Friday, August 27, 2010

I Guess I cry when I'm happy

The Burzynski Clinic has been very kind to let me receive treatment and medication for

about 9 months without paying them yet. But, the time finely came when they said that

they couldn't do that anymore for me or the other patients. They need their money as

well. I have to pay for their services before they can ship the medicine. So, I have

been very concerned and worried about getting my pills. It costs $2,250 a month. I

ran out of one of them on Thursday and my main pills, Sodium Phenelbruterate, will be

done on Tuesday. We've been trying to get the funds together and still needed

$1,999.63. About 45 minutes ago, a very special person, actually people, put money

into my account so that I can order them on Monday and get them shipped one day mail.

I've cried ever since with joy and gratitude for this very special gift. It's a

sacrifice for them I am sure. Am I worth it? I guess so. I'm thankful for life and

the wonderful people in my life. My God bless them abundantly for their great

goodness to me.
p.s.-How do you stop crying?

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