Monday, July 19, 2010

Tykerb Medicine Approved

Yes!!! I have been approved to get my $4,000 a month Tykerb medicine FREE. I'm so

blessed and so happy that I am crying. I just have to tell everybody. Hopefully, this

week, I will be approved to get Torisel as well. It's been a lot of paper work, and

phone calling and lots and lots of prayers and faith. I feel very blessed!


  1. Hi Margaret,
    Would love to chat with you sometime about the clinic. I have metastatic breast cancer that has affected a few areas in my body and I am going through the standard treatment here in Canada of radiation and chemotherapy. I am interested in the clinic but am so afraid of the cost and know we will lose our house if I decide this is the way to go. I wondered how you dealt with the cost of it all and do you have a ballpark of what you spent. Here is my email address:
    I hope we can connect soon...Janet.

  2. I am so happy to hear the news, Margaret. You are in our hearts.