Monday, July 27, 2009

Wonderful Vacation!

We just returned this afternoon from the White Mountains and we had a wonderful time!

Larry, and I, as well as Christina and Joseph all went up to Show Low and stayed at Brent

Thomas' amazing home. We enjoyed their shower with 5 shower heads.

We loved visiting my cheerful sister Carol, up in St. Johns and enjoyed the family pot luck

lunch under the shady trees,in their front yard. It was fun to see Larry's parents old cabin in

Pine top Lakeside as well as Rainbow Lake, where many family memories were made. We also

went to the Snowflake Temple and it was nice to feel the Lord's Spirit so strong there and

receive very special revelation.

So, now we are home and we have been redecorating and changing things again.

James and Julie are also busy fixing up the apartment, getting it ready for their new life

together. They were so cute tonight as they put up a door and moved around a funny shaped

couch and our old piano and tried to make it look good. They need to get some furniture,

table, etc. We are excited for them and their marriage on Aug. 14th.

So, Larry and I are moving forward. It is my job to remember to take my 40 pills a day at all

the different times on my's not easy. We are moving forward with our family

business and know that we will be blessed. Somehow we will prosper financially and will be able

to afford all the expensive and life saving medication.

I must mention that we have the most delicious goat milk in our refrigerator. We are milking the

Clouses nubian goats this week and get to have the milk from them. It is so good and doesn't

taste at all like a goat. Cow's milk is off my diet...but not goats milk. So, I am loving it! We plan

to make ice cream with honey this week. Life is wonderful.., challenging, interesting..and

exciting as we are striving to lean heavily upon the Lord and trusting in His plan for us.


  1. I have a couple kitchen tables I need to get rid of if James and or Julie want to come take a look at them!

  2. I love to read your blogs, Margaret because they are always so upbeat and positive. I don't know why but they make me think of "the good old days" for some reason. They make me a little nostalgic. But I love it!