Sunday, September 13, 2009

Health Blessing

Larry and I just returned from St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. It wasn't for me...we went to

visit my brother Stephen who has been there since August 3rd. He's been sick for a year now

and the doctors are still trying to figure out what is wrong. They know he has lesions in his brain

and are trying to help him with chemo and steriods, etc....etc....etc. So, he has a feeding

tube and he is numb on his left side. He is very sick.

Tonight, we went to visit him and my sister Martha and her husband drove over as well. Also,

our son, Jonathan drove all the way from Queen Creek. But, it was for a very special reason.

Not only did we want to cheer him up and visit with him but it was for the reason of giving

him a healing blessing. He asked if Doug would offer a prayer, which he did, and the Spirit

was very strong. Then Larry anointed his head with oil and Jonathan give the blessing.

He spoke the words that were put into his mouth and it was amazing. It was one of the most

powerful blessings I have ever heard. The Spirit was so strong and we all felt of the love of

God and felt his presence there with us. I remembered the special blessings that were

given to me...blessings of healing.....and I felt the same feelings from the Spirit as I listened

to Stephen's blessing. I testify that God loves us. He knows each one of us and is very aware

of our illnesses and trials. It is through the atonement and faith in Jesus Christ that we are

healed. I am so grateful for the priesthood power that is on the earth today. I know that even

as I am being healed that my brother will be healed as well. What a special experience this

has been for all of us involved. We wept tears of joy!

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