Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 55 years old. That sounds like a great age.
Two big handfuls. So, I thought I would list some of my favorite things.....I enjoy
hiking in the desert,taking walks on my golf course, feeding the ducks, walking barefoot in the grass and being outside in the rain. I love children and playing with them, especially having one on one time with them. I love soft rabbits, beautiful rainbows, elderly people, and babies. I enjoy studying the scriptures and listening to the prophet and leaders speak. I love gardening and cooking. I love being alone and just singing and talking to myself. I enjoy playing the piano. I love ballet and dance. Also, it's fun to go out to lunch with my girl friends. I like decorating and making my house pretty. I love my husband and children and sisters and brothers, and my special friends. Oh....and of course....a nice hot bath. Then there's the foot massage....that's nice too. I love birds and listening to them sing. My favorite thing is also praying and feeling close to the Lord and getting guidance and direction in my life. Oh...and I love being inside the temple. Thomas and I went today and the Spirit was so strong. It's truly the house of the Lord. These are some of the things that bring me happiness and joy and are some of my favorite things.


  1. Happy birthday, Margaret! Hope it is a beautiful day for you!!!

  2. "Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Margaret, Happy Birthday to you!!" We all love you. Hope your day was wonderful.