Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random things that make me smile

Our chihuahua had 6 adorable puppies and we finally sold them all except the one that no body wanted. She was the only girl with the 5 brothers. She has an under bite and lots of freckles. We are keeping her and think she is special. Her name is Princess Freckles. Cookie and Princess are happy together and we love both of them. (It was hard to give up the other puppies though)

I cleaned the kitchen pantry and found weevils. Yuk! So, glad to have them gone.

Larry and I went to Saturday night Conference together and got motivated and inspired to continue on and move forward. We also saw a video of Christian and Stephanie Nielson, my nephew and his wife, and how they are accepting their new life and are moving on after the plane crash and terrible burns.

I got a phone call today from Arline Parker,up in Tremonton, Utah.
She and Boyd are some of our dearest friends and it was great to hear her voice today. They were full time missionaries that rented from us and we grew to be very good friends. We are looking forward to visiting them in July.

I love going swimming most every morning at my sister's house. She has salt water treatment without the high chlorine. My son, James, takes care of her pool. It's sparkling clean and I love having that time alone in the early mornings to swim and look up at the sky and meditate. It's such a beautiful world and I love their trees and flowers and gorgeous pool. It's great exercise, especially for the lymph system.

We enjoyed having my brothers and sisters and their spouses over (well many of them) for a barbecue and talking about good times together. What a great family I've been blessed with. For the first time, the chicken was sooo good and tender. We learned how to do it by basting it in oil and vinegar salad dressing and Red Devil Cayenne Pepper Sauce. Yum!! Thanks to the LeSueur's who gave us the recipe.

I survived Girls Camp and had a good time. Actually I had a touch of the flu while there. But, we had fun making bubble gum necklaces, putting on a skit, doing Singing trees, early morning exercises, and having yummy food. I'm so glad I could go this year.

Now I get to go to bed. Good night.

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