Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Over

Tonight we had our family over. We had a great time! I'm just feeling really good. We

enjoyed having a nice dinner and celebrated 2 birthdays. Busy times....lots of fun! I love life. I

love my family. It's exciting to be alive at this time in history when so much is happening. I'm

learning a lot about faith, hope, and charity. I'm continuing to learn from the scriptures and am

finding hidden treasures. I enjoyed going to the temple on Saturday and am looking forward to

going on Tuesday with Jessika to do Baptisms. Life is busy and I am keeping up with it. Yeah!

God is keeping His promises to me and I know that He will continue. One of the reasons for the

blessings is because of our son Thomas who is serving a full time mission in Washington. It's

true. He is our fourth son to serve and we have always received amazing blessings while our

sons have been serving. So, although we miss him very much and it is a sacrifice for's well

worth it. It's so exciting to know that he is blessing so many people's lives and bringing souls to

Christ. At the same time, I am being healed. I am so tired, so goodnight!

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