Sunday, August 11, 2013

July 2013

My last ct/pet scan was clean again.  I am feeling sooo good and enjoy life with my wonderful husband.  We just had another darling grandchild born and have 4 more on the way. That will make a total of 21 grand kids.  Amazing.
I'm so grateful to be alive and get to enjoy them.
Last night, Larry and I had a cousin party for our grand children.  We went swimming, popped popcorn, jumped rope (the hose) and watched Polyanna.  We have the most adorable grandkids.  I'm not joking!

Now, Larry and I are helping my brother, Richard, to get well of his cancer.  He is going to the Burzynski Clinic.  Our family raised almost $20,000 to assist him.  My sister, Helen, called the family members and pulled at their heart strings and put on the pressure.  It's amazing how they responded.  Then, an anonymous family donated $10,000 to help with his care.   I know God is blessing  him.
He has 8 children and his youngest is 1 years old.  He has great hope of getting well.