Friday, July 30, 2010

White Mountain Trip

Larry and I had sooo much fun last week up in the mountains. We were ready for a nice

break! this is a picture of us relaxing under the apple tree together after eating our

lunch. We enjoyed the rodeo and the Pioneer Parade. We also went to Hawley Lake and

went out on the peninsula and reminisced about our family and how just a few years

ago, they were all with us up there. It was beautiful. We also saw Larry's family's

cabin they they built up in Pinetop Lakeside and enjoyed Rainbow Lake and the memories

that we have there together. Larry got me a pussywillow and I love it. We skipped

rocks and enjoyed the dragonflies and laughed and played. It was so funny sleeping in

the back of the car with the seat down at Wally park (the parking lot at Walmart) We

had towels in the windows to make it dark and private. We looked hilarious and we

didn't care.

Great memories and lots of fun!

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  1. I remember visiting Uncle Don & Aunt Marva at their cabin. We walked to the lake and enjoyed the things you mentioned. Sweet memories, especially now that she is gone. So glad to belong to a great, big wonderful family and that you are part of it too. Your faith is inspiring!