Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lots of Energy

I woke up very early this morning with so much energy. After mopping the floors, organizing

music, shopping at Sam's Club and cleaning off patio furniture, etc. we went to lunch at the

Landmark Restaurant with Larry's parents. Larry especially enjoyed the bread pudding! My

brother, David and his wife Gayle had flown in from California to visit me and my brother

Stephen who is in the hospital. We all went to Barrow's Neurological Institute to visit Stephen

and his faithful wife Mary who stays with him so much of the time. While driving home, we saw a

double full rainbow up in the sky. It reminded me that God keeps His promises. We all decided

to go out for dinner at a little Asian Restaurant that I didn't even know existed. Great food and

fun times with my family! David and Gayle are hilarious and never lack for something interesting

to say. Then, on the way home I could hardly stop laughing as we talked about some funny

family memories. What a great day!

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