Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Enduring to the end of cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer (mantle cell non Hodgkin’s lymphoma) on my birthday, in

2009. After being told that if I was to receive the strongest chemo.. in the

hospital.. and bone marrow transplant twice, I would possibly live 3 years. So…. I

decided to go a non traditional, but medical way.

After much prayer, priesthood blessings, and study, I received the witness from the

Lord that I would be healed and was guided to know which doctor to go to. I am now in

partial remission. My oncologist who is working with this doctor in Texas, is amazed

and tells me to continue. It’s a miracle. Every ct/pet scan shows improvement.

But…..its not over yet…..I am still running the race and enduring to the end. Why?

Because I trust the Lord and I believe that He keeps His promises. If I had been told

that it was my time to die…than I would go forward and prepare for the next life.

But, mine wasn’t the case.

It’s been a fighting battle, and very expensive, but it is worth it. The Lord has

literally carried me much of the time and has given me the strength to go on. In one

of the blessings that I received I was told to study my scriptures an hour a day. I

have done that faithfully and kept a scripture journal. Without this, I would have

gotten depressed and probably given up. The scriptures fill me with the Spirit and I

have received hidden treasures of knowledge along the way. Prayer has also been a

great strength as well. Also, going to the temple I have received revelation and

guidance. I know the Lord blesses us as we pursue our personal journeys in life and

claim the great blessings that He has in store for each of us.


  1. Margaret, I love you and love that you would share your thoughts, feelings and faith with all of us. You are a great example for everyone.

  2. You're a great example of enduring to the end and faith. The things you've said help me too. It is interesting how sometimes our adversities teach others as well as ourselves. Thank you.