doing as well. I feel in

good hands.

The biggest concern is one that I don't need to worry about....MONEY. The tykerb medicine is

the one that we don't get free from the manufacturer, and now I need to double the amount that

I take. So, it cost double the money. But, I know that the Lord will provide and that my job is to

take the pills and not be over concerned about the money or size of the tumors. Actually, the

doctor said that I am looking very good.

At first, after hearing that the tumors hadn't shrunk more, I started to be a little concerned. But,

then I prayed and got the reassurance from the Lord that all will be well and not to worry about

it. I know in my heart that everything will work out. my source of strength and has been with me

throughout this whole cancer adventure. I also know that through trials, great blessings are

received. Everything is going to work out as promised:)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gene Marker Test

So today I did the gene marker tests at Sonora Lab. They spin the blood on ice and send it to

California....and in about 10 days they will have the results back. Dr. Burzynski will determine if

there are cancer cells left in the body and if so, if they are over expressing proteins. This week is

also my ct/pet scan and then I'm off to the clinic in Houston Texas for an appointment on June

3rd. In the mean time, we are organizing our home and enjoying our lively little chihuahua

named Cookie.

I was actually sick for the last 3 weeks with a sore throat and am finally feeling better.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lessons I've learned

This past year with cancer has taught me a lot and people have asked

what I have learned.

So, I will share some of the most important things.

First, God lives and loves each of His children regardless our faith, color, or


I have met or talked with so many cancer patients that come from different faiths,

countries, etc. and they have expressed that they were guided to the Burzynski

Clinic from God. (The clinic where I go for my cancer treatment)

God cares for all of His children. He doesn't just care for those that are members

of our faith. He hears and answers all of their prayers if they ask in faith, believing

that they will receive direction.

Secondly, Faith in God is a real power. Just as magnetism is not seen but you can

feel the effects of faith is not seen but the effects can be felt. Seeing with the

natural eye and hearing with our ears is not a sure way of knowing something. Our

physical bodies are imperfect and can deceive us at times. God uses the Holy Ghost

to speak to our spirits so that we can have a more sure knowledge of truth.

Learning to put our trust in God is what this earth life is all about and when we do

put our trust in God then we are strengthened beyond any earthly ability we may

have. I was told by the best oncologists that there was nothing I could do for this

particular kind of cancer. I had an average of 3 years left to live if I did the

strongest chemo in the hospital and bone marrow transplant twice. No one has

had success with living very long with mantle cell non-hodgkins lymphoma cancer.

I decided to put my trust in God and not in science. God directed me another way

that was not traditional medicine. My oncologist has decided to work hand in hand

with Dr. Burzynski because he knew that he could offer me no hope. I am in

remission and will find out in a few weeks if it is complete remission yet. I have

never doubted that I would get all the way better because God witnessed to my

spirit that I would be healed.

I testify that God lives, He loves all of His children no matter what color and what

circumstance they may be in. I have been blessed with tremendous peace and

strength beyond my own through this cancer experience. I know that Jesus Christ

atoned for our sins and that He is the way back to our Heavenly Father. I also

know by the spirit that Pres. Monson is God's mouthpiece and speaks His words to

us today. Life is wonderful. The Gospel is true. The scriptures bring the Spirit and

have sustained me and have fed my spirit through this whole ordeal. I love to feast

upon them daily. Just as our bodies need nourishment, so do our spirits. I am so

grateful to be a member of God's true church and want everyone to have the

blessings that I enjoy because of it.

Thank you for your prayers and example and to me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dr. Burzynski

Take a look at these news clips about Dr. Burzynski. He is becoming more well known
and I am so grateful for all he has done for so many patients...including me.

:) Margaret

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I'm excited to hear from our missionary son, Thomas, today. He will be calling from Washington

this afternoon.

It will be great to hear his voice and to feel of his spirit. Every year, I ask my kids and their

spouses to stand up and sing my favorite hymn to me and I'm looking forward to hearing them

sing it today. It's "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." They are all coming over for dinner today

(all that are in state) My children bring great joy to me as they

follow the Savior and trust in his plan and it brings such peace to my heart and soul. Just like

any other mother, my greatest wish and desire is to know that my family is happy:) and true

happiness comes by following the Gospel Plan of Happiness.

I wish all mothers could feel the peace and joy that I feel today. I love my dear mother and

mother in law who are in heaven and was thinking about what gift to give them even though they

aren't on this earth any longer. Larry and I decided that we would show increased love to one

another this year and serve each other more...that is the gift that our mothers would want.

Happy Mother's Day! (My husband got me a darling little puppy! She's so cute!)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love Life

So grateful for life! I remember embroidering a quote for my mother that said "Life is fragile,

handle with prayer". So true!

This has been a busy week with grand kids and the other day I was on the ground with 2 of them and a baby playing with the "marble magic." The thought went through my head how blessed I was, as I kept pulling baby Miriam away from the marbles, to get to enjoy my grand kids and see them grow up.
It's also nice to have more years on earth with Larry and to get to see my kids and their spouse raise families of their own. I know that prayer has truly changed the course of my life.

This weekend Larry and I are getting to see Aaron do the Iron Man! I've proud of him and grateful to get to go to St. George for this event! I'm also so excited for Maria and Bryan as they are expecting another baby!
...and to think that a year ago I was very very sick with this cancer. I'm so f0rtunate to be alive and well and to have this time with my family and friends on earth. I just feel like shouting for joy!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family Reunion

Recently our family had a wonderful reunion. We met at my cousin's house where the kids rode

horses, there was a hay ride, food, music, visiting, and good times together.

We planned for the next one to be in 2 years. I get to be in charge of it along with my cousin and her husband from Idaho. We are excited to work together.
I have the best family and they are very supportive and bring lots of sunshine and smiles to my life!
All of my kids and their families were able to come except for Thomas who is in Washington on his mission. Oh...I am super excited for Mother's Day because I get to talk with him on the phone.
A couple of days ago, some people from his mission were down and we had them over for dinner along with Thomas' companions family. It was so fun to get acquainted. Because of the busy life...I have decided that this week I will schedule in a time to relax each day!
It's really nice to feeling so well.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wish I had money to help people

One of my greatest desires is to help people. People contact me from many different states to

inquire about the Burzynski Clinic. I tell them my miracle story and how I was directed to go to

Dr. Burzynski and how I am in remission.....perhaps complete remission now....I don't know

yet. (But, I know that I will be!) I have been in contact with a young man from Washington state

the last few weeks...he has Lymphoma and is desiring to go to the clinic. His name is Mark. I

wish I could help him financially. But the best I could give him was my testimony of how God

blesses his children and provides a way for them to accomplish what they ask for in faith that is

right. I shared with him the story in the Bible of the 7 loaves and fishes and how that after Jesus

gave thanks for it...the food multiplied and it fed thousands. Giving thanks for what we have has

blessed me so much. I remember one month, my grand children had colored pictures for me for

money and donated it to my cause, other grand children gave pennies, a jar full of money was

delivered to our wasn't near enough...but by giving thanks....somehow it ended up

being enough. Others came by and left money at my door and I was able to pay for the pills. It is

really amazing how it works. One of my favorite scriptures is "And he who receiveth all things

with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him,

even an hundred fold, yea, more." D &C 78:19

God truly loves his children and is the Great Provider.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Know He Lives!

This year has been incredible. It was exactly one year...tomorrow...that I was diagnosed with

mantle cell non-hodgkins lymphoma. It's been a journey and I have not been alone.
God has

carried me and has been with me every step of the way. I have an incredible family and loyal

friends which have been a great support to me. Thank you to all that have contributed money,

offered prayers, and given service. I love each of you. God has provided for my needs and has

inspired great doctors to know what medicines my body needs. I feel great and am well on my

way to complete remission.

This year, my grand daughter, Rebecca and I are in the Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant. It's called

"Jesus The Christ". (

We are in 4 scenes together. Buyers at the temple-Jesus teaching the multitude and healing

the people--The Triumphal entry--and the finale.

One of my favorite parts is when Jesus heals the sick people. I reach out to Him as if I want

to touch Him and be healed. my heart, I already know that He has touched me and has

healed me. I think in my mind instead...that I just want to thank Him for blessing me.

It's a miracle!

Then towards the end of the pageant when we all sing "I Know He Lives"....

I sing with all my heart...because I know that Christ lives today. I like to share that message.

He continues to speak to His prophets and to heal and bless us.

I invite all that are able to attend the pageant to come and bring your families and friends.

It's a wonderful way to celebrate the life and teachings of Christ! I hope it doesn't rain

because even if it does the show goes on!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I love people

I was just thinking about how much I love people. I love my husband and it was so fun to go

with him to visit our daughter Christina and her husband and baby up in Hurricane Utah this

last weekend. It's hard to have had them move out of state....but it was fun to visit them.

I love my brother Richard. He brings a special warm spirit wherever he is. His love for me and

others truly shows. He's been working on our computer and I love to be around him.

I love to talk to Maria during the day...just chatting about whatever. It was great to go to my

nephew's wedding yesterday and hear Pres. Huber give such wise counsel in the temple. I

enjoyed visiting and meeting new people at the reception. Then a great friend, Arline Parker

called today and scolded me gently for not writing on my blog. I told her that I had totally

forgotten....I guess I have been feeling too good!!! I love her. Then, I discovered a darling note

written by an old friend of mine that said she was thinking of me for no reason. Within the note

was $100 for my pills. God is continuing to pour out the blessings through friends.

top it off....2 seconds husband called and said he invited Bryan and Maria and Tate over

for dinner. It's almost 6:00 I better make something besides the beans that I have

cooking in a pot. I love my husband and family and friends. Life is great!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


A lady recently wrote about me on her blog and said that I was probably lying about my health

because it couldn't be as good as it sounds. She wondered what reason I had to hope. I wrote

back to her and then I got a phone call from her. We had a very nice conversation and I basically

explained my feelings to her. She has cancer as well and other problems. I have been thinking a

lot about happiness and hope and how that it is a choice. We all have our personal struggles and

I work at being happy just like the rest of the world.

Today, I was singing a hymn about sunshine and it made me realize how important it is to have

it in our hearts. Here are the lyrics.

You can make the pathway bright, Fill the soul with heaven's light, If there's sunshine in your heart;
Turning darkness into day, As the shadows fly away, If there's sunshine in your heart today.
If there's sunshine in your heart, You can send a shining ray That will turn the night to day;
And your cares will all depart, If there's sunshine in your heart today.
You can speak the gentle word To the heart with anger stirred, If there's sunshine in your heart;
Tho it seems a little thing, It will heaven's blessings bring, If there's sunshine in your heart today.
If there's sunshine in your heart, You can send a shining ray That will turn the night today;
And your cares will all depart, If there's sunshine in your heart today.
You can do a kindly deed To your neighbor in his need, If there's sunshine in your heart;
And his burden you will share As you lift his load of care, If there's sunshine in your heart today.
If there's sunshine in your heart, You can send a shining ray That will turn the night today;
And your cares will all depart, If there's sunshine in your heart today.
You can live a happy life In this world of toil and strife, If there's sunshine in your heart;
And your soul will glow with love From the perfect Light above, If there's sunshine in your heart today.
If there's sunshine in your heart, You can send a shining ray That will turn the night today;
And your cares will all depart, If there's sunshine in your heart today.

So.....what is the sunshine that we put into our hearts and how do we get it? It is the Son of god.

I like the words of Peter in 1 Peter 3:8-12.

Basically, he explains how we should be acting if we truly want that sunshine!

(We would strive to be of one mind, have compassion, love others, be courteous, have no guile,

seek to have peace, not return evil for evil, etc.)

Then Peter said that the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and his ears are open unto

their prayers. I really like those verses.

I am trying to make a conscious effort each day to have sunshine in my heart and it isn't always

easy. I mess up a lot...and then try again. I am trying to put God at the center of my

life. The scriptures are a great strength and comfort to me as is prayer and service. I love the

hymns and beautiful music. They also give me strength. I try to remember to serve others.

My motto is "Do my best with God's help." So, I am trying to go forward with a smile:) and trust

in the Lord. He is certainly someone that I can trust...and in the process....I find sunshine in my

heart and it brings me happiness!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coloring For a Cure: Written by Maria (Margaret's daughter)

My mother, Margaret Manning, was diagnosed with MANTLE CELL LYMPHOMA CANCER on her birthday last year (March 20, 2009). She immediately began treatments at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas. Family, friends, and loved ones donated generously as insurance didn't pay for all of her medications. Currently (February 2010) Margaret is 90-95% well! She is in partial remission but has been advised by Dr. Burzynski to continue her treatment plan until the cancer is completely gone.

In an effort to help raise money for the last few months worth of medication, Margaret's grandson, named Tate, came up with his own plan of how he could help his Grandma. H
e said, "I have it ALL figured out... I'm going to color pictures from my coloring book and sell them for money!" Later that night, Tate sold his first picture for five dollars... He was ecstatic and determined to continue making a difference. During the last two months, Tate has raised over $100 from selling pictures that he has colored! Tate's idea has gained momentum and now 7 precious children have volunteered to join him in his efforts.

Would you like to BUY a colored picture from Tate, Rebecca, Anson, Ryan, Emma, Lily, Shyre, or Brityn?!? (See pictures below) Just donate ANY amount of money (at least enough to cover the stamp) and one of the children below will mail a picture back to you!

(Please make sure that your Paypal address is correct. If you have a preference of who you'd like to color your picture, please specify in the "notes section" of Paypal, otherwise we'll just rotate between the children).

Please email Maria
onesmartchicken at gmail dot com
if your child would like to participate in "Coloring For a Cure"

Monday, February 8, 2010


Six days ago, my mother in law had a severe stroke and is in a hospice center. It's very difficult

to have her in this condition and it breaks our families hearts.
I know that it won't be long and

she will be moving on to the next stage in life....which is to return to our Heavenly home.

Because I know for myself that Heavenly Father lives and that Jesus Christ conquered sin and

death, it makes it easier to deal with death when it comes. I found a very special poem that

touched my heart and I would like to dedicate it to my mother in law at this time.

You are the other Mom
I got the day I wed your son.
And I just want to thank you Mother
For the lovely things you've done.

You are a lovely Mother,
And I am a lucky wife!
I wonder if you know how much
you've added to my life.

You used to pat His little head,
And now I hold his hand.
You raised in love a "Little Boy."
And gave me then a "Man."

(I love you Mother!)

Then, at the same time, I've been thinking about Thomas, who is serving a full time mission for

the Lord in Washington State. In just two days, it will be a year since he has been out. One

more year left and we will have him home! Yea! Yet, at the same time, we are receiving so

many blessings from his service that I want to have him continue. But most

importantly, he is teaching the gospel to my brothers and sisters in Washington and that makes

me happy. I feel very blessed to have the true gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and to know of

God's plan for me. So, we are planning to send him a special love package for Valentines Day

and for his 1 year mark as well. The main thing he wants is pictures. It's hard for Thomas at

this time to be away from family especially because he loves his grandmother so much. But, he

has a great understanding of God's plan and he will be fine.

I feel so blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves his parents so much. Larry and I have

had some real choice experiences singing hymns to his mother and just being there with her.

Also, Larry has also enjoyed spending time with his Dad and going out to dinner together.

These are hard times and but we will get through them.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feeling carried

Sometimes I feel that the Lord is carrying me. Actually....all the time. He has blessed us in so

many ways that I just don't have enough fingers and toes to count the blessings on.

example, he helped us modify our house loan, a bill for $1,000 was just dropped and the

company wrote it off, our dental credit card percentage was dropped 20%...amazing. Our

daughter, Maria, posts our business on Craig's list and we are starting to get a lot more work

because of it! Joseph, our son in law is working for us and doing a great job with bids and we

are starting to see the fruit of his labor. Richard, my brother, is in the middle of creating a new

website for our business and is quite the master mind when it comes to computers. I could just

go on and on and on. I hope that everyone can experience the love and support in their lives

just as I feel love and support from my dear husband, family, friends, and especially the Lord.

God is my best friend and I love Him with all of my heart.

He has made my burdens light and continues to warm my heart and fill my

life with joy!

I'm happy and find so much joy in teaching my grandchildren piano and singing

lessons. They are just so cute and delightful to be around. I think they actually help me to heal

in many ways. Just being around them makes my heart smile!

On a lighter note, last night I dyed my hair a dark brown.

It's been a year since I put any color on it and my doctor said I shouldn't use any chemicals on

my hair but that I could use henna from the health food store. I was skeptical at first

because my sister said that it made her hair turn red. So, I heard that if you add coffee to the

dry henna in the preparation stage instead of water that it helps to eliminate the redness. So,

Larry and I went to MacDonald's and bought coffee. It was so embarrassing. I made sure that

the lady at the window knew what it was for. I stayed up late last night following the

directions exactly. It has to be on the hair for 3 hours. So by 1:30 or 2 pm I had finished. It

was a job...but it turned out! Yea! Hope it lasts a while. I was getting tired of the mousy

grayish brown color. It makes me feel even better to have my hair darker again. Also,

I got a pair of glasses so now I can see better. I'm just feeling like a new person!

Also, I had an appointment with my oncologist, Dr.Kellogg, a couple of days ago and he said

that he also feels that I am in partial remission just as the other doctors had stated.

He said to keep doing what Dr. Burzynski prescribes....because it is working.

He is amazed at the progress and probably quite surprised as well!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Raining blessings from heaven

This week it has rained almost every day....almost continually at times. Just like the rain has

fallen down, money has also been pouring down to help me with my medicine. Last Sunday, a

member of our bishopric came to our home. He gave us an envelope with a note inside that

said, "please give this to Margaret Manning." Inside was $1000 to use towards my

pills. Then each day, others have contributed. A family member brought over $500 this week.

It just made me cry because I knew they needed it. My grandson several times gave me money

that he had earned. Once it was about $4, another time a penny, another time $5.04. A dear

friend sent a lovely note and donated $10. She is so sweet and such an example to me. A grand

daughter brought over money and quietly put it into my pill bank. Grandpa caught her. I am

soooo blessed and Heavenly Father surely hears and is answering our prayers in my behalf. My

prayer is that every one that helps me in any way will be blessed a hundred fold.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Home from Burzynski Clinic

Yesterday we returned home from the Burzynski Clinic in Houston Texas. We had a good trip

and found great results with my health. My daughter Maria and her 5 year old son, Tate, and I

flew out together and stayed at the CandleWood Hotel. Tate was so fun to have along and was

very well behaved. Because of his eagerness to learn and exciting personality, he delighted

everyone we met and added much to our trip. Maria was very helpful as usual and drove the

freeways like a pro. She helped in many ways and was great company.

We met with my 3 doctors in a large consultation room on the 2nd floor. Dr. Burzynski, Dr.

Kubove, and Dr. Weaver were all there together to discuss my health. Basically, my gene

marker test is normal and my Pet/Ct scan results were very good. The skull base and neck is

normal. The chest is continuing to improve. I have one node that is on the right chest area that

is slightly larger than normal but smaller that the last pet scan findings. The abdomen is clear,

the pelvis is as well. Dr. Burzynski said that I am in partial remission. I am 95% better but

must stay on the medications until at least my next 3 month visit. They want to make sure that

the cancer completely leaves and doesn't come back.

Next, we met with the radiologist and he compared several of my ct/pet scans.

It's amazing to see the difference. My body was covered with enlarged active

cancerous glands back in March of 2009, and now 10 months later, I am almost completely

well. What a miracle. Dr. Kline, the radiologist said that about 45%-50% of the patients get all

the way better. I am part of that percentage. Also, my gene marker test came back normal.

Yeah! So, I am doing really good. The Burzynski Clinic is one of my favorite places to be. It is

booming with activity, as they are very busy. People fly in from all over the world and are

getting great results. Most of these people are those that have not been given any hope from

traditional medicine and are given up to die. The feeling in the clinic is one of great hope and

love and the staff is happy, upbeat and very energetic. They are some of the most

knowledgeable doctors and nurses that I have met. So, I enjoyed my visit very much and am

very happy with my progress. I will be staying on the same medicine until told otherwise,

and will continue to follow what the doctor tells me to do. Life is wonderful. God is working a

miracle and I have a big smile on my face!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Recent health update

I am feeling pretty good and am well over the laryngitis and "flu or near walking pneumonia."

I'm so glad! Last week was my 4th Ct/Pet Scan and next week is the trip to Houston, Texas to

see Dr. Burzynski. I'm really looking forward to finding out how my gene marker test was as

well as the Ct/Pet Scan. Just wondering if the medicine will change or what he will say. I'm so

glad that my daughter, Maria is going to go with me as well as her son Tate. He was been

saving money for me all along and it will be a blessing to have him with us. For some reason,

he makes me feel better just to be around him. Maria is wonderful and will be a great help as

usual. Today, I saw my endocrinologist who recently ran some more thyroid tests. I was

officially diagnosed with hypothyroidism (Low thyroid) and will be starting on the medicine in

the morning. So, I should be feeling better in many ways. Hypothyroidism runs in the family,

as I have 2 sisters with it and many other family members as well. I have had many of the

symptoms for some time now but have put it on the back burner since cancer took preference.

I will write more next week and give a thorough update.