Monday, April 18, 2011


We have a new precious grand-daughter. James and Julie had their first last night, and she is sooo beautiful. Julie had a fairly long labor but did a great job. They are off to a good start and will be amazing parents. James is one proud daddy.

Yesterday, our Chihuahua, named Cookie, had 6 puppies. It was quite the adventure. Sid Curtis and others came over to help. I didn't know all the things the birthing bed...etc. They are all doing fine and are busy nursing as I type. They are so cute.

Also, yesterday, the young adults sang and performed the "New Song of Zion" in church. That's another story. It went very well and I hope...well I know it will continue to be sung.

This week is filled with doctors appointments and busyness. Life is great!!!!

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  1. The song was very well done. I liked it and hope to hear it again.