Thursday, April 16, 2009

Personal Revelation

Today I went to Dr. Kellogg's office for a 4 hour treatment of Rituxin. I met a few people that

inquired of my illness. I told them what I could and of Dr. Burzynski. One of the lady's asked

when I was going to lose my hair. I told her that I wasn't. The head nurse explained to us that

Rituxin is a monoclonol antibody, and not chemotherapy.

I realize that Dr. Burzynski is not for everyone. For some people chemo or radiation may help

them. Others may be healed by just going the natural food and herb path. The most important

thing that I am realizing is the importance of personal revelation. Whatever our trials in life may

be... whether spiritual, physical, emotional, etc., it is so important that we are in tune with the

Lord and He will bless us according to our desires and His will. But, he wants us to ask in faith

and trust Him. I am so grateful that I know what is wrong with me and have found out the

direction I need to take. It's such a blessing to have our own liahonas and to be able to receive

personal revelation in our lives!

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