Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family Reunion

Recently our family had a wonderful reunion. We met at my cousin's house where the kids rode

horses, there was a hay ride, food, music, visiting, and good times together.

We planned for the next one to be in 2 years. I get to be in charge of it along with my cousin and her husband from Idaho. We are excited to work together.
I have the best family and they are very supportive and bring lots of sunshine and smiles to my life!
All of my kids and their families were able to come except for Thomas who is in Washington on his mission. Oh...I am super excited for Mother's Day because I get to talk with him on the phone.
A couple of days ago, some people from his mission were down and we had them over for dinner along with Thomas' companions family. It was so fun to get acquainted. Because of the busy life...I have decided that this week I will schedule in a time to relax each day!
It's really nice to feeling so well.

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  1. You are so smart to think about taking the time to relax each day. That is actually a good idea for everyone, stop and smell the roses!!