Sunday, May 8, 2011

Red Roses

It's been a wonderful Mother's Day. Larry got me a beautiful corsage of mixed flowers to wear and my children and their families came over and I ended up with 3 bouquets of red roses. So, I like to think that this year is going to be a beautiful one for me.
I'm so grateful to be a mother and grandmother. I'm grateful for all the mothers in my life...especially my dear angel mother that brought me into this world. She was so patient and caring and was a great example. I don't know how she did it. I'm looking at our dog at this moment who is nursing her 6 puppies and admire her as well. She is so dedicated and is probably worn out as mothers get sometimes. But, she continues on and grooms and feeds them. Chihuahua's usually only have 2-3 puppies, so 6 puppies is a little overwhelming. They are so cute.
James and Julie came over as well and brought their adorable little girl that was born the same day as the puppies. She is a cuddly little thing. I got to hold Maria's handsome little boy, Sam for a short time as well. All the grandkids' are darling. Rebecca lost her other front tooth and looks adorable. We had a little performance where they shared talents. How fun to be a grandmother.

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