Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Come What May and Love It-Part 1

Yesterday, we went to the Burzynski Clinic! My dear husband, Larry and my caring daughter Maria were both with me. We were guided so strongly to come here to Houston, Texas for this treatment. The last few weeks have been filled with so many blessings that I can hardly recount all of them. I want to thank each of you that have prayed for me, donated to my get-well fund, or have helped in any way to make it possible for me to get to the Burzynski clinic. You know who you are.
I will attempt to share my story with you.
Back in February, I discovered a lump under my right arm and to the side of my breast. When at a doctor's appointment for another reason I mentioned the lump to my primary care doctor. She discovered some other lumps in my arm pit and sent me in for an ultra sound. From there a biopsy was done and then on March 18, 2009, the surgeon, Dr. Edgar Hernandez told us that I had B-Cell, mantle cell lymphoma and he set up an appointment for me to see Dr. Chris Kellogg, a Hematologist/Oncologist to discuss treatment.
Previous to this time, my husband had given me a priesthood blessing and said I would need to do a lot of research and studying to get well. One of my sons gave me a blessing saying that I would be here when my youngest son, Thomas returned from his mission. He also commanded me to be well in the blessing. I remembered the blessing that Thomas had received from Pres. Shumway as he set him apart for his mission. He was told that his parents would be blessed while he was gone and that both his mother and his father would be here when he returned. Anyway, I felt strongly that the Lord would heal me but I was beginning to think that I would live a few years and then get healed in the next life.
I prayed to know what the Lord's will was. I really wasn't afraid to die if that was what the Lord wanted to have happen. I didn't seem to get an answer. The next morning, I prayed again. This time I was directed to read my blessing where I was reminded that the Lord would bless me with whatever righteous blessing that I seek through prayer. So, I decided that I wanted to be with my husband and also be here for my kids and grandchildren. I wanted to live. I realized that the Lord wanted me to SEEK for something and not only ask what His will was. After asking, I felt as if He granted that blessing to me. How wonderful!
Then, later that evening, a dear friend, President Huber, who is a Patriarch and a sealer in the temple, came over at our request and gave me another blessing. Again, I was told that I would be healed and that the healing would come through my faith and through the faith of others. It was the most beautiful blessing I have ever heard. I was so grateful again for a kind and loving Heavenly Father who heard my prayers and was willing to extend my life and heal me. Then, I received a wonderful visit from our bishop and his son who gave us wise counsel and encouragement. He said that I was worthy of my trials, that blessings and trials come together and that we would receive many blessings from this experience.
I continued to feel a tremendous outpouring of love. Family and friends called, sent cards, flowers, gifts and most importantly, they prayed with faith for me. I was really touched when my friends came by the house with daisies for me about every half hour. I was wondering why they all had a yellow ribbon and the same kind of a card. After the third person brought them by I started to take the vase of flowers to the back room so as not to embarrass anymore friends that might bring by the same flowers. It was then that I caught on and realized that it was planned and that they were building a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me. It was so sweet!
It was also on this day, which was my 53rd birthday, that I went to the Hematologist/Oncologist named Dr. Chris Kellogg. He told me the severity of my cancer and said that I had an average of 3 years to live. He also told us that I would need to have the strongest chemo-therapy available as well as a bone transplant. Then, after 1 1/2 years I would need to repeat it, as it would return. We were told that there is no medical cure for mantle cell lymphoma.
That evening, Larry and I stopped by my sister Mary Nielson's house to pick up a brochure that they had on cancer and information about the Burzynski Clinic. Surprise! I was overcome when I went into the back yard and discovered a huge reception- like birthday party for me. I was overcome. So many friends and relatives were there. My son Aaron and his wife Andrea as well as Maria and of course the Nielson's had planned it. They had a beautiful table with vegetables, sandwiches, etc. and a gorgeous cake with flowers on it. I was able to give lots of hugs and make a birthday wish and blow out the candles. I was overcome with the outpouring of love. I will write more later but for now, I need to get some rest.

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  1. Margaret
    I know you have a tremendous amount of faith and I am looking forward in strengthening my own testimony through you and your experience. You are always such an example to others..I can just tell. We will be praying for you and for you to know Heavenly Fathers will...miracles happen and I can testify of that! Good Luck in Texas my email is.. dreadog7@gmail.com..if you would like it to respond. As you may know, Tati had a bone marrow transplant and the rarest form of Leukemia (Acute Myeloid Leukemia..which has seven categories, and she didn't match any of the categories) they just treated her for the worst kind and crossed their fingers..Heavenly Father knows those who are worthy to receive such a tremendous trial and I believe you are!