Friday, April 10, 2009

Thomas' Art Picture

Just weeks before Thomas left on his mission, I asked him to finish a large 4 x 5 foot acrylic

painting of the Arizona Temple. He had kind of given up on it and left it unfinished in the back

room. I told him that all I wanted was for him to finish that beautiful painting before he left. So,

he got out his brushes and finished it for his mother. I love the painting. It hangs on our living

room wall and has now been framed. It's beautiful. This is the second Arizona Temple painting

he has done. After being in the mission field only a few weeks, he learned of my illness. He

wrote that he would like to do something for me besides pray. We asked him if we could sell the

prints of his paintings and donate the money to my health fund. He is more than happy to do

that and feels that he is helping...which he is. So, we are ordering some canvas prints of 3 of his

paintings and one of James' paintings as well to sell at the upcoming benefit concerts. I treasure

these pictures that hang on my walls and hope that others will find joy in them as well. I look up

at the large Arizona Temple picture and just think of Thomas and can see him painting. I think

of our eternal family and how dear each on is to me. I am looking forward to attending the

temple soon.

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  1. Margaret-
    What a wonderful thing to have a painting by your son hanging on your living room wall. We have a son out in the mission field now, too, and I know how much it means to have a connection to him while he's away. That's really a special thing.