Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The flu got me. Sunday I was down all day and then Monday as well. It's strange

how you start to feel better and then get sick again. Maria brought us in a delicious

chicken is the best. I loved it. Also, she made me carob brownies with

whole wheat flour and honey, They are very moist and yummy. Larry just went to

the store for me and I am so taken care of and blessed.

Someone very special gave the money to buy a months supply of my Tykerb

medicine, which took a tremendous amount of stress off of Larry. It was so helpful!!

Also, my son in law, Bryan, is putting together a "Golf Tournament" to raise money

for me. He has put a lot of time and effort into it and it should be very successful. It

will be the first Saturday in December. I hope that anyone who is interested in

golfing or helping in anyway will contact Larry or me or Bryan Stradling. All my

kids are helping out with it. They are calling it "Peggy Sue's Golf Tournament", as it

is my nickname. My real name is Margaret Susan but the popular name of the day

was Peggy Sue. So.....Bryan sometimes calls me by that name. He is so funny. I am

grateful for a very supportive family. They make me smile and feel happy and


I am looking forward to feeling better from this dreadful flu and then trying out for

the Easter Pageant with my grand-daughter this Friday. Hope we make it!


  1. That would be so fun to be in the pageant !I was a pageant warrior last year (grounds crew type thing) but it was super fun. I hope to do it again this next year.
    Glad you had someone help you out with buying the pills you need! What a lifesaver. Glad you are feeling better too.

  2. Sorry you are sick with the flu! Get well soon. And that's so cool that you are trying out for the Easter Pageant, Peggy Sue. That made me laugh!