Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

What a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!
We had all of our children here and their families. the meal was yummy...everyone helped out!
The weather was perfect. We enjoyed making Ginger bread houses and Christmas trains together. The adults ate a delicious dinner on Friday at Mi Amigos and then went to a play "It's a Wonderful Life." On Saturday we had our pictures taken at Brandt Studio and he is amazing. It was so fun and I'm so excited to see the pictures. He is so entertaining and makes you laugh. The picture is our gift for Christmas from Aaron and Andrea. I can't wait to get it on our wall.

On Sunday, Larry and I spoke in church on Gratitude and it was so special to have all of our family in attendance as well as Larry's father. We spoke on the miracles in our lives. How I was healed of cancer and how Larry was healed of diabetes. The Lord has been so merciful to us and extended our lives. We are eternally indebted to Him. I am so thankful for prayer and the Spirit that directs our lives.
We got the 2 families off to Utah after church and sent with them their Christmas packages. That will save us money not having to mail them.
They texted us last night saying they arrived safely. Yeah!!

We've got the Christmas tree up and today we'll finish the lights and the decorating.....hopefully.
I'm so happy that I am feeling great and can enjoy my family. Health is so important and I love spending time with my children, their spouses and my grandchildren.
(and husband of course!)

Good news...Christina is pregnant and they are expecting in August. They will have three kids under the age of 2. (at least for a month before Craig turns 3) Crazy huh. But I'm excited.
So, with Aaron and Andrea's son coming in January, that will be 16 grand kids. Wow.
Life is wonderful!!

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