Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Father in Law

My wonderful father in law passed away a few weeks ago.  My husband and I were suppose to go to his home for dinner and spend some time with him.   But because our daughter and her husband and kids were coming down from Utah, Larry went alone.  Larry found his dad sitting in his favorite chair.  He had died in his sleep.  Larry was able to spend a little quiet time there with him until the rest of the family came over.  We all met together in the living room and reminisced and talked about things.  My father in law, Don Manning, is an incredible man full if love and wisdom.  We all miss him very much!  But, he is now with his sweetheart, Marva Call Manning, and couldn't be happier.  He died Easter week which worked out well for all the family.  The funeral was very special and the talks and music were a great tribute to him.  Dad had served his country and a large folded flag was given to both of his son's as a tribute and memory of their father.  It has been a very busy past two weeks as all of us have emptied out the home and divided up his belongings.  The home is already on the market ready to be sold.  He has a beautiful flower garden and vegetable garden and has always taken excellent care of his home. 

In just 3 days, our son, Thomas, will be married to Tannis.  We are very excited for this marriage and she will fit in well with the family.  She is very sweet and extremely positive and smart.  Thomas loves her so much.  They'll be married for time and all eternity in the Arizona Temple.  Family will be heading down tomorrow.  Lots of things are happening at our house and I am so happy to be alive and able to be here on this earth to see our son get married and to enjoy our family growing up.
I thank God everyday for sparing my life and granting me extra time on this earth.

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