Sunday, September 27, 2009

Family Support

I finished taking my 42nd pill for the day and gave myself a big star on top of my

check-off paper....then took a warm shower...and wanted to share my feelings on

my little blog.
It's been a wonderful day and it's not over yet. As I am typing, my husband

and children (except Thomas who is serving a mission in Washington) are all together conversing

about ways to raise money for my pills. I wasn't invited. I'm glad. So, they are over at Maria

and Bryan's house brainstorming different ideas for fund raisers. Larry called the family

meeting and they all responded favorably. If I was with them, I would feel so bad and yet very

appreciative as well. I have mixed emotions. I mean, three of them recently had babies, one is

leaving out of town for a week tomorrow, one is moving at the end of the is sick. I

really appreciate their help but they can hardly take care of their own little families. So, it is

better that I am home and where I won't get in the way. (Just kidding)

But, on the other side of the coin ( and I use the word coin, because that is what I am thinking

about right now) it's good to have the family all draw together for a common help their

mom. It's really a blessing in disguise, because sacrifice brings forth rich blessings. I just know

that the Lord is with our family at this time and that we are all in this together. Larry is doing a

great job with rallying the family together tonight. I love all of them very much. So, it will be a

surprise to see what they all come up with and I'm sure the next few months will be full of

adventures for me, the family and many others that may be involved. Life is great. The miracle

continues. Your prayers are felt and much needed! May the Lord bless everyone who is praying

and helping in anyway.

x0x0 Margaret

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