Saturday, December 10, 2011


I love Christmas time! It's my favorite time of year...singing the beautiful Christmas Carols, being around family and friends more, studying more deeply about the life of Jesus in the New Testament...seeing the shiny lights and all the service and giving that makes Christmas so magical!

The most wonderful gift ever given is the gift of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Jesus has saved my soul from sin and from pain and sickness and I will forever be in debt to him. God truly loves all of us so much that "He sent His Son," to rescue us. We are all on a journey to find true peace and happiness and I know that it is only found through Jesus Christ. Just like the Wisemen of old, we can follow the light of gospel truth and find Jesus. But, when we find Him, we don't find the little baby or child, we find the risen Lord. The greatest miracle ever is the atonement of Jesus, when he suffered for our pains, sorrows, illnesses, and sins, died on the cross and was resurrected! Because of this, we can each be cleansed and dwell with Him someday.

It is through Jesus Christ that I have been healed. He is the "Great healer" and can work through inspired men and women on earth to assist Him in His work. He reaches out to each of us and desires to heal us in His own time and way.
Merry Christmas friends and family..and remember that God loves you!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

News clip

Last night, Channel 3 News did a feature story on Dr. Burzynski. My husband, our son Thomas and I were all interviewed a couple of weeks ago. Last night I received an email from a dear woman up in Flagstaff whose son has Mantle Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma like I did. I called her back and we talked. She is a very determined woman who has great faith and deep love for her only son. He's in his early 30's, and has kids. She had watched the news and somehow found my email address. She has passed on the info to her son and felt it was an answer to her prayers.
Channel 3 is doing a wonderful job...and they are very brave to share the truth on the air. I'm going to watch their news station more often because they are open minded and are good people.
Even if the news clip can help one person get over cancer then it was worth it. Again, I am sooo grateful to be well and cancer free!! I want to do all I can to spread the word about Dr. Burzynski and how he is doing a great work in helping to cure cancer.

Click here to go to video

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fractured leg

Ouch! Yesterday I fractured my fibula bone, near my ankle. Oh well.
So, I'm on crutches, using a wheel chair and also a scooter. I'm all equipped. I was at Maria's house coming down her stairs and I missed a step or two and hit the tile really hard. I should have taken off my glasses because the bottom part of the lens is about 300 and used for reading....and I couldn't see well. Anyway, I was fine for about 4 hours until something must have cracked. I was at Michaels' getting some ornaments and I was suddenly in severe pain. I hopped around looking for a basket, bought my items while on one leg and hopped out to the car. I couldn't drive with my right foot. I was in excruciating pain driving along with my left foot. I hopped into the house and then crawled to the couch. I called Larry. Yeah for Larry. He came to the rescue and brought me to the doctor. Now I am wearing a removable cast up to my knee. It could take up to 8 weeks to heal. Another trial. I'm so glad that my house is all decorated and the tree is up. I wish it wouldn't have happened and I will be more careful in the future. But....come what may and love it!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

What a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!
We had all of our children here and their families. the meal was yummy...everyone helped out!
The weather was perfect. We enjoyed making Ginger bread houses and Christmas trains together. The adults ate a delicious dinner on Friday at Mi Amigos and then went to a play "It's a Wonderful Life." On Saturday we had our pictures taken at Brandt Studio and he is amazing. It was so fun and I'm so excited to see the pictures. He is so entertaining and makes you laugh. The picture is our gift for Christmas from Aaron and Andrea. I can't wait to get it on our wall.

On Sunday, Larry and I spoke in church on Gratitude and it was so special to have all of our family in attendance as well as Larry's father. We spoke on the miracles in our lives. How I was healed of cancer and how Larry was healed of diabetes. The Lord has been so merciful to us and extended our lives. We are eternally indebted to Him. I am so thankful for prayer and the Spirit that directs our lives.
We got the 2 families off to Utah after church and sent with them their Christmas packages. That will save us money not having to mail them.
They texted us last night saying they arrived safely. Yeah!!

We've got the Christmas tree up and today we'll finish the lights and the decorating.....hopefully.
I'm so happy that I am feeling great and can enjoy my family. Health is so important and I love spending time with my children, their spouses and my grandchildren.
(and husband of course!)

Good news...Christina is pregnant and they are expecting in August. They will have three kids under the age of 2. (at least for a month before Craig turns 3) Crazy huh. But I'm excited.
So, with Aaron and Andrea's son coming in January, that will be 16 grand kids. Wow.
Life is wonderful!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scan Results

In case anyone wants to know about my last ct/pet scan results dating 11/2/2011 they are posted below.

1. There are no changes since the prior study.
2. There is no abnormal hypermetablolic activity present from the neck down to the pelvic region to suggest the presence of any metabolically active metastatic disease.

I am so happy that I am well and have been in remission since 8/2010. I'm very blessed and am enjoying life sooo very much!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ct/Pet Scan today

I'm finally feeling really good after my operation. It's so nice.
Today I have my 6 month ct/pet scan to check for tumors.
I'm fasting and get to have the glucose injection then wait in a chair for 45 minutes before getting to ride on the bed that goes under the big machine with the doughnut like hole. I put my arms up while I ride in and out of this hole. By the time they are done my arms are slightly numb. They try to make me as comfortable as possible. They will be looking for abnormal metabolic activity. In the past they have checked me every 3 months. I have my appointment with Dr. Kellogg on Thursday to find out the results.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I feel spoiled by my friends and family. The other night, my son, Aaron, and his wife and four kids showed up at the door with cleaning supplies and a vaccuum, broom, mop, etc. They scoured the house... and it really needed it. It was soooo nice of them. I was really touched by their love. Also, Maria, brought in delicious homemade bread today. The other family members are kind and loving as well and do what they can. So, as you can see, I am spoiled.

Also, my friends have been there as well. We had another delicious dinner last night and a girlfriend helped me with my ipod and downloaded new music onto it for me.
I feel like I'm bragging. I hope not.

It was wonderful to have Larry's father over tonight for dinner. He brings a special feeling into our home and I admire him very much.

I feel much better today than yesterday.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I had my operation this week and am in pain. I'm resting most of the time. Many kind people are bringing in meals. My dear family members have called, brought cards, flowers, and love. Larry is being very helpful as well. Thomas is sick and so is his girlfriend, so I am playing keep away and trying to stay in the bedroom most of the time. I am wearing a mask as I'm typing.
Life is good and I will continue to heal. Thank you to all that are there for me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Great Health

I still feel great and yet am still taking the Burzynski Pills for a while longer.

In two weeks I will be having an operation and will be down for 6 weeks.

It has nothing to do with's a partial hysterectomy that I've needed for

some time.

I feel really good about getting it done, and have an excellent doctor.

This week is filled with lots of family events and celebrations!! Life is good!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Great Family

I sure do love my family. Recently Larry and I (and our grand daughter) went to Utah and visited Jonathan and Carrie and their family. Joseph and Christina and their kids also were there with us. We had so much fun. I can't even name everything we did together. We had some fun times and made great memories. A few things we did are:
We went to "This is the Place Monument, had a picnic, panned for gold, rode ponies, went to the 24th of July parade in Ogden and saw the Rapunzel float and the was a great parade. Then we went to the Golden Spike and saw the train, also to ATK and saw where they made the rockets, visited with the Parkers and had a delicious barbecue and good visiting with them.....and also went to Salt Lake Temple Square and saw the Christus statue and learned about the prophets that have lived on this earth throughout history. (And more things)
We missed being with all of our family....but today we saw the rest of them here in Arizona. Aaron and Andrea had us all over for dinner and we enjoyed homemade chile re llanos and empanadas and a complete Mexican meal. We had a great time watching Thomas' mission pictures on TV and hearing him tell about his mission to Washington State.
I'm just so grateful for a loving family and for the spouses of our children. Also, we have 14 darling grandchildren that are very loving and smart.
I have so many blessings. I love my husband very much and he loves me. What else can I ask for?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doctor's comments

Yesterday I went to my oncologist for a 3 month checkup. He said that there is no sign of the tumors returning and that the blood work looked good. Upon leaving he pointed up to Heaven and said that he attributes my healing to God. He knows that it is a miracle and he didn't want to take the credit for it. He and Dr. Burzynski have simply been tools in God's hands. I'm so grateful for my doctors. I believe in miracles!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random things that make me smile

Our chihuahua had 6 adorable puppies and we finally sold them all except the one that no body wanted. She was the only girl with the 5 brothers. She has an under bite and lots of freckles. We are keeping her and think she is special. Her name is Princess Freckles. Cookie and Princess are happy together and we love both of them. (It was hard to give up the other puppies though)

I cleaned the kitchen pantry and found weevils. Yuk! So, glad to have them gone.

Larry and I went to Saturday night Conference together and got motivated and inspired to continue on and move forward. We also saw a video of Christian and Stephanie Nielson, my nephew and his wife, and how they are accepting their new life and are moving on after the plane crash and terrible burns.

I got a phone call today from Arline Parker,up in Tremonton, Utah.
She and Boyd are some of our dearest friends and it was great to hear her voice today. They were full time missionaries that rented from us and we grew to be very good friends. We are looking forward to visiting them in July.

I love going swimming most every morning at my sister's house. She has salt water treatment without the high chlorine. My son, James, takes care of her pool. It's sparkling clean and I love having that time alone in the early mornings to swim and look up at the sky and meditate. It's such a beautiful world and I love their trees and flowers and gorgeous pool. It's great exercise, especially for the lymph system.

We enjoyed having my brothers and sisters and their spouses over (well many of them) for a barbecue and talking about good times together. What a great family I've been blessed with. For the first time, the chicken was sooo good and tender. We learned how to do it by basting it in oil and vinegar salad dressing and Red Devil Cayenne Pepper Sauce. Yum!! Thanks to the LeSueur's who gave us the recipe.

I survived Girls Camp and had a good time. Actually I had a touch of the flu while there. But, we had fun making bubble gum necklaces, putting on a skit, doing Singing trees, early morning exercises, and having yummy food. I'm so glad I could go this year.

Now I get to go to bed. Good night.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Incredible weekend

I sure love my family and had an incredible Memorial Weekend with them.

Jonathan and Carrie and Christina and Joseph and their kids came down from Utah.

We had all 6 of our kids here. We got pictures at Freestone Park,

went swimming at the Moyers several times, planned our July family reunion up in Utah,

ate lots of meals together, laughed, played, went to the cemetery

to remember our loved ones, and just had a wonderful time together. It feels so good!

Each member of our family is so different and unique and adds their own spice or flavoring.

I'm so glad to be feeling well and be in remission with cancer so that I can enjoy these

special times with each of them.

I want to be around for many years to come...and I will.

Here is a picture of Larry and me and another of us and our kids.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Red Roses

It's been a wonderful Mother's Day. Larry got me a beautiful corsage of mixed flowers to wear and my children and their families came over and I ended up with 3 bouquets of red roses. So, I like to think that this year is going to be a beautiful one for me.
I'm so grateful to be a mother and grandmother. I'm grateful for all the mothers in my life...especially my dear angel mother that brought me into this world. She was so patient and caring and was a great example. I don't know how she did it. I'm looking at our dog at this moment who is nursing her 6 puppies and admire her as well. She is so dedicated and is probably worn out as mothers get sometimes. But, she continues on and grooms and feeds them. Chihuahua's usually only have 2-3 puppies, so 6 puppies is a little overwhelming. They are so cute.
James and Julie came over as well and brought their adorable little girl that was born the same day as the puppies. She is a cuddly little thing. I got to hold Maria's handsome little boy, Sam for a short time as well. All the grandkids' are darling. Rebecca lost her other front tooth and looks adorable. We had a little performance where they shared talents. How fun to be a grandmother.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great News

Happy Easter! It was a wonderful weekend filled with family, food, an easter egg hunt, attending church,and taking care of the puppies. I miss Jonathan and Carrie and Joseph and Christina and their kids. They couldn't come down from Utah this Easter, but we will see them in a couple of weeks.

I met with my oncologist a couple of days ago and he told me the results of my latest Ct/Pet Scan, blood work and heart test. Everything was perfect! There is no sign of cancer or hypermetobolic uptake of any kind.
My Oncologist agrees that my healing was nothing short of a miracle. I'm so grateful for my inspired doctors and great friends and family who have helped to bring this miracle to pass. On this special Easter Day, I think about my Savior, Jesus Christ and how that he is the great healer. Not only is He the great healer, but He is my Redeemer. He made it possible for me to be healed of cancer and also possible for me to return into His presence someday. What a wonderful gift that Heavenly Father gave to each of us, in offering His Only Begotten Son... because of His great love for His children. I trust in God and know that He has a plan for me. He grants us the righteous desires of our hearts and blesses us as we pray and work hard to do our part. God is my personal friend and I love Him dearly.

Monday, April 18, 2011


We have a new precious grand-daughter. James and Julie had their first last night, and she is sooo beautiful. Julie had a fairly long labor but did a great job. They are off to a good start and will be amazing parents. James is one proud daddy.

Yesterday, our Chihuahua, named Cookie, had 6 puppies. It was quite the adventure. Sid Curtis and others came over to help. I didn't know all the things the birthing bed...etc. They are all doing fine and are busy nursing as I type. They are so cute.

Also, yesterday, the young adults sang and performed the "New Song of Zion" in church. That's another story. It went very well and I hope...well I know it will continue to be sung.

This week is filled with doctors appointments and busyness. Life is great!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's been awhile

Life is wonderful, busy, crazy at times, yet rewarding. It's been so long since I've written. Just wanted to mention a few things that have been going on. Over the last 3 months, Larry and I have been blessed tremendously. We've caught up on bills, etc. After selling my car, we got another one. I really like it. It has a sun roof and it's cute and comfortable. We've been to Utah twice and are going again in a few weeks. Christina and Joseph are moving in a couple of weeks and we want to help them and then also visit Jonathan and Carrie and their family.
Our darling Chihuahua is having puppies any day now and so if anyone wants to buy one for $100 let me know.
I'm going in for a Ct/Pet Scan next week and also to do the gene testing blood work at Sonora Lab. I'm feeling great and love life.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 55 years old. That sounds like a great age.
Two big handfuls. So, I thought I would list some of my favorite things.....I enjoy
hiking in the desert,taking walks on my golf course, feeding the ducks, walking barefoot in the grass and being outside in the rain. I love children and playing with them, especially having one on one time with them. I love soft rabbits, beautiful rainbows, elderly people, and babies. I enjoy studying the scriptures and listening to the prophet and leaders speak. I love gardening and cooking. I love being alone and just singing and talking to myself. I enjoy playing the piano. I love ballet and dance. Also, it's fun to go out to lunch with my girl friends. I like decorating and making my house pretty. I love my husband and children and sisters and brothers, and my special friends. Oh....and of course....a nice hot bath. Then there's the foot massage....that's nice too. I love birds and listening to them sing. My favorite thing is also praying and feeling close to the Lord and getting guidance and direction in my life. Oh...and I love being inside the temple. Thomas and I went today and the Spirit was so strong. It's truly the house of the Lord. These are some of the things that bring me happiness and joy and are some of my favorite things.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm looking forward to watching four of our grandkids for 8 days as their parents go to Spain. What a miracle to be able to do that. My health is wonderful and we will have a great time together. It will be challenging at times but I'm ready for it. Fun fun fun!!!

It's a wonderful responsibility to be a grandmother and I want to have a powerful influence for good in the lives of my posterity. Hopefully Larry and I will be able to share meaningful stories and have memorable experiences with them. They are so cute!!
I'm going to make some plans so that it will be somewhat successful. :D

Thursday, February 24, 2011


We went to Sedona yesterday to the Film Festival and had a great time. Larry and Thomas and I were invited to be guests at the showing of the Burzynski Movie. It was great! Afterward their was a question and answer time and I got to stand up with the Producer/Director and tell about my cancer story. The people were very intelligent and seeking to be well informed. The director and his wife took us out to dinner and we talked and got to be good friends. They are in their early 30's and have a great mission to perform as they are traveling through out the United States and other countries sharing the message about Dr. Burzynski and his cancer cure. The director, Eric, gave us a free DVD of the movie and I hope that it will be viewed by many people. I am also hoping that Scottsdale or Tempe may have a Film Festival and that the movie can be shown there. I know that Dr. Burzynski is a very inspired man and that many people are and will continue to be helped through his antineoplastins.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thomas is home!!

I love having our son Thomas home from his mission. It just feels so good to my heart and I love having his fun personality in our home again. He's been playing the piano and does it with such feeling. He gave the CTR ring to Larry (Dad) that all of our sons wore on their missions. Larry now wears it on his finger and is proud to know that it has been worn by his sons who have all served faithful missions for our church. Aaron started it when he passed his ring on to Jonathan and then in turn Jonathan gave it to James and then James gave it to Thomas. I hope that our family can always Choose The Right and remember what the ring stands for.

Friday, February 11, 2011


What a blessing it is to have another darling baby in our family. Larry and I got to go to St. George, Utah to see Tyler Benson, Christina and Joseph's second son. He is so cute and tiny and very good natured. He was born cesarean and Christina isn't suppose to lift for 6 weeks. We had a good visit and got to help some. Larry and I had a great time together driving the long roads and visiting along the way!

These last 5 weeks have been amazing and filled with financial blessings. Our business was suffering and our Bishop gave us very good council and we decided to do exactly what he suggested and it has been very rewarding. I've written done the blessings each week and there are two pages full. Our work with Concrete Made New has picked up and we have work this week and the next and more estimates to do. I know that by following our leaders that we are blessed!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2 more weeks

I'm so excited for our missionary son to come home in 2 more weeks. I remember when he was set apart as a full time missionary and was promised that while he was serving his parents would be blessed with health and prosperity and both his mother and father would be here when he returned. We had no idea at the time that I had cancer. That blessing has literally come to pass. I feel like I have had a ship journey across a wind blown sea. I could not have done this alone. God was at the helm and my wonderful family and friends have all been there for me and with me throughout these 2 past years. I don't know how to express my gratitude to everyone. But, I am grateful, very grateful to all that have prayed for me, helped me financially, and supported me emotionally and spiritually. God has literally been my strength and support. Dr. Burzynski has been the ship or the vehicle of recovery. Thomas has missed the whole thing, but not really. His missionary work is a big part of the miracle. He has helped to pray me better, and the blessing he received prior to leaving has been fulfilled.
I am so excited to see him again and to have him home. I am so grateful to be here and be alive and well!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Going home

My time up in Utah is coming to an end I leave for home in the morning. I've had a great time but truly didn't help out as much as I had expected. I got to teach piano lessons, teach school to Peter, did some dishes and washing...and got to play with the
grandkids. I mostly had fun, while Carrie was unpacking. I realized tonight that being here wasn't for them. It was for me. I
needed to know that they were alright and that the move to Utah was a good one for them. I needed to be with them for a
week just to be reminded and to see for myself what a well functioning family they have. I'm so impressed.
Jonathan and Carrie get up very early and have beautiful music playing. Their kids come down for a nice healthy breakfast
together and then they have family scripture study and sing a hymn by 6 am. Jonathan starts work by 6:30 and the kids start
school at 8:30. There is no fighting among the kids and they truly serve and love one another. I'm just so pleased with the
great job offer that Jonathan received and know that it is a blessing from the Lord. They have a lovely 4 level home and the kids
love the snow. We built a dinky snowman last Monday, but it was fun and the best that we could do...and today, Lily and Emma
made a huge one by rolling the snow balls. It was so fun. It's hard to have Jonathan and Carrie and their family move up here
because we won't see them very much, but I have great peace in my heart knowing that all is well with them and that their
family of 7 is thriving and progressing so well. They are happy and have fun together. They have so much love for each other.
Tonight we celebrated Lily's 9th birthday and each of the kids decorated their own little cake. It's been a great week for me and
now I am ready to go home.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Larry and I went to the Burzynski Clinic this past week and I am still in remission and doing great.

The plans are to get me off Tykerb in the next month or two,

also to finish up Rituxin by March and then to start going off the Sodium Phenulbuterate and

other medications from the Burzynski Clinic.

While there, I got to share my cancer story and they filmed me down in the garden

area. So, I get to be on the web site. One of my great desires is to help others along their cancer

journeys and help to make it a little easier for them. I am very grateful to Dr. Burzynski and his wonderful staff of doctors,

particularly Dr. Kubove, for all the excellent care they have and are giving to me.

I want everyone that has cancer to know about this alternative treatment plan so

that they can decide for themselves if it is right for them. While there, I met a cute little man who was born in Africa

and his wife. He was diagnosed with breast cancer and had been at the clinic for a couple of weeks.

His brother is a kidney specialist here in the U.S. and he told him about the clinic.

This man had also felt very inspired by the Lord to go to the clinic. I love the

many people that I have been blessed to meet.

After returning home from the clinic, I stayed overnight and then the next day I left for Utah, where I am right now.

I'm helping our son Jonathan and his wife Carrie and their family get settled into their new home in

Clearfield, Utah...near Salt Lake City. We are having a good time and it is very cold.

Tomorrow the kids and I are going to build a snowman with a long carrot nose.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Relections of 2010

I was thinking about some of the wonderful blessings that we received last year and

wanted to mention them. First and foremost is that I was told that I was in

remission. What a blessing. I have the best family and friends and doctors that have

helped me through this journey. God has truly been there for me and taught me so

much. We also had another wonderful miracle. Our lovely daughter, Maria, and her

husband Bryan had another child. Sam was born in October and truly was a miracle

child. Their other child, Tate, is about 6 years older that Sam and he prayed him

here. Tate also prayed for me and gave me money on a regular basis to help with the

cancer. So those are two of the great miracles that we had in our family this last

year. Another blessing is that our daughter Christina and her husband Joseph are

expecting another son in a few weeks, and our son James and Julie also got pregnant

last year and will be having their baby girl in April.

I've got to mention again the unexpected but absolutely wonderful blessing of having

brand new carpeting in our home....given as a Christmas gift from someone who wants to

remain anonymous. I love walking on it and it looks so perfect in our home. I just

think it is beautiful.

We have much to be grateful for. I love life and have great hopes for another

wonderful year! (and it's gonna be a good one!)