Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life is Good

I went to my Oncologist today, ready for the IV treatment of rituxin...but didn't receive it due to

the insurance company not giving the approval yet. So, it will probably begin next week. Dr.

Kellogg is very nice and willing to do what he can to help me out. The waiting room was full of

cancer patients and I am grateful that I have my hair and that my medications don't cause

severe side effect. It was also very nice to have my loving husband at my side during this

difficult time. Larry actually went to see his dermatologist today and has a few operations

scheduled for the next few weeks. Surgery on his hand and nose for squeemish cell cancer and

then an incisional hernia repair on his entire abdomen sometime in May. So, we are helping

each other and leaning more on one another. It's a good thing.

The last couple of days I wasn't feeling too good. It was such a treat to enjoy some yummy soups

that a dear friend brought in. Dinner arrived just in time to feed James, his girlfriend and us.

Then tonight we had some more. Oh, it was sooo delicious. I'm so happy that the Lord is with

Larry and me during our trials. I am trying to study my scriptures more diligently and find so

much strength from them. I have found that personal revelation pours in during this time and I

need to always have a paper and pen available to write things down. Often, the inspiration has

nothing to do with what I am reading. The Lord is taking care of my every need and more. He is

wonderful! In one of the blessings that I received, I was told to read my personal scriptures for

at least an hour a day. I'm so glad the Lord asked me to do that because I need the spirit to

guide me. Dont we all.

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